Monday, 30 October 2017

October WIPocalypse

October has been a very busy month at our house but fortunately most of my stitching took place in the first week. It really is a relaxing therapy when one is stressed, lol! 

I finished up my Stacy Nash Tribute to Summer. I took her idea and used my maternal grandparents' initials on it. 

Following that I worked a bit on With Thy Needle & Thread Acorn Gathering Sewing Roll. Love those squirrels!

Then my stitching took a back seat to my son's wedding. I picked up my gift for them from the framer and was thrilled with the lovely job they had done on it. Chris and Violet loved it and displayed it with their guest book at the reception.

I'll post some wedding pics later this week.

Now that everything has somewhat calmed down I was free to make a new start. I chose The Primitive Needle Annie Hyssop's Harvest Moon. I've waited a long time to start work on this sweet stitch! Since Lisa's patterns are now out of print, it was difficult to find this one at a reasonable price. I'm stitching it on 32ct Weeks Dye Works Tin Roof using the called for floss.

It won't be long before I put this down and get started on some Christmas stitching. I've already started in on a small project for Violet for Christmas. See you soon!


  1. You have had a busy time of it, I’m sure! Weddings tend to take over, don’t they? Best of all, a new person in the family to stitch for! Yippee!

  2. What lovely pieces you shared in this post! Love the wedding gift you made for your son and his bride.


  3. Beautiful stitching , love them all.

  4. I just love the floral border on Tribute, so pretty.
    Cute squirrels!
    Glad the happy couple loved the Wedding piece.

  5. Sweet little squirrels, so popular this time of year on designs.

  6. Beautiful stitching, you have been busy. I really like the summer design. x

  7. Tribute to Summer looks amazing! Love those little squirrels on the WMN&T piece too.

  8. Love them all, and those are cute squirrels.
    I feel the itch to stitch Christmas now too. :)

  9. Lovely stitching, your gift to them is perfect!

  10. Tribute to Summer is a stunner! Congrats on the finish, and the great progress on your other wips.
    So glad the newlyweds like their gift!

  11. I especially love that Summer piece from Stacy Nash! Great job on all of these!

  12. Lynn: Beautiful choices you have stitched, I love the Stacy Nash Tribute it is stunning.
    Congratulations to the newlyweds I look forward to seeing the photos.


  13. The wedding gift sampler is a beauty. Your finish is wonderful as are the WIPs you have on the go at the moment. I have the WTN chart too but not sure whether I can get around to stitching it this year. Are you stitching it as a sewing roll? I have seen people just stitch one pair of squirrels and make a pillow.

  14. Congratulations to your son and DIL on the wedding. The piece you stitched is beautiful and lovely words to live by. Love the rustic frame too. e

    The Stacy Nash piece is stunning!! I just love that flower border!

    Looking forward to seeing Harvest Moon done, I'm not familiar with that pattern. Happy stitching, Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

  15. I cannot wait to see the wedding pictures, I bet it was a wonderful day. Beautiful stitching as always, looking forward to seeing what you'll be working on for Christmas :) Best wishes.