Sunday, 29 September 2019

September Smalls

I'm a little late in posting this month. Following my hip replacement surgery I found it difficult to sit for long periods of time. Things are coming along slowly but surely and as of this weekend I am a bit more comfortable and able to devote more time to my computer and stitching.

This month's small is a fall design by Stacy Nash  called The House on Pumpkin Hill pinkeep. It was a sweet little stitch which I quite enjoyed. The original called for fabric was Charcoal Gray linen which almost looked like it had a bluish tinge in the photo. I didn't have anything similar but upon delving through my fabric I found a Picture This Plus linen that I thought would work. Here's a pic of The House on Pumpkin Hill stitched on Picture This Plus Barnwood with the called for Gentle Art floss.

This will indeed be finished as a pinkeep once I'm able to sit at my sewing machine again.

My recovery from my surgery is going well. This is my second hip replacement so I knew what to expect. However the muscles in this hip are much weaker so I'm having to exercise it quite a bit more. When they got me into the OR they discovered that the hip was much worse than the xrays showed and had actually fused so that there was no rotation left in the hip. No wonder I was having such a difficult time moving it!!
 I had the surgery done on a Thursday and was back home again by the next evening. Very little pain this time and I rested for only a couple of days before I got moving again. Once again my trusty little sidekick stayed by my side and kept me company during my recuperation. After looking at this pic I realized just how much swelling I had in the legs. Things are better now.

Now that I've picked up my needle again I'm working on three different stitches and I still haven't picked out a small to do for next month. Of course it will probably be a Halloween stitch. I love putting out various pinkeep displays throughout the house. 

The signs of fall are all around us now and I'm trying to get out and enjoy the emerging colour. 

Now I'm off to enjoy my pumpkin spice coffee. See you soon!


  1. Lynn: I am so sorry you had to have another hip replacement, I hope you are healing fast.
    I am happy to hear you can sit at your sewing machine, laying down all the time would be to tough for me.
    I love this design it is lovely.
    Your side kick is adorable, Blondie The Cat says hello to Clarisse.
    All your Pin Pillows are beautiful.


  2. Cute finish & basket of smalls.
    The trees are beautiful, & love your Pumpkin header.
    Glad you have company as you recover. ;)
    Hope you heal quickly.
    Take care.

  3. I am glad you are doing ok after surgery and hope you heal quick. Your finish is really pretty.