Wednesday, 28 February 2018

February WIPocalypse

February was a pretty good stitching month. I didn't really think I'd done all that much but when you look back at the end of the month it's surprising the amount that you've accomplished. We've been spending a lot of time watching the Olympics and I've been stitching during that time so that was helpful.

First I managed to finish up Blackbird Designs Evergreen.

This was a sweet stitch which moved along fairly quickly. The pattern called for the trees to be stitched in the same brown as the lettering however I wanted green trees so I substituted with Gentle Art Piney Woods. I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Next up I pulled Plum Street Samplers Pomegranate Santa from out of my WIPs pile. When I first saw this design I knew I wanted to stitch it. I love Paulette's style and was really drawn to this one. However it seems that while I'm stitching it it doesn't hold my interest for long and then I'm on the hunt for something else to do. I'm hoping to persevere with this one and get it completed this year.
Here's a before pic from 2017 and a pic of where I am now. The colour of the linen in the first pic is more true to the actual colour. When I took the second photo the lighting was pretty lousy.

When I tired of Pomegranate Santa I turned to another WIP from 2017, Threadwork Primitives Quaker Friends. I was moving well on this one when I ran out of floss. I knew I had another skein but as is often the case, the dye lot was completely different. I decided I wasn't going to place an order for just one skein of floss so I put it aside until my next online order. Meanwhile I was speaking with a friend who asked what I was working on. I told her the story and she offered to send me a skein of the floss I needed. Fortunately hers was a good match and I don't think you can tell where I left off and where I started again.

It's been awhile since I worked on a quaker stitch and I'm having so much fun with this one that I'm going to have to find another one soon to take its place when I'm finished with it. Any suggestions?

Last week my hubby and I were headed into the neighbouring village when I saw a large bird with a great, white wingspan cross the road in front of us and land on a nearby telephone pole. "Snowy owl!", I cried. Sure enough it was indeed a snowy, one of the first in we've seen in three years. Unfortunately my cell phone doesn't take as great a picture as my camera which of course was at home!

The recent milder weather has brought a few visitors to the feeder which I haven't seen since the fall.
A goldfinch and a slate coloured junco made an appearance most recently.

It won't be long before the brilliant yellow is more widespread on that finch!

Now I'll leave you with a pic of three of my favourite people..... my son Jeff and granddaughters Summer and Oceanne. I miss these three and can't wait until better weather allows me to travel to see them.


  1. I really like the Blackbird Designs stitching, and changing the floss no the trees to green really makes good sense. x

  2. Lovely stitching, I especially like Pomegranate Santa. Our birds are feeding lots as the weather's turned cold with snow.

  3. Wow! I can't believe how grown up Summer and Oceanne look! Time flies. Beautiful stitching, I find it so satisfying working on older WIPs.

  4. Great progress on your projects.
    The Snowy owl is beautiful.
    Nice pic of the family.

  5. Lovely stitching, but I love the snowy owl even more!!!! How lucky you were to spot it.
    Hope it's not too long till you can see your son and granddaughters!

  6. Lovely finish Evergreen is.
    A beautiful family you have.

  7. Wonderful stitching and a great finish. A beautiful family photo.

  8. Lynn: What a sweet photo of your son and granddaughters.
    I love your designs you are working on, I have no idea what to suggest on what to stitch next.
    The Blackbird design is so pretty, I love their designs, I have this pattern and hope to stitch it soon, I am like you I change colors if I do not like what the designer chose.
    It has been snowing off and on the last couple of weeks, 5 inchs two weeks ago 9 inch's last week, more of the white stuff mixed with rain this weekend.


  9. Your Evergreen finish is lovely. I prefer green trees too! I adore pomegranates and you made good progress before you got bored with it.

    The owl was a treasure! I’ve only ever seen one owl in the wild and that was in a blinding rain storm at night and it swooped up and over the hood of the car, scaring us half to pieces.

  10. Your Evergreen looks great, I like the fabric it's on. Nice progress on Pomegranate, the colours are pretty.
    How nice that your friend was able to help you out with your floss, your piece looks good.
    Sweet picture of your family, I hope you get to see them soon.