Monday, 5 January 2009

Back on track

Not only am I back on track with my stitching, slowly but surely I'm getting back to my normal routine. As much as I love Christmas, I'm always glad when things are back to a normal pace again. Things seem to be much too hectic for me anymore or is that just my age talking?!
Today I spent the morning putting away all of the Christmas decorations and tree ornaments with the exception of my snowmen which will remain out until the first signs of spring.
I absolutely love snowman and I'm slowly adding to my collection. I'm partial to a lot of the Jim Shore pieces. Speaking of which, has anyone seen any of the Jim Shore cross stitch patterns? They're based on some of his collection and are quite colourful stitches. In the future I'd like to do his 12 days of Christmas sampler.

This past weekend I returned to stitching on Cirque des Cercles. Above you will see the point at which I left off and below how much I accomplished this past weekend. I concentrated on the motif on the bottom right corner. It's a real pleasure to stitch this piece and when I resume stitching on it I always wonder why I've left it for so long.

I was invited by Kathy A to join in a Mirabilia SAL for the new year. Rather than start something new, I decided to drag out one of my UFOs, my Mirabilia Easter Fairy. With any luck I can actually have her complete by Easter of this year! This SAL was the kick in the pants that I needed to get moving on this piece again. I've got a really good head start. It took me long enough to find it in the mess that is my craft room but find it I did. The picture shows where I left off the last time I stitched on it. You can visit the progress on our stitches at Stitch a Mirabilia.

I'm not one to set goals for the new year because if I do that you can be sure I will never finish them. I'm not very good to sticking to a plan. I am pleased with what I accomplished this past year though. By joining the Christmas Ornament SAL I managed to complete 10 ornaments. Thanks Jennifer, for the invite to this one. Besides the ornaments I had 14 other finishes which I think is a record for me. If you follow the link on my sidebar to my Webshots album you'll see all of my finishes.
Now I'm off to find a new small start which is my take along project as well as choosing an ornament to start for this month. Happy stitching!


Laura said...

I am happy to get back to a normal routine as well :-). CdC looks great. You are making excellent progress. Best wishes on finishing your Mirabilia Easter Fairy by Easter. I usually find a SAL to be a good motivator to keep on schedule and finish things.

Miss 376 said...

You've made great progres on Cirque des Cercles. It looks fantastic

Kathy A. said...

It is nice to see Cirqu again Lynn. I am sure you will finish it up this time.
It is a pleasure to have you stitch with us in our Mirabilia blog. And what a great idea to finish off Easter Fairy before tackling another. Will do our best to keep you inspired and stitching.

AnnMcD said...


Beautiful colours in your CdC. I also hauled mine out this past week and wonder why I ever put it down.

Cindy F. said...

Lynn, I LOVE Jim Shore pieces! We bought our first 2 JS ornies this year (on my blog). I would love to own most of his wooden pieces:) and his cross stitch charts are so cute too!
Your progress on Cirque is amazing!! and so glad you're working on a ufo!!

Cheryl said...

CdC looks lovely! I always think the same as you when i start stitching on it again!
Ive joined the mirabilia SAL too :)
p.s. is this is a new blog template? I really like it!

Beatrice said...

CdC is lookin' goooood!
I haven't taken my stuff down yet. I always leave everything up until after the Jan6th little Christmas. Now I can get at it!

Lynne said...

Lynn, Cirques looks wonderful !!!

Suzanne said...

CdC is lloking really good. I love you Mirabilia piece, she is really cute.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Lynn,

Isn't packing away the Christmas
ornaments a ton of FUN...Not!!
DH and I have spent most of the
day gathering up the ornaments
from around the house and packing
them away. And dismantling the
Christmas tree too. Sad to see
it go, but it's time. Now DH
and I are paying the price for
running around a four level
house, lifting and carrying boxes
and all that jolly stuff. I ache
in places that shouldn't even
have muscles. Lol!

Nice to see your CdC back out
and getting some attention. It's
so beautiful with all the pretty
colours that you're stitching it
with. I love it!

Good luck with the Easter Fairy.
You seem to have quite a lot
done on her already so finish-
ing her by Easter shouldn't be
a problem. Nice to work on a
project that makes you think of
Spring during these cold, snowy
Winter days.


stitcherw said...

Fun designs, I didn't know he had any patterns out. My favorite was the Sapphire Cat. Circles is looking so pretty, nice progress. I'll enjoy watching your Easter Fairy grow. I don't have that one, but I do have the Christmas and Thanksgiving fairies in my stash to do.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lynn, isn't it nice to be able to get back to normal?

I do fund life is MUCH busier and faster these days!

Your CDC looks fantastic!!

By the way are you thinking about going to Ann's B&B reatreat in March?

Wendy said...

I got my first Jim Shore Santa for Christmas! He is not going away though, I have put him on my desk to admire him for the rest of the year. Great progress on your CDC! And I am sure you will get your Easter fairy finished in time :0D