Saturday, 27 January 2018

WIPocalypse 2018 - January post

Happy New Year and welcome to WIPocalypse. If you haven't already joined us, head on over to Measi's Musings to check out how to join in all the fun! 
Currently I'm enrolled in  just two SALs, WIPocalypse and the Smalls SAL. I haven't yet decided whether or not I'll participate in the Olympic stitching challenge. I love staying put and watching the Olympics but quite often I get caught up in watching and it interferes with my stitching. I've been known to frog a significant amount in the past after watching an event while stitching. I'll decide by next month's post whether or not I'm participating.

This year my stitching if off to a good start. Besides the Smalls finish which I posted yesterday I've managed to complete one of my WIP from 2017 as well as begin a new start. I lost interest in a lot of my starts last year and I really want to finish them off. Any new starts I'm trying to limit to ones which I already have in my stash although I know I'll slip up at some point, lol! 

Evergreen by Blackbird designs is one of those charts which I've had waiting in my stash for several years now. I'm stitching it on 32ct Winter Brew. I fully intended to use the called for floss but my dye lot is such that most of the floss was a darker brown than that used in the original. I didn't like the look of the brown trees so I swapped them out for Gentle Art Piney Woods. This one is moving fairly quickly so I'm hoping it will be finished by next week.

Heartstring Samplery Sing We Then Merrily is one which I started last November. I started off well enough but progress slowed down as I got more involved in holiday activities and preparations. I picked it up again last week and finished it off in just a few days.

The weather has been up and down over the past several weeks and there have been some days when it's just better to stay indoors and stitch. That has helped in catching up with my WIPs but it sure isn't helping in getting back to my walking routine. There has just been too much cold and ice to get back to a regular schedule yet. As soon as a mild day arrives though I'm out and about again. I hate being housebound for too long!

Now to decide which WIP to bring out next! See you next time.


  1. Evergreen is lovely, can't wait to see it finished and what you do with it!

  2. Nice finish, Evergreen looks super

  3. Congratulations on your Heartstring Samplery finish, Lynn! The motifs in this sampler are super along with the colors. Evergreen is looking good and it won't be much longer before you have another finish. Go Lynn!

  4. Hi Lynn: Beautiful finished design, I love the words, you picked the perfect fabric.
    Blackbird Designs are one of my favorites to stitch, I look forward to seeing yours finished.
    It has been up and down here also, last week it was warm the weeks before below zero temps, again near the end of this week back to single digits, brrr.


  5. Sing We Then Merrily is lovely, good work on Evergreen, it will be a great piece.

  6. A wonderful finish and your WIP is coming along a treat.

  7. Beautiful stitching Lynne! I haven't signed up to any challenges this year, but I am hoping to actually finish some of my pieces and get them on display :)