Sunday, 2 March 2008

Will this winter never stop?!

This was my view coming home from Ottawa late this afternoon. No indication of the poor weather yet to come. Following the snow that arrived on Friday night we're now expected to receive freezing rain tonight starting at midnight. It's supposed to warm up enough Monday morning that it will turn to rain but I leave for work early enough that the temp will not have risen that high yet. Oh joy! With any luck it will be bad enough that I can use a snow day and stay put.
Next week the time jumps ahead and with longer days we should all feel a little closer to spring.

What free time I've had this week I've spent working on The Wedding. Sorry if the pictures I've taken seem a little blurred. The battery in the camera is getting low and I find this happens when I zoom in on something.
I'm enjoying stitching this piece. It's going a lot faster than I expected so I'm going to take a break from it this week and concentrate on my much neglected CdC. I've also just placed an order for some floss I need for some future projects. My Christmas Joy ornament is nearing completion and I'll need a small project to be my take along.
I've been looking at all the wonderful new releases from Nashville and decided on the Saltbox Seasonals from LHN. I don't know yet if I want to stitch these individually or as a group. Yet to be decided! I also broke down and purchased some of the new PS releases including Daffodils. I'd love to stitch this one next.
Nothing else new for now. My DH is working this evening so I'm going to spend the evening quietly with stitching in hand. Hopefully it will relax me enough for the drive tomorrow!


  1. HI Lynn :)
    Thank you for your sweet words about Mr. Jacob...he's a sweetie and is so excited about all the comments he's received on his artwork :)

    I'm on autoship for everything LHN and I received my first saltbox thread pack last week and I think I'm stitching mine I don't think the verses look right all together...BUT I might change my mind :)
    I hope winter ends soon for you...seems like you've been hit hard this year!

  2. Oh my dear!! I hope the weather soon turns for the better. Be careful on those roads tomorrow!

  3. I love those colours on The Wedding piece. Sorry about the weather but your photo looks beautiful!

  4. Yup Lynn I agree I'm sick of it too!

    Your wedding sampler looks awesome!

  5. Your wedding piece is zipping along! I wish my daughter had picked a more manageable one.

    It almost felt like a bit of spring in the air today. No, wait, I think I was just hallucinating.

  6. Just catching up on your blog after my hols. This wedding piece is lovely.
    I havent seen the new releases from PS, must check them out

  7. Hi Lynn,

    Well look at that weather forecast...freezing rain, ice pellets and SNOW!!! This is beyond annoying and heading rapidly towards utterly ridiculous. It almost seems like Mother Nature is rushing to squeeze as many snow storms in as she can before Spring arrives and spoils her fun.

    Ah well, there's not much we can do about it, except persevere and keep our fingers crossed that winter doesn't overstep it's calender allotment.

    Your cube finish of Baby Spots turned out lovely, and the design shows up really well against the fabric and the ribbon that you chose. I think that this is a really neat form of finishing because the piece stands by itself. What sort of glue do you use to stick fabric to forms like this?

    Warm Winter Wishes is also looking beautiful, and I love the snowflakes stitched on it. Snow. It really does look best on mountaintops and in cross stitch projects.

    I stood outside the night of the eclipse and had a good look at the process. Of course our house didn't have any windows allowing us to view the eclipse from inside where it was warm, so I stood in our driveway and shivered for as long as I could stand it. It was a perfect night for it, with the skies so clear and all.

    I love your stitching of the Wedding so far, and I think it looks much nicer in the colours that you chose to stitch it in. I thought the model shown on the website looked drab in the colours it was stitched in.

    Well Lynn, take care navigating around for the next few days. It's really good weather for staying indoors and stitching. If only we could.


  8. Your Wedding Sampler is beautiful! And I am thinking about how to stitch LHN's Salt Box Seasons also. Here's hoping for Spring to push Winter aside.