Sunday, 6 September 2009

Stitchin' in spirit

This weekend is Kathy's SAL at her lovely home on Lake Ontario. The weather is perfect, the company great, stitching is the main activity and I'm at home working. What is wrong with this picture?! I told Kathy that I wasn't able to make it but I'd be stitching right along with them in spirit every chance I got. Fortunately for me work has been fairly quiet and I've been able to do just that. Add in the fact that I'm following Dr.'s orders to rest following my day surgery and stitching becomes my preferred activity. I know, I know... What am I doing working in the first place? Finding a replacement for me on a long weekend would be next to impossible and weekends generally involve less work than weekdays so I'm working my weekend and taking next week off. In any case I've managed 2 finishes in the last few days.

First off is Nature's Beauty which I really should have finished weeks ago but I've been very lazy lately. I just love it and now the hunt is on to find a fabric to use in my flat fold finish. I'll pay a visit to my local fabric shop on Tuesday. I'm really pleased though with my second finish. Not that it's anything special, it's just the fact that this one was sitting in my pile of UFOs and I managed to stick with it. I replaced the yellow floss called for in the pattern but I'm not sure if my choice is much better. It does seem to show up a little more than it did before. I haven't decided what to do with it just yet. I don't think any of my finishes are going to be displayed in the near future anyways since I'm in the process of packing things up for our renovations. By the time they're done with everything we'll be heading towards the Christmas season. Oh wow, that's really depressing! I'm still waiting for my lost summer.

I started in on another Halloween quickie yesterday. This one is a freebie from The Cricket Collection. I haven't done enough for a pic yet but hope to have one soon.

Bob thought it would be a perfect day for a boat ride when I was finished work so I met him in Morrisburg at the boat launch. However the water was a lot rougher than we were expecting and it was pretty cool at the river so we scrapped our launch and headed home. Instead I took a nap before supper. Bob on the other hand was drying out since he slipped and fell into the river during his launch attempt. Fortunately his cell phone is still working and the contents of his wallet are laid out on the dining room table in various stages of drying. I was very good about concealing my laughter since there were several people watching our endeavours. However if the shoe had been on the other foot I'm sure that Bob would have taken great delight in my misfortune!

For all of you at Kathy's place this weekend, I'm thinking of you and hoping you're having a super time. I hope to see you sometime very soon. In the meantime, keep those needles smoking!


  1. Hope you are well after your surgery, there is nothing better than stitching as a form of rest.

    Nature's Beauty looks fabulous, it's a great finish! I love the little Halloween finish, it's very cute.

    Your poor husband! I am not sure I could have been as restrained as you if that happen to my husband.

  2. We were thinking of you as well! I only made it to Kathy's for the day on Saturday with Trista and Beth. I wish I could have gone for the whole weekend but being a Mommy called (read, DH had plans and I couldn't book off two days in a row).
    Your done pieces are beautiful, I can't wait to see what you start working on next!

    Will I see you in October?

  3. Very cute finishes!

    I've been enjoying your summer photos. Everything looks so relaxing!

    We had a bat in our house yesterday. I wasn't home so DH and DD had to deal with it. We have no idea how it got in...

  4. I have never stitched on doctor's orders before, but seeing your beautiful projects, maybe I should try. :)

  5. What pretty finishes! I have never seen that cute Halloween design before.

  6. Lovely stitching and finishing there girl. Love your little Halloween piece.
    You were indeed missed and mentioned. Better book time off for next year now!

  7. Nature's Beauty is so pretty, and the Halloween finish is adorable. Hope you have recovered well from your day surgery.

  8. I hope that you are having a speedy recovery from your surgery. Your finishes are great, well done. I also hope that you don't get any more 'up-side-down' visitors.

  9. Hope you have a speedy recovery, and enjoy your stitching time. To bad you had to miss the stitching get together, they are such fun. Nature's Beauty is so pretty, and I love Holey Sheet, too cute.