Monday, 2 March 2020

February WIPocalyse

My original plans for this month were to only work on my Pennsylvania Dutch Sampler along with a small stitch. I started out the month this way but decided I had also better spend some time on PSS Yuletide Welcome. What I ended up doing was alternating weeks on these two and eliminating a small stitch altogether. 

The house on Plum Street Samplers Yuletide Welcome is now complete. Yahoo!! There was plenty of solid stitching on this house and I'm glad to have it finally behind me.

I love the flower basket on the roof! It's one of the things that drew me to this piece in the first place. Now I'm starting to enjoy all the many motifs that are in this design. I hated putting it down when it came time to switch.

Willow Hill Samplings Pennsylvania Dutch Sampler is a real treat to work on though. The ease of a monochrome sampler is a nice contrast to Yuletide Sampler. 

As you can see I've finished the second of the three parts of this and am now ready to start the final pages. 
My initials and the year have now been stitched into the design as I can see the finish line in the near future, hopefully by early April at the latest.

This has been a really difficult piece to get an accurate pictured of in terms of colour. It either appears too washed out or too dark. I wish I could show a true colour of the fabric as it is so lovely.

The Nashville Needlework Market will be underway this coming weekend and I've been drooling over the previews that I've viewed so far. I love Brenda Gervais' in particular Token of Love and Manor at Quaker Hill. I think these two will make their way into my stash. Check them out at this link.
There are so many lovely samplers being released by various designers however I'm anxiously awaiting the release of some by my dear friend Lianne of 1897 Schoolhouse Samplers. Lianne is not at market. Perhaps she will be at some point in the future. She is fairly new on the scene of reproduction samplers and I just know she is going to do well. Check her out on her Facebook page. At present she has an Etsy shop and has three releases however in the near future she will be adding 6-10 new reproductions to her shop. 
I'm so thrilled for her and plan on adding some of her lovelies to my stash.

Winter is slowly fading as the days are growing longer and the temperatures milder. This weekend the time springs forward once more and the promise of summer is all that closer. Hope to see you next month and that it's a productive one for us all!


  1. Awesome progress on your WIPs, Lynn! I really like the Willow Hill design. Monochromes always draw me in!

  2. Beautiful stitching, Lynn. I love all your projects so much. Thanks for the much inspiration.

  3. Beautiful work, your sampler looks lovely. Block stitching is not my favourite either but always looks so effective especially on the house designs.

  4. Great progress on both pieces.
    I think I would've stitched the house first on Yuletide too, that way you only have small motifs left. Love those flowers on top!
    Love that floss on Pennsylvania, so pretty.
    We've had mild weather here the past week, so a lot of snow has melted.

  5. Beautiful progress on your WIPs.

  6. Such a beautifully stitched piece, do you know how your're going to finish it?
    Your sampler looks so lovely, the colour looks great.