Friday, 1 September 2017

August WIPocalypse

I feel like I never had enough time to stitch this past month but when I look back at my pics of my progress I realize that I accomplished more than I thought. 
Towards the end of the month I started two new projects. Both are on 40ct linen so the going will be a little slower than usual for me. I prefer the outdoor light when working on 40ct so there will be no evening stitching on these projects. I have a daylight lamp but I still prefer the real thing. The first pic is Quaker Friends by Threadwork Primitives. I love that motif! It's a monochromatic so it will go a little faster than the other. The second pic is of my meager start on Acorn Gathering Sewing Roll by With Thy Needle & Thread. I'm stitching this on a lovely, mottled piece of Picture This Plus Legacy.

I'll continue to plug away at these two over the next month. In addition I made significant progress on Stacy Nash Tribute to Summer. 

I stopped working on this a couple of weeks ago because I wasn't sure what colours I was using for the flower border. The called for Chamomile for the leaves was a brown colour which looked nothing like I was expecting. The centre of the flower is stitched in Chamomile. Apparently the dye lots for Chamomile used to incorporate a lot more green than they do now. So I've been playing around with different colours. That first flower in the border has two different shades of green for the leaves right now as I try to decide which I like better. One is GA Piney Woods and the other is GA Green Tea Leaves. I toyed around with the idea of changing the colour of the flower which uses the called for Lambswool but have decided to leave it as is. 

Wedding preparations continue to take up a lot more of my time lately as I take the boys for suit fittings and search for a dress and shoes for myself. As of last week I've been successful in finding a dress but I'm still on the hunt for shoes.
 Our weather has been quite a bit cooler lately but I hope we can squeeze out a bit more warmth before fall officially takes place!


  1. Lovely stitching! That is one of the problems with overdyed threads, isn't it? Zero untiformity. I do like consistency but I like the effect of overdyed threads!

  2. Your stitching is beautiful. Good luck finding those shoes.

  3. Great projects.
    Sometimes the dye lots are nothing what the model shows.
    Have fun planning the wedding!

  4. Hi Lynn: Beautiful stitching, I am like you if a color thread does not look right I change it.
    It is not easy getting ready for a wedding, so much to do and then the day of the wedding is so hectic, it is cold here in Minnesota, I like warm weather myself like in the upper 80s into the 90s oh yeah.


  5. Wow, 40 count! That must be some hard going, good for you for taking up the challenge. How exciting with all of the wedding preparations, enjoy :)

  6. Wonderful stitching on your WIPs. Good luck with the wedding preparations.