Sunday, 25 July 2010

Pitiful progress

So, as promised, here's a photo of my pitiful stitching progress during the past week. I didn't put a single stitch in either Halloween Cove or my LHN ornie. The only thing I stitched on during my vacation was Summer Row and even then I only stitched on the plane there and back. I'm using a Silkweaver piece I had in my stash but it's aida. Does it ever feel strange stitching on this again. I can't remember the last time I used aida and it just feels so stiff even though this piece of fabric is softer than some I've used in the past. Any further stitching won't take place now I'm sure until later next weekend.

Since we've arrived home from Victoria we've been getting the house clean and ready for my family who start arriving tomorrow. My sister arrives first followed by the arrival of all three sons and my granddaughters on Wednesday. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my mom was also to have visited and this would have been the first time she met her great granddaughters. Unfortunately, she is ill with vertigo and has been advised not to travel at this time. I know she's very upset about the whole thing not only because she won't see the girls but also because two of my sons are unable to travel to her 80th birthday party later this summer and she hasn't seen them for some time. I told her that we'd try and work something out in the fall or at Christmas when she could see them then. I'm also at work all week and won't be able to spend as much time as I'd like with the gang but I'm only allowed a certain amount of time off during "prime time" and I will be seeing my sister and Mom again in August.
So it looks like stitching will be on the back burner until after everyone departs next Saturday.

I have some more photos now to share from our fabulous trip to BC. We had been told to make sure and make a reservation for tea at the Empress Hotel while we were there. Reservations actually had to be made months in advance since this is a very popular spot in Victoria. The hotel has been serving afternoon tea for over 100 yrs! This is a luxury hotel maintained in the style of the bygone era of the early 1900s. One must dress for tea!
Here's a link to show you the menu which is served for afternoon tea. There is also a selection of six different teas to choose from. I had a pineapple-orange blend which was really nice! A friend of ours from the organist convention joined us for the occasion and we were all quite surprised at exactly how full we felt after eating the little sandwiches and pastries. I think it's because everything was soooo rich!

The hotel really was lovely and it was the perfect spot to start off our trip following church on Sunday. I've also posted a picture of the hotel to show you just how massive it is. Definitely not on our budget!!

One of the other highlights of my trip was a visit to Butchart Gardens. The gardens are a National Historic Sight of Canada and contain 55 acres of floral gardens. I could have spent a whole day there but only had about 2 hrs during out tour to try and cover all the garden. But cover it I did! I think there was only one small area that I missed and I managed to take close 75 photos while I was at it. The flowers and foliage were spectacular. The rose garden alone was breathtaking. As you walked through a portion of the garden, you passed through rose-covered arches from which hung baskets of muticoloured flowers. And the perfume from the roses was incredible! Take a look and see what I mean.

The pictures really don't do it justice and I wish that I'd had more time to just sit quietly for awhile and take in the beauty.

Our last night in Victoria we took a stroll along the waterfront and took this picture of the province's Parliament Buildings. The harbour really is a lovely site even at night!

All in all it was a fantastic trip. I'm already wishing we were back there again.

Once home I found a message on the phone's answering service from my framer that one of my latest pieces was now ready. I had two in for framing and wasn't sure which one it would be. As it turns out it was LK Prayer Connection. You'll recall this one is to be a gift for our new rector at his induction service this fall. I think it looks great! My other piece, Forget Me Not, won't be ready until mid August. It appears they've fallen a little behind in their schedule.

So now I'm back to reality once more but not for long since I have another 2 weeks scheduled for the end of August. By next week I'll be back to my regular stitching routine and should have more progress to report. Hope everyone is enjoying their week!


  1. wow you have your time cut out for you and I sure hope it goes as planned with everyone having a wonderful time.
    The stitching will fall into it's place somewhere along the line.
    Be always in stitches.

  2. What a wonderful trip. The pictures are beautiful. I love afternoon tea. That one looked fantastic!

  3. Glad you had such a nice trip! My great-great grandparents are buried on Vancouver Is. in Saanich, and I only found that out about 15 years ago!

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  5. I love Victoria, it's so neat and cute! Your stitching looks nice!

  6. I always make these huge stitching plans for vacation and rarely ever do a single stitch! I think I get too excited/keyed up then get too tired to think about it! I'm impressed...that's a good bit of stitching for air-travel!

  7. Sounds like you had a fabulous trip!

  8. Butchart Gardens - Lovely photo - I so appreciate you sharing.

    Enjoy your family time ;)

  9. That is truly a great message! I love it.

  10. Great stitching:-)
    I loved looking at your photos, that hotel looks the business! isn't having High Tea at one of the places the most decadant thing you can do, lol, i love going for tea at a 'posh' hotel, me and my eldest daughter make sure we go at least once a year, it's such a treat and i always look forward to it.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  11. You must have had such a wonderful trip. I loved to accompany you through your pictures. Butchart Gardens must be very special indeed.

  12. Its definately a busy trip when the only stitches you've put in have been on the plane! Looks like you had a fantastic time in BC and the tea looks spectacular!

  13. Oooh, that afternoon tea plate looks great. I love doing afternoon teas. Great photos, thanks for sharing!