Monday, 12 November 2007

A new start and a visit to Drummondville

Thank you all for your comments regarding my Baby Spots piece. I'm not sure yet whether I'll backstitch or not. I think not but I'm waiting until I'm finished the whole thing before I decide. Speaking of which I better get a move on it. I just got a phone call this morning that the girl who it's intended for as a gift has just gone into labour early. Her due date was Nov. 25 and I knew they had decided to do a C/S on Nov 21st but I guess the little one has decided to jump the gun!! (as I'm writing this I got the call that the baby arrived this morning! Now I really have to move)

Thank you also for your kind comments on my framed pieces. Judy had asked me about Michael's and if I thought they were good for framing. I haven't had any problems with them. They have a large selection of frames and the finishing has always been very nice. Mind you I generally use them for my smalls and take my large pieces to my LNS. I like using them whenever they have a big sale on their framing. My DH reminded me that I did take one of my larger pieces to them that I had done for my Mom and they did a lovely job. I've posted a picture Judy to show you.
Last week was absolutely horrendous at work. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that I was off for a week starting on the Saturday. So consequently I didn't get much stitching in. I was just too tired in the evening. Saturday morning I took my son Dan and we headed off to Drummondville to visit my eldest and his family. The baby will turn a year old on the 27th and I'm not able to go up at that time so I took all her birthday gifts up with me. My DH always works weekends so he can never go up with us unless he's on holiday. It was a long drive there due construction but it was worth it. We had a lovely visit with them!

The girls are getting so big! The oldest, Oceanne, is talking up a storm now and it's a mix of French and English but heavy on the French of course. The baby, Summer, is pulling herself up on everything now and it doesn't look like it will be long before she is walking. Then the fun starts!! I took my role of grandmother seriously and spoiled them rotten while I was there.

Since I had lots of presents for the baby I didn't want Oceanne to be left out so I brought her a little toy telephone which rings and plays tunes. For Summer we'd found the cutest rocking horse. Only it's a cat not a horse! It sits low to the ground and is made for ages 9 mos to 3 yrs so both girls will get some use out of it. It plays Beethoven music as they rock and when you squeeze the ears it meows!! Both girls spent the afternoon playing . They missed their naps but were good as gold. I decided to give Jeff and Mimi a break at supper and prepared a stir fry for all of us. After that it was time for the return trip home. I'm hoping to be able to pick them all up at New Year's to spend a few days with us then since I have to work Christmas.

Sunday was the start of a new piece for me. As I've mentioned before I've joined the Snowbird's SAL and I'm stitching Cirques des Cercles. My fabric arrived at the end of the week and I was really disappointed in the colour. It wasn't quite the colour green I'd been expecting. So I took another look through my stash and found a beautiful Silkweaver Solo that I thought would work. My floss is a Vicky Clayton silk called Dragon Hoard and it's really lovely. I like the way it's shaping up on the fabric. CdC is so much fun to stitch that I think I'm going to have a hard time putting it down. Most of the group is stitching on Wednesdays but I think it will be Tuesday for me. Bob works up in Ottawa on Tuesday nights and I can usually get a lot more stitching accomplished when I'm by myself. I'm playing catch up right now since the rest of the group started two weeks ago.

Tomorrow is a cleanup day around here for me. I'm going to try to get all my summer clothes packed away and sort out the winter things.
Then I have to sort and put away my stash which is lying all over the place in my bedroom. It's beginning to take over the room! Hope you're all having a good week and get lots of stitches in!


  1. Glad to hear that you had a great weekend. Your CDC piece is looking really good and the colour is beautiful. Are you completing one stitch at a time with this thread, or are you row by row? The reason I ask is that the varigation is looking really good.

  2. The girls are lovely Lynn! Im glad you got to spoil them, that's definitely what grandmothers are for :)
    Just seen your CdC over at the SAL blog. Great start! I love the floss colour.
    Enjoy your week off work! Sounds great to me

  3. CdC is looking great Lynn.
    Your granddaughters are gorgeous... all of our grandchildren are I guess!

  4. Well for being disappointed the new SW Solo is gorgeous and looks SPECTACULAR with the thread you chose! It was apparently meant to be :)
    Sweetie grandbabies :)

  5. Your girls are adorable and I love their names! It must be so hard to leave them again.

    Wonderful start on CDC - your floss colour is perfect on the linen.

  6. Your finished piece is gorgeous...I love the frame.Did I mention that your grandbabies are beautiful...and I am sure they are not one bit spoiled by their "Nanny"((lol)

    Your new project has such pretty colors.I can't wait to see it finished:)

  7. I had a great long post all put on here and Blogger ate it...anyways, love the framed piece and spoiling grandbabies is what you are supposed to do! If I think Cameron is feeling a little low, or neglected, I ship him to my parents for a few hours and Poppie and Nannie spoiling him works wonders everytime.

  8. Beautiful framed piece! I always have mine framed at Michaels and I am very happy with the results. Maybe some stores do not have as good framers as others, though. The girls look adorable!

  9. Everything Looks loverly, Especially the girls. : )

  10. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for the info about Michael's framing. I'll keep that in mind the next time I want to get something of mine framed. By the way, the floral piece that you stitched for your Mom is beautiful, and the framing and matting really enhances the picture.

    Your granddaughters are so cute Lynn! And I love their names. That rocking kitty that you got your youngest granddaughter is so adorable. It plays Beethoven??

    Cirques des Cercles is looking gorgeous and I love the thread that you chose to stitch it with. The changes in the colour really allow the patterns of the design to stand out.

    Hope that you're enjoying your holiday as much as I'm enjoying mine. Trouble is it'll go much too fast.


  11. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend with the grandchildren.
    They are cuties!
    The framed piece is just beautiful and the Baby spots is too.
    Go with your gut. To stitch or not!
    It looks good!
    CdC is a pretty color.
    Boy there are so many colors on the blog, isn't it fun?

  12. Glad to hear you could have a nice visit with your grand babies!

    Its always a risk when ordering hand dyed fabbie how its going to look. Especially if the picture on the webiste is of a different fabric type. For example linens hold dyes more intesely than evenweaves. At leas you had something in your stash that would work. However you must of been frustrated becuase you could of started weeks ago if you had chosen it in the first place!!!!

  13. Your floral is beautiful and beautifully framed. I have had work framed by Michaels in Ottawa at South Keys and have been very happy with their work. I think it is a matter of individual stores and their framers though. Cirque is looking wonderful. Have a great weekend. And those granddaughters --- just the cutest!!!

  14. I'm glad you had a wonderful visit, isn't it amazing how quickly they grow.

    Your flowers look beautiful framed. I've had items framed by Michael's and Joann's, as well as my LNS, and always been happy with the results. Like you, I time the framing to when there is a sale.

    CdC is looking fantastic. I really like the floss you chose, the color shifts are lovely.

  15. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with your grandkids, I love your framed piece and your CDC is very pretty... lovely colors.