Saturday, 4 April 2015

April's WIPocalypse

Happy Spring everyone! I'm also hoping everyone is enjoying a lovely and blessed Easter weekend. Things will be rather quiet here this year as I recuperate but we can always celebrate later.

One thing that I have had as I recuperate is lots of stitching time. It's a bit sporadic though since I can't seem to settle on some days but I am making progress and have a new start to share with you.

 This is Blackbird Designs Button Box from their new book In Friendship's Way.  I've decided to put it on hold for now though until some new floss arrive. I'm not happy with the dye lots that I have for the Old Brick (used on the flower on the right) so I've placed an order for more and hopefully the colour will be what I'm looking for. This particular colour is used quite a bit throughout the design including the bricks on the house. 

In the meantime I'm just starting to pick up again on BBD My Dear. You may recall I started this a few weeks back but I wasn't happy with some of the colours in this one too. So I've been through my stash and I'm trying out a few different combos to see what works. Wish me luck!

I did have two finishes recently. One is Country Rustic Primitives He Is Risen which I'm holding back as my Smalls SAL for this month. I'll post pics on the 25th of this month.
In addition I finished off this sweet little piece as a housewarming gift for a friend.
This is Threadwork Primitives My Work.

Finishing on this will take place later when I'm more comfortable sitting at my sewing machine. I'm also considering adding my initials to this right above the flower on the left. I'm checking out various alphabets to see if I can find something that will work in that space.

My friends and family have been very good to me following my surgery. I've received many lovely gifts and lots of visits which really help to pass the time. This week I received another lovely handmade gift from my stitching buddy Theresa. She made me one of her fabulous pinch pockets and personalized it with my initials. When I opened it I found a skein of DMC hiding inside! She used a lovely fabric for the lining and the backing.

She also sent me a BBD chart, Dear Friend, as well as a lovely cut of linen which has been hand dyed by Dames of the Needlework. I'm saving the linen for a Halloween project that it will work perfectly for.

I've also received more than 6 different flower arrangements! Several have already dropped their flowers but there are a few remaining to brighten up our home. Just look at the colours of these bright daisies! They've brought a touch of spring indoors.

 Then my youngest son Chris dropped by yesterday with his girlfriend and they brought me this gorgeous rose and a pot of Muscari, also known as Grape Hyacinth.

 I am so very blessed to have so many people who care for me. Thank you to each and every one of you who have made my recuperation so much easier. Hugs!!

I hope that all of you are as blessed as I am and that you and your families have a very lovely Easter!



  1. Button Box is so pretty and the linen is gorgeous! In spite of you recuperating from your surgery you have you have made beautiful on your wips! Very lovely flowers & gifts! The pinch pocket from Teresa is beautiful. I've not seen a hand made one before. Easter blessings to you and hope your feeling better everyday. love Annette

  2. Lynn: Lovely starts, what wonderful gifts you received. Beautiful flowers, I had daisy's for my wedding in all colors, my favorite flower.


  3. Such gorgeous BBD projects. I hope you recovery fully soon. Happy Easter :)

  4. Hope you find the color you are looking for.
    Lovely gifts you have received, the pinch pocket is too cute.
    Also, very pretty flowers, especially the daisies.

  5. YOU make my heart smile with your lovely stitchings, such unique patterns you have chosen,
    mdm samm

  6. Zdrowych, radosnych, rodzinnych Świąt!

  7. What wonderful gifts you've received - and so well deserved. I hope your recovery is swift. Hope you had a happy Easter.

  8. Hope you're fully recovered soon. Those lovely flowers must surely help you along. I've never seen a pinch pocket before - just too cute for words.

  9. Hope your recovery continues well.
    Wonderful stitching. Lovely gifts too. I never knew there were such bright colours in those daisies. Need to wear sunglasses with those!

  10. It's almost worth being ill to be spoiled like this! Almost, but not quite!
    Your stitching is looking good but I hope the new dye lot is a better match. That is the frustrating thing about the hand-dyed threads, you are never sure what you are getting.

  11. Lots of lovely gifts you've been receiving during your recovery.
    Lovely stitching you've been able to do too.

  12. I hope you continue to recover quickly. You received some very pretty gifts. Your stitching is beautiful.

  13. Lovely gifts and what a gorgeous daisies!

  14. Glad you're on the mend, Lynn. Loved getting caught up with your pretty projects.

  15. I hope that recovery will continue going smoothly and steadily. So good to read that you had so many lovely visits and gifts from friends and family.
    Wonderful stitching is going on. BBD often uses Old Brick and the dye lots I have had were really very different from each other. I hope the new dye lot is more to your satisfaction.