Sunday, 24 January 2016

A new year and another WIPocalypse

This year I have decided not to make a list of proposed finishes because it seems that with the exception of one or two I don't bother sticking to my list. I always start out well but then switch gears and start stitching on other projects than the ones I chose initially. There are just too many new releases and other projects calling my name. However I have left a few starts unfinished from last year which I'm trying to get done at some point within the coming year. These include Plum Street Samplers Autumn Fraktur, Stacy Nash Thistles and Spells  and Carriage House Samplings And Heaven And Nature Sing. I started all three of these last fall and just didn't get in as much stitching time as usual. Plus I just didn't feel like doing needlework for a number of weeks perhaps because I'd been ill for much of the season. In any case I got myself in gear and started off with PSS Autumn Fraktur. To my surprise I had it finished off within a couple of weeks!

Here's a before and after pic of it.



I have quite a few Halloween finishes but very few autumn ones so this will be a welcome addition in my home next fall. I love the rich colours in this one.

Next on the agenda..... Stacy Nash Thistles and Spells Pinkeep

Here's where I left off:

Progress as of yesterday:

I figure there is only another day or two of stitching left on this. After completing the monument at the upper left all that remains is the vine border.

That leaves CHS And Heaven and Nature Sing. I love this one and would be a lot further along if it hadn't been for running out of a crucial floss. I'm using Hand Dyed Fibre's Silks in Kodiak Brown. This particular colour was available in 3 varying shades. I say "was" because this floss is no longer being produced or sold any longer. I figured that with what I had left it would be close for finishing but it's very difficult to determine when the thread is on a spool. So very soon into the stitching of the deer I resorted to another plan to save on thread. I stitched the first portion of my crosses with a similar brown and then crossed in the other direction with the Kodiak Brown. This was going really well until I ran out of the Kodiak brown just short of finishing up the last leg of the deer.

  I still have one antler left to finish up in the same colour. The lettering in the piece was also to have been stitched using this but I had already decided on an alternate colour for that. What to do, what to do?

After putting out a call for help to some of my fellow stitchers, I have located a spool of the correct colour which is on its way to me as I write this. I can't thank my fellow stitching friend, Kathy Born, enough for her help in this! So hopefully this will be back in my rotation in a couple of weeks.

Just after Christmas I received a call that a frame I had ordered for one of my stitches which was on back order was now in and the piece was completed. Although it wasn't up in time for Christmas Day, it's one of those pieces that can remain up all year if desired and it's still up on my dining room wall at this time.

Here is Plum Street Samplers Promised Lamb.

As of today I've started another small piece for my Smalls SAL this month which should take only a day or so to complete. Pictures will follow on my next post. 

I hope that all my friends who are in the path of the current winter blizzard are safe and warm. It's a perfect time for stitching!



  1. Autumn Fraktur turned out so pretty, and the SN is looking good.
    I'm glad you found someone to help you out with the floss for Heaven & Nature.
    It's a great design.
    You picked the perfect frame for promised Lamb, so pretty too.
    Great finishes.

  2. Beautiful stitching, the Fraktur finish is gorgeous. Hope your missing thread arrives soon

  3. Beautiful finish!! Love all your WIPs!! That deer is gorgeous.

  4. Autumn Fraktur is so lovely. What a wonderful addition Promised Lamb is to your home.

  5. You are going gangbusters Miss Lynn! I ADORE the Autumn Fraktur...I think I'll be giving this another look! And I really love the Stacy Nash and the Kathy Barrick too...GORGEOUS!
    Your framed piece...stunning!

  6. Lists are always good - I have many lists !! Lovely lovely stitching, great designs.

  7. Autumn Fraktur looks wonderful. I really love the colours.

    It's so frustrating when overdye lots look so different. It's great that Kathy was able to help you out, because I'm sorry to say that that leg looks incredibly offputting.

  8. the Autumn piece is really pretty. some nice starts.

  9. Oh what lovely stitching! I love the CHS deer, i'm very tempted to put an order in for this chart :-)

    I sorted out lot's of small charts from my stash to work on this year but have already been distracted, lol

  10. Wowee - I need some of the energy you have, Girl! Beautiful stitching.....

  11. Autumn Fraktur is lovely and its nice to have some actual Autumnal stitching as well as the Hallowe'en designs.
    Thank heavens for stitching friends like Kathy!

  12. Lots of lovely stitching, a super finish.
    Stitchers are so kind, so good to read someone can help you to finish your deer.

  13. Hi Lynn, I love your all projects. So lovely! Happy stitching!

  14. I always love to make lists and plans for my stitching - but I do not always stick to them. And I don't mind, plans are just plans and can always be changed :)
    Yeah, you finished one of your WIPs, that's really cool. Lynn. And the next finish is already in the pipeline. Great that a friend could help you out with the missing thread. And your framed piece looks gorgeous!

  15. Great work on your WIPs. I have thought of joining this group because I want to work on my WIPs this year along with a few new starts. I am getting ready to start CHS Heaven and Nature Sing.

  16. Lovely fall finish and super looking WIPs. I am glad you were able to locate more of the brown you needed. Stitchers are the best for coming to the rescue in addition to their enabling. Enjoy your week!

  17. Love the Autumn piece, the colours are just so gorgeous. Your other WIPs are coming along wonderfully well too.

  18. I love your Autumn finish and I'm glad you were able to find some thread to finish the Reindeer.

  19. Positively beautiful stitching projects, I have been in the same boat running out of a color stinks, I have done what you did use a similar color for the first cross and finished with the proper color.
    I am so happy to hear someone was able to help you out, that is what this lovely Blogland is all about, friends stitching and helping each other.