Saturday, 25 February 2017

February WIPocalypse

My post will be brief for this month since I've had some minor surgery on my hand and the dressing & bandages are making it difficult to type this. I'm doing the 2 finger peck, lol! 

I am so pleased to tell you that this month I had a finish of a WIP that has been 3 1/2 yrs in progress. I have always loved This Is The Day but it has been shoved to the side repeatedly in favour of other starts. I was determined that it would be completed this year. This Is The Day is designed by Hands To Work Designs.

I'm so pleased with it! I ran into one problem towards the end and that was that the dye lot of the floss used for the background on the lettering and numbers was completely different from one skein to the other. I don't know why I never clued in. What I did instead was to find a similar colour by another company and use it instead. So the background on the lettering is stitched with one colour and the numbering with another. I think they matched fairly well. The colour of the fabric didn't photograph all that well. It is darker than it appears in the pic.

Following this finish I dug out Paper Snowflakes once more and settled in. Here is the most recent progress pic.

I am actually a little further than this pic indicates as I am almost finished the snow woman's skirt now. 
In addition I have another new start by Nan Lewis of Threadwork Primitives called Wandering Heart. I'll have a pic next month as I'm not very far into it yet.
I'll also have these bandages off by next month and can type more easily. Thank goodness it's my left hand so I am still able to stitch!


  1. A finish feels great doesn't it and especially one so pretty. The tree caught my nice. Happy continued stitching to you.

  2. I hope your hand is better soon, good posting with two fingers. Congratulations on finishing This is the Day and good luck with your next WIP

  3. I hope your hand heals fast.
    Congrats on finishing This Is The Day, it's beautiful.
    Paper Snowflakes looks great too.

  4. Beautiful crosses. I hope your hand heals soon and that you can enjoy stitching again :)

  5. Congratulations on your finish, Lynn! It is gorgeous. You have made good progress on Paper Snowflakes. Wishing your hand a speedy and full healing!

  6. Good for you finishing This Is The Day! It is beautiful. Paper Snowflakes is a great one. :)

  7. That is a beautiful Finish. Just love it.

  8. Lovely stitching. Get well soon.

  9. A lovely finish and Paper Snowflakes looks wonderful.

    Hope that hand heals and mends soon.

  10. Lynn: It always feels good to have a finish and look to the next design.
    I am also stitching Paper Snowflakes, it is such a pretty and sweet design.


  11. I can't even tell the colour difference, they're far enough apart to look the same.
    Hope your hand is doing better, glad to hear you can still stitch.

  12. Good to know that the bandages don't keep you from stitching :)
    Great finish, Lynn.

  13. Great stitching. I hope You will get well soon.