Monday, 28 September 2015

September WIPocalypse

My favourite season of the year is here and already the cooler days and nights have heralded its arrival. I've been anxious to start an autumn stitch but I intended to finish what I was working on first. I'm pleased to say that that finish has taken place.

 Heartstring Samplery A Stitcher's Resolution

I'm so pleased with the finish on this one. There was a minor mistake in counting which resulted in a slight alteration of the border but I can't tell so I figure no one else can either. I used 3 different lots of the same floss to finish up the flowers in the border to give things a bit of variation. This is pretty much all I worked on this past month besides my small for the upcoming Smalls post.

This past weekend I joined a group of stitchers who belong to Upper and Lower Canada Stitchers, a Facebook group. The group is comprised of stitchers from Ottawa to Toronto and everything in between. The SAL was organized by my friend Lianne and it was a huge success! The Brigadoon Restaurant in Oxford Mills was the site of our get together. Here are some pics from our fabulous day.

The Brigdoon Restaurant

 Our second floor stitching area

 The third floor stitching area where most of us gathered

 A former co-worker Karen and myself

Mike and our organizer Lianne

Mike's fabulous wool penny stitch
Some of the Tuesday night stitchers from Ottawa

You might recognize some fellow bloggers in the next two pics! 

We are so fortunate to have such a large group of stitchers in our area. It was the first SAL for this group and we hope there are many more. The day passed by so quickly. We shared a delicious lunch buffet in addition to our passion for stitching. Ann brought linen, floss and charts to tempt us with from her stitching shop Knowledge and Needles.
There were also some fabulous door prizes including charts, needles, homemade vanilla, and soaps. Not one person went home empty handed!  Thank you so much Lianne for all your hard work in making this day so special. 

Next post I'll show pics of my trip to visit Lori Brechlin's open house at Notforgotten Farm. See you then! 


  1. That looks like a great place to gather and stitch.
    And what fun to meet up with fellow stitchers.
    Your Sampler is pretty, nice Fall colors.

  2. Lynn,

    I know I have said this over and over, but I am going to say it again (warning: I probably will continue to do so, probably FOREVER - LOL).

    I read this blog for months before I worked up the courage to email you. I did this never expecting the generosity, warmth, friendship and support that you would so effortlessly showered on me over the intervening years.

    I am so happy to have finally hosted my first SAL and that you were able to attend. Somehow, that is how it should and must be, as my first time attending a stitch get-together and meeting any other stitchers was at your house.

    Thank you very everything,

    PS: I plan to copy you again or do we just have the same taste... I love the Heartstring Samplery, it has been at the top of my wish list since it came out ;-) I really like your idea of using different dye lots for more variation. I am going to try that!

  3. Hi Lynn,

    Our SAL could never have happened without you. I have said it over and over again and I am sure I will again (LOL)! It took me months of reading your blog to work up the courage to email you. I had no idea what you would do or how you would respond. Having read your blog for so long, had I examined my ideas closely, I should / would have known the response I would receive from you. Warmth, generosity, openness, those are the things you embody - so, thank you!

    I am so glad you were able to be there. That is the way it should have been. My first time attending a SAL and meeting other stitchers was at your place and then you were able to attend the very first SAL that I hosted. Completes the circle, don't you think?

    We have always talked about sharing the same taste in stitching or maybe I am following your lead - both are just fine with me! I have had this Heartstring Samplery on my wish list since it came out. If I can tear myself away from my BBDs, I can see I will love to stitch it.

    Love you idea of changing the dye lots for more variation - can't wait to try that!

    Thank you so very much for everything,

  4. Such a great piece that you finished here. I'm very curious to see what you will include in this year's autumn stitching.
    You are really fortunate tohave so many stitching fellows living nearby. What a treat to go to that get-together and meet so many of them. Nice to see Dani and Beatrice on the pictures. Beatrice once was the first follower of my blog.

  5. Your sampler is very sweet - I love the colours. I enjoyed your pics. The SAL sounds like a great success, and I enjoyed the pics.

  6. Your fall finish is super Lynn!
    What an excellent get together for you all! :D

  7. Looks like a great meeting :)

  8. Congrats on your lovely finish! I wish I lived closer to all of you, the gathering looked like fun :)

  9. What a lovely, cozy spot to gather for stitching with friends!! Thanks for sharing a little bit of your fun. :D

  10. Your sampler is fantastic! Love the sentiment :)

  11. What a wonderful get together!!!!! I love when I can get together with my fellow stitchers. The sampler looks great and no idea were the mistake might have occurred.

  12. Your get together sounds like so much fun! Love your sampler and its sentiment too.

  13. A beautiful sampler, how lovely to meet with your friends, what a nice place to be all together.