Thursday, 21 June 2007

Stash arrival

When I checked the mail today I was pleased to see some new patterns that I had ordered from SB&B as well as a couple I'd purchased on eBay. On eBay I picked up three Trilogy charts: Winter Spots, Garden Spots and Simple Blessings. I'm thinking of doing the Garden Spots for a friend's birthday.

The other two charts I'd ordered are Lavender Wings- And A Patridge and a Chocolate Cake Sampler by Casey Buonaugurio. My husband Bob is a big time chocolate lover and when I saw this sampler it reminded me of him. It's either chocolate cake or no cake as far as he's concerned!

Today and tomorrow are days off for me since I'm working the upcoming weekend. Today I headed into Ottawa to do some shopping. It's about a 50 minute drive from my place. I was looking for some patio lights to string inside the gazebo. I found them at my favourite store - Homesense! I also picked up some citronella candles for the backyard. After my shopping spree I headed to my local needlework store, The Cross Stitch Cupboard. Here I signed up for and paid my downpayment for their fall stitching retreat. It's held every October at the Glen Resort in Gananoque, ON. Jeannette Douglas is going to be there this time. I've never been to one of these and I'm really looking forward to it. My new stitching friend Dani asked if I'd ever been and if I'd like to go along with her! I was under the impression that it was always booked up because it's so popular. However she told me she had just booked and to give them a call and see if there were any more spots available. I called that week and I'm in!

After arriving home Bob and I strung the patio lights in the gazebo and then sat down to enjoy it. We had a brief downpour after supper but not enough to water the gardens well. Tonight I'm browsing through my stash, looking for my next project. I can't seem to make up my mind. Maybe I'll sleep on it.


  1. Welcome to the land of bloggers. Yours looks great. Nice job on the fairy. Watch out for that Dani - first she has me stitching on multiple pieces, then she has me doing round robins, then she has me blogging. LOL LOL LOL Love that girl but don't tell her. It will go straight to her head. Anyway, welcome and have fun with it.

  2. What great stash. So are you S.A.B.L.E. (Stash Aquired Beyond Life Expectancy) already or can we help? LOL

  3. I love that stash!!!! I'm becoming a Casey B. lover....I'm really wanting that Lemon Sampler she has out :)

  4. Great new stash Lynn!

    Boy I can't wait until October roomie!!!