Tuesday, 13 January 2009

A new start by accident

Yes I've gone and done it again, I've just finished kitting together a new start. Didn't really plan on it, it just happened by accident.... a car accident that is. I'll explain the accident shortly, I'm much more excited by the new start. It's Secret Snowdrift by The Trilogy. I love snowman, felt like stitching some and this piece fit the bill. The fabric and buttons come with the kit and I had all the floss with the exception of one which I'll pick up later this week (when I have a car!).
The new start was the result of a car accident I had this past Sunday. I didn't go into Ottawa with my DH on Sunday morning because of a headache which I'd had since Friday. However later in the day I was feeling much better and decided to drive in and join him for a piano concert I wanted to attend that evening. On the way I made a pit stop at one of the malls to pick up some Ibuprofen since I'd depleted our supply. Coming out of the mall there is a stop sign after which I was making a left turn. Although I looked both ways I swear I didn't see anything, but when I started to make the turn I saw a large grey pickup bearing down on me. I hit the brakes but he obviously didn't see me, kept coming at a good pace and smucked me on the drivers left front side. No-one was hurt initially although I'm having some pretty good back pain now. The truck's front bumper and grill were damaged but I suspect that my car will be written off. I'm sure there is axle damage since I could no longer turn the wheels to the right and the frame is bent so that I couldn't open the driver's door and the window would only open halfway. I just paid off this car in the fall and was hoping to hang on to it for another couple of years so I'M NOT IMPRESSED!!! Also not impressed with the fact that I made this mistake in the first place! However the police say that the driver of the truck was coming very quickly and the overpass from which he was coming curves as it approaches the mall. So no charges were laid and because things took place in a parking lot, the insurance is 50/50. And yes, I did make the concert!

I spent yesterday running around to the body shop, insurance and car rentals and took today off work to rest the back. Don't think it's anything serious, I just strained it, but I'm due at the doctor's on Thursday anyways and will have it checked out then. Headache's gone though!
As for the new start, well that came about because when I had the car towed I left my cross stitch bag in the car. I'll be getting it back tonight when Bob gets home. In the meantime I couldn't go without stitching!! After all I definitely need it right now! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!

Last week I did a bit of stitching on both Cirque and Easter Fairy with a small amount of progress on the two. I'll spend the rest of this week on Cirque. As you can see I'm working my way left. I really only have about two full pages left on this one.
As for the Fairy, I'll spend the weekend working on her second wing after which that pretty well only leaves her legs and the beading.

My takealong right now has been my January ornament which is well on its way to being finished. It's a freebie by San-Man Originals and is called the Merry ornament.

If I have enough stitched, I'll post a pic next time of the Secret Snowdrift. I'm just getting started and I'm not even sure right now if I want to go with the fabric included in the kit. It's a linen and I'm not particularily fond of stitching on linen. I much prefer the evenweaves.

Let's hope this is a much better week than last!


  1. Lynn - I am just happy you are okay. Everything else is secondary. Your poor little car. It didn't fare so well!
    Lovely stitching there girl. Cirque is looking really good as is your Easter Fairy.
    Love Merry - could not find it on the website though.

  2. Oh my gosh! Lynn, so glad you weren't hurt worse, but glad you're having your back checked.
    Hate hearing you just paid the car off and then this happens:( Still, better the car be hurt badly than you! All 3 of your wips are progressing really well!
    And I think your new start is totally justifiable:)
    Be careful and stay safe:)

  3. Wow. So glad you're all right! Here's to hoping you have a better week!

  4. Wow Lynn...that is too bad. Let's face it both our weeks can only get better after all this. Better the car is smucked than you but it is pretty discouraging to have a car paid for then written off!
    If you ever needed an excuse for a new start...this is a good one.

  5. Oh no...praise God that you are okay. My husband was in a very similar type wreck the week before Christmas. Enjoy your new start and I hope your back feels better soon.

  6. Oh Lynn! What a terrible way to cure a blasted headache! Sorry to hear about your car and take care of that back, hard to stitch if you back is hurting.

  7. Lots of gentle hugs. I am sooo glad you weren't hurt badly !! Your stitching is beautiful as always. Please take care and let us know what the Dr. says.

  8. What a bummer - Especially since you just got the car paid off! I hope you're feeling better soon.

  9. I am glad to hear that you are ok, although do have your back checked out. I can't even imagine having to drive in the snow.

    Great progress on all your stitching.

  10. Oh My!!! Thank goodness you are all right ...I hope the back IS nothing serious.
    What a shame the car is paid and now insurance things. Yikes. I wish you well.
    I'm so glad you were able to console yourself with a new start. You deserve it!
    CdC is looking great and so is the

  11. How scary, I'm so glad you're ok. What a shame on the car. Even with insurance it won't be the same as having a dependable car you're familiar with and that is paid off. Sounds like you were able to see the silver lining though with your new start. Circles and Fairy are looking great, and very cute finish. I'll look forward to seeing your new start in a future post.

  12. Oh my gosh Lynn-I am glad you are ok..

    I hate driving in the snow and don't drive unless I really have to.

    Your projects are coming along nicely.I can't wait to see them when they are completed..

    Take care of your yourself..

  13. Oh Lynn I'm so sorry you had an accident but glad to hear you're okay!