Thursday, 22 November 2007

It's here!

Snow, that is! This is the view that greeted me this morning as I stepped outside. This is actually a picture of my neighbour's home across the street. I know that by the weekend it's supposed to warm up enough that most of this will melt but I really hate to see it starting so early. It's pretty of course and does brighten up all those browns in the landscape now but I just dread the driving to and from work in all this. It seems the older I get the more nervous I am about driving. I never thought I'd hear myself say that!! I love driving but it's some of the idiots out there on the road that I'm worried about. They never seem to slow down enough in this weather. I actually headed out to work this morning but the plows had not been out around us yet. It was more of a thick slush on the roads since the snow is so wet and it just kept dragging me towards the shoulder of the road. That wasn't bad but I had two close calls with other motorists sliding towards me. At that point I turned around, called in to work and took a snow day. I haven't done this more than 3 or 4 times in my 16yrs of commuting so they can't complain. Driving in snow is one thing, snow/slush is another!

With the weather making it a perfect day for stitching I finished off Baby Spots. I ended up frogging out the stork and redoing it in a white rather than the whitewash called for. I pleased with the results. I think it pops out better. Thanks to Rebecca, I've got back my bookmark to Focus on Finishing and have found a tutorial for making a cube. This is how I've decided I'll finish this piece. I've got some fabric that I think will work and now I just have to head out for Michaels for some ribbon. The plows have been out now and the roads are not nearly as bad although we are expecting more snow over the course of the day and evening. We have to head into Ottawa for choir practice this evening so we've decided to leave a little earlier so I can get my supplies. Bob has said he'll drive, whew!! We're also going to check out Ikea to see if we can find some storage solutions for all of my supplies as well as a table of some sort to put in my craft room for finishing projects. Yeah, we're actually going to make it my room!!

Last night was week 4 of my CdC SAL. I've finally caught up to the group and I'm able to stitch along with them now. Normally I'll be stitching this on Tuesdays but this week I had to attend a wake that night so it was Wednesday instead. In answer to Suzanne's questions, the thread I'm using is a Vicky Clayton premium silk and the colour is Dragon Hoard. Yes, I'm crossing each x individually in order to get that variegation. I'm really pleased with the results so far. Thank you all for you positive comments. I enjoy hearing from each and every one of you!
Now it's off to Ottawa for my supplies!
PS : I almost forgot - Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends. Hope you have a safe and happy holiday!


  1. Lucky you getting snow, although I don't envy you having to drive in it. I have only been to see snow twice and I really enjoyed it.

    Congratulations on the Baby Spots finish, I agree, the white stork does look better. Thank you for answering my question, your CdC is looking fantastic, you must have a lot of patience.

  2. Lynn I'm glad you played things safe and called into work. My drives weren't so bad just slow. I'm so happy that I had snows put on just this past weekend!

    Your white stork looks great. And your colours for CDC are laying beautifully!

  3. Yes please play it safe. We like having you "Here" : ) All though I will trade you snow for ice anyday of the week.

    The baby sampler is precious and your CdC has almost encouraged me to start it myself. : )

  4. I cant believe you have all that snow already!
    CdC looks sure have caught up quickly. I think you're further ahead than me now :)
    Love that baby sampler too

  5. Wow, Lynn - snow!! Looks nice in the photo and that is the only place I want to see it.
    Your stork is much lovelier now that he is white. Nice choice.
    Cirque is coming along beautifully. Please post a photo on the SAL if you could. We like to keep each other enabled.

  6. The stork is perfect...That Rebecca what can I say!!
    CdC is pretty.
    Happy singing!!

  7. Yup, snow headed our way as well, but most is gone now except for some dusting in the shaded areas.

    Baby spots turned out adorable, and the stork looks great. Wonderful progress on CdC too, that one is so pretty.

  8. Nice finish! The stork looks just great. I enjoyed your snow pic!

  9. Hi Lynn,

    I first wanted to send my own expression of delight about your Granddaughter Summer no longer requiring surgery to repair the hole in her heart. What wonderful news for her, and for all of you. It's amazing what those little bodies can achieve, considering how small and frail they appear to be. And how appropriate that this miracle should be realized at this time of year. It is the season of miracles indeed.

    Congrats on the finish for your Baby Spot. I think you obviously made the best decision when you frogged out the stork and restitched it in white. It really shows up beautifully now. I look forward to seeing this piece finished as a cube. It'll be so cute.

    Cirques des Cercles is coming along beautifully and the thread that you're using was a really good choice on your part. It's neat watching each of the motifs materialize under your needle. How many skeins of thread will you be using for this piece???

    Isn't winter fun??? Well, at least snow is pretty. At least until it gets covered in a nice layer of grime from car exhaust etc. We had snow here too, but it's mostly gone now. The wind has been pretty strong and blustery off and on this week too. Time to hibernate I think.

    I laughed when I read on your posting to my blog that you had to shoo Finnigan off of your lap so that you could type the post. I have a disgruntled Phoebe lying on her blanket next to my elbow right now. She'd prefer to be snuggled in my arms, but I can't type when she does that. Cats!!!


  10. Your CdC is looking gorgeous! I'm jealous of the snow you have.