Tuesday, 10 January 2017

WIPocalypse 2017

I'm a little late to the party but here's my first post for WIPocalypse 2017. Before starting my list for this year's stitches I had a look at last year's progress. I managed to complete all 4 of my WIP that I wanted done and out of my list of 15 hopefuls I completed a third of them. In addition I stitched another 16 projects. I'd say that was a pretty good amount of stitching done! 
Anyone who has seen my lists and completions over the past WIPocalypse years knows that I tend to veer off course of my list and stitch whatever strikes my mood or fancy and that's okay. My list of hopefuls is only a guidance as far as I'm concerned. I usually don't have that many projects left to complete from the previous year so the new year is wide open for choice.

So far I've already managed to complete one of the WIP on my 2017 list that I wanted to complete. Here is Stacy Nash Blackwater Hollow.

This design is an interpretation of Stacy Nash's visit to Lori Brechlin's farm, Notforgotten Farm. I made my first visit to this farm in 2015 for Lori's fall open house so I stitched this year into the design. In addition I my initials along with the initials of some dear stitching friends who accompanied me on that first visit...... Nan Lewis, Theresa Meloon and Pat Simon. They are very dear friends and this piece brings a smile along with the memories of the fun we shared there that day. I chose to leave off the Blackwater Hollow stitched at the bottom of the piece.

My list of hopefuls for this year is rather ambitious and more than likely it will be tweaked her and there but I look forward to a year of most enjoyable stitching either way! You can see my list by following the link just below my header.  Looking forward to seeing all your plans and finishes.



  1. What a fabulous finish and I really like how your personalized it in memory of your trip to Notforgotten Farm.

  2. Lynn: Blackwater Hollow is a sweet design, it always feels good to get to the finish line on a project.
    I hope some day to make it to the Farm.

  3. Congratulations to Canada 150 Years.

  4. Lovely finish! Great start to 2017 :o)

  5. Blackwater Hollow turned out so pretty.
    Congrats on your finish.
    Happy 150th B-Day Canada!!!

  6. How wonderful to personalize your finish and make it your own. So very cool.

  7. It came out so pretty! Love the little things you did to make it more yours (uh ... that sounded better in my head). Congrats on already having a finish!

  8. A wonderful finish and a reminder of a visit that meant do much.