Saturday, 29 August 2009

A UFO reappears

The weather has certainly changed since I last posted. Our oppressive heat and humidity made an exit only to be replaced by days and evenings that remind us that fall is just around the corner. The late afternoon and early evening has been quite comfortable for stitching outside and the hint of fall has led me to retrieve a UFO with a Halloween theme, my Poppy Kreations Holey Sheet. I had barely started this piece when I either lost interest or something else grabbed my interest. In just the past couple of days I've manged to complete the little ghost and its title. The rest shouldn't take me much more than a week. I've been looking at it and thinking that perhaps I should replace the yellow floss with a darker choice. I don't think it stands out all that well on this particular piece of fabric. What do you think?

Continuing the Halloween theme, we've had an unexpected visitor at our home recently. This is what we found hanging from our livingroom window recently when we sat down to supper. Earlier that morning when I awoke, I heard a noise in the wall between our bedroom and the bathroom. As I approached the bathroom the noise grew louder and I realized that it was coming from inside that room. As I turned on the light, the scratching noise stopped. I took a look around the room and in the alcove where my washer and dryer sit I thought I spotted a bat. I wasn't sure if that's what it was though and so I turned off the light, waited a few seconds, turned it back on and had another look. Sure enough it had moved and I was certain.

Now I've mentioned before that my DH is afraid of mice and I was almost certain that bats would fall into that category as well. When I asked for his help in removing it, he shuddered and told me to close the bathroom door and maybe it would fly back up into the attic. Yup, great plan! It had gained entry into the room through a hole in the drywall behind the dryer. I didn't have time to debate things since I had to get ready for work so when I'd finished in the bath, I shut the door to limit its travel within the house and figured I'd deal with it when I returned home. After work, Bob told me that later that morning it appeared the bat had indeed returned to the wall and he had boarded up the hole in the drywall to prevent it from returning. Meanwhile I'm wondering how it gained access to the attic in the first place. Or maybe it got in through the dryer vent.

When we sat down to our supper, Clarisse started to go a little crazy, crying and trying to jump up the front window. That's when we saw what she was trying to reach. There was no way we could reach the bat without standing on a chair to remove him. Because of a bad knee, that's out of the question for me so it fell to Bob to remove the little visitor. If you could have seen his face when I told him as much!! I couldn't stop laughing but of course he didn't think it was a laughing matter. I got some garden gloves so he wouldn't get bitten and gave him a towel to wrap around the bat. Then I opened the window in front of him and removed the screen so he could just drop the bat outside the window. After standing on a chair watching him for 20 min or so I said he'd better get moving before it got dark and our friend woke. Bob's response... Did I know bats had 5 toes on their feet? Just then the bat moved and Bob jumped from the chair. At that point I called the neighbour's son and asked for his help and within a few minutes the bat was removed out the window and flew off. Since then we've found one other in our basement family room. It was dead and was as flat as a pancake just as if something had been dropped on it. I disposed of this one. Hopefully that's the end of their visits.

After all that excitement I sat down to stitch on Nature's Beauty. I'm so close to a happy dance on this one. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it off this week. Since I'm already in Ottawa on Tuesday, I'll be joining the girls for some stitching that night at our usual spot at the bookstore. I'm scheduled for some day surgery on Thursday so I'll be off work that day and the next but unfortunately I have to work the long weekend. This means I'll be missing the stitchy weekend at Kathy's near Brighton. I really hated to miss this one but I haven't worked Labour Day for a few years and it's my turn. I also missed the get together at Ann's last weekend but I hadn't been feeling well and just didn't feel like doing the 2 1/2 hrs drive after having worked a 7 day stretch. Hopefully I'll catch up with some of the ladies at Rebecca's in October when she has a stitching get together planned. Heck, I'd host myself if my house wasn't in such a mess with our upcoming renovations.
Hope to check in on some of your blogs during my few days off work. Have a great week everyone!


  1. Oh my girl!! I just ove that stitchy piece.
    But the bat story - oh my - that would scare the ----- out of me. Hopefully it is resolved quickly.
    We will mention you often next weekend so you can feel like you are here.

  2. Beautiful stitching, especially Nature's Beauty.

    Oh and I thought mice and rats were bad, but bats are much worse. I hope that's the end of them for you.

  3. Holey Sheet is hilarious!

    Oh no, bats in the house! Not good! After you fix where they are getting inside perhaps you can hang up a bat house outside to give them a home. Bats eat those pesky mosquitoes so they are nice to have around...just not IN the house!

  4. What a cute piece, I love the little ghost. The yellow does look lost in the picture though, so if in real life it is similar I think I'd switch the color out. Nature's Beauty is looking lovely too, and so close to being done. You'll have two finishes soon. Glad you were able to resolve the bat issue, how unsettling to have to deal with them. Spooky enough outside, but inside, huge shiver.