Sunday, 17 June 2007

What a fun weekend!

We had a very hectic but fun weekend here at our place. On Friday I took some time owing and left work a little early. I headed straight for Drummondville, Quebec where my oldest son and two granddaughters live. I picked up the three of them and drove them to my place to spend the weekend. On the way I got caught in rush hour traffic in Montreal. What should have been a six hour trip turned into an eight hour one!

Saturday we spent the day at the new playground equipment at the local park and in the kiddie pool in my yard. The girls are sooo cute! This is only the second time that I've seen the baby, Summer, who is 7 months. Her big sister Oceanne is 2. They were in bed early and then I settled down for a little stitching on Brotherly Love. This one should move along fairly quickly.

Today we spent the morning playing with the girls and then it was time to pack the car and head back to Quebec. I was too tired to do any stitching when we returned. I'm off tomorrow so I hope to get some more done then.


  1. Lynne your granddaughters are adorable!!! What a long way for such a short time!

  2. Looks like lots of fun! Glad to hear they tested out the new equipment...and that you got some stitching time in as well.

  3. Is it a Britty Kitty pattern? Looks very cute!!