Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Welcome Spring!

From the view out my window it sure doesn't look much like Spring is arriving tomorrow but I'm definitely starting to get that spring feeling. You know the one where you start to feel like ditching the winter coat, the boots are getting left at home more often and there is a sudden urge to clean house. Okay so maybe we can put the house cleaning on hold for now, lol! In any case after having a particularily "blue" weekend I decided to bring a little spring into the house. I retired all my snowman until next year and brought up some of my Easter decor. It seems that some of this is sorely in need of replacement but I did find all of my Easter cookie stamps, my bluebird stacking boxes, a spring wreath and my egg basket. The basket is really a wooden rectangular box which my dear friend Pam tole painted for me and filled with wooden eggs. It has a lovely handle with a bunny on it. When I decided to give up on tole painting I gave her all my patterns I'd accumulated so she used one of them and did this for me as a thanks.

I also found a small project with a spring feel to it to use as my takealong piece. It's Waxing Moon's Checkerboard Bunny which is available as one of their freebies. Just click on the link to download it. I've only just started it and probably won't have it ready for Easter but I love doing something spring related.

I've been doing a lot of stitching on The Wedding this past week and hope to have it finished off by the beginning of next month. I could finish it earlier but I'm heading to Florida for a vacation next week and don't know how much stitching I'll get done while I'm away. My Mom rents a home in Fort Myers and I'm leaving next Wednesday to join her and my Step-Dad for a week. My sister is also flying in on the same day so it will be a girl's vacation week since my step-dad is usually off golfing. When I mentioned this earlier in the month, Deb contacted me to tell me that she's not all that far from Fort Myers which is where I'll be. We are hoping to get together for a visit and she plans on taking me to her favourite stitching shop. I can hardly wait!

I've picked out my next start. I have all the floss and I'm just waiting for the fabric to arrive. I've decided on PS Weather Wise. There are two sampler charts in this leaflet and I'm going ahead with Red Sky at Night. It reminds me of our visit to Nova Scotia a few summers ago. I had also ordered PS Daffodils because I couldn't make up my mind between the two. Today the mail brought me some stash which I'd ordered awhile ago and had forgotten about. There was a Plum Pudding Needleworks Welcome chart which I won on ebay as well as a Silkweaver Solo linen and some of Sassy's fabrics. I heard about these from Vonna who raved about them so I thought I'd give them a try. I love the colours! I just ordered a couple of smalls to try them out but I already know I'll be putting in another order in the near future for some upcoming projects. The little Peep card is a freebie that comes when you order one of the new Prairie Schooler charts.
I'll try and post once more before I leave with some more updates. Until then, Happy Spring Stitching!


  1. Your Easter basket is perfect and brings an air of spring even if the weather doesn't get the hint. Thanks for the link to the Waxing Moon freebie. Have a great time in Florida!

  2.'s beginning to look a lot like springtime in your house! I'm doing the exact same thing today in mine :)
    I love all your stash and tell me what color did you get of Sassy's? I love her fabric!!!

  3. Ooooh Lynn I'm positively jealous you're going somewhere warm and sunny! Great new stash enjoy meeting Deb!

  4. Great stash and your WIPS are looking good too!! Love the Easter basket!!

  5. What a cute Easter basket, it is a fun springy piece to have out. Your Checkerboard Bunny is looking good too, nice start. I saw this finished on another blog and it was adorable.