Saturday, 26 May 2018

May Smalls

There's been an awful lot of stitching and finishing of smalls going on here during the month of May. In fact it's probably the most that I've ever completed during one month. Of course it was all due to my procrastination and another bout of vertigo which set me on the back burner for a couple of weeks. In any case I had 5 gifts to complete either the finishing of or the stitching and finishing of before I leave for the Prim Stitchers Society Retreat next week. One gift is for the optional exchange which takes place at the end of the retreat while the other four are birthday gifts for friends whose birthdays have either recently passed or are up and coming. I'll hold off posting a pic of the retreat gift in case anyone who is attending spots it on here. The other ladies don't generally check out my blog so I think it's safe to post pics of the gifts.

First up is a piece I stitched back in early 2017 by Blackbird Designs called Remember Me. I knew exactly who I wanted to gift it to but only completed the finishing this week.

Next is a sweet little pinkeep from the Summer House Stitcheworks series Fragments in Time. I personalized this one with my initials as well as my friend's.

The third piece is a design by Shakespeare's Peddler called Jenny Bean's Pin Tuffet. I didn't have a small tart tin or base with which to make a tuffet so instead I made a small pinwheel. I improvised and used lace trim instead of ribbon since I didn't have any that worked. I love how it turned out!

The final finish is appropriately called Bee Heart and is a design by E SubRosa. I have never ever completed a heart shaped pillow and this was a challenge for me since I am neither a great finisher or into sewing. It didn't turn out too badly though. It's just a little wonky on one side but I know my friend won't care and will love it.

Next month I'll post a pic of my retreat exchange gift and any new smalls I get to. 
At this time I want to thank each and every one of you who left comments on my recent posts. I really appreciate them and usually try to respond to your comments but this darn vertigo has kept me away from a lot of reading, stitching and keyboarding. The eye movements just aggravate things. There are a number of reasons why we suspect that I've had a recurrence but it takes time and rest to get rid of it. I'm feeling a little better this past week so hopefully it's on its way out. 
Take care and keep those comments coming. I love hearing from you!


  1. All cute finishes.
    I wish you a barrel of fun at the Prim retreat! LOL
    I hope your vertigo is kicked to the curb!
    Have a great week.

  2. Lots of lovely sewing, I particularly like the bee design. x

  3. Hope you feel better soon.
    Love your gifts, so sweet, they are all wonderfully stitched and finished.

  4. Lynn, your finished projects are fabulous. I love the one you finished as a pinwheel. Your heart looks super. I hope you have a safe journey to and from the PSS retreat plus a wonderful time at the retreat.

  5. Oh, Lynn...your finishes are all so wonderful! I’m so sorry you suffer with vertigo, that must be awful.