Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Snowy Day WIPocalypse

The snow is lightly falling on this February WIPocalypse and as you can see, I have some feathered friends visiting today.

 I have a finish to show you on this snowy morning. The final stitches were put in on Heaven & Nature Sing last Saturday on a day that was so cold you didn't dare stick your nose out the door. It was a perfect day for stitching by the fire and here are the final results.

This design speaks to me of quiet, peaceful snowy nights just like the one on which it was completed. Soft and quiet!

Since the previous finish I've spent a lot of time sorting through stash rather than stitching it. I had a specific piece in mind for my next start and discovered that I didn't have as much of the required floss as I thought I had. So this new start has been put on the back burner until my order arrives. What to do, what to do? Everything that called to me was a large start and I didn't want to have 2 larger pieces on the go at the same time. So until I made up my mind I pulled out my Threadwork Primitives Winter Time and put a few stitches in.

I also put in a bit of time with a stitch I started in the fall of 2013, This is the Day. No pictures yet though, hopefully by next post.

Yesterday was the night on which my Ottawa stitching group meets. I've haven't joined them for awhile mostly because I haven't felt like doing the hour drive in the cold winter weather. I made the decision to go in last night and I kitted up this little stitch to take in with me. It's by Stacy Nash and is called To My Sweet Pinkeep.

This pic tells you just how much talking took place last night and how little stitching because this is the result after 3 hours of stitching! The lighting here today is just awful so I apologize for the quality of the photos.

One last pic I have to show you is of the Christmas gift my hubby gave me. This year Bob gave me a gift certificate to my framer. I have so many finishes still waiting for frames but this was the choice I made. I finished Weeds Make Haste in July 2013 and really wanted it up on display because I have so few summer designs. This one is designed by Shakespeare's Peddler and I absolutely love this frame.


Thank honey for an awesome gift!

Clarisse is busy at her post, keeping watch over all the various feathered visitors. They woke her from her morning nap when one of the birds tried flying through our front window. The bird survived but Clarisse looks a bit stunned!


  1. I love the quote on the Weed make haste pattern.

  2. Wonderful finish! :-) And the frame is really beautiful! I love this summer design!


  3. So glad to see that piece framed up.
    Always a treat to see your beautiful girl Clarisse.

  4. Lovely stitching :-)

    What a great photo of the cardinal, I've not been lucky at spotting anything very interesting eating what i've put out yet :-(

    Clarisse is sitting very pretty, what beautiful blue eyes she has.

  5. Beautiful work and gorgeous framing.

  6. Lovely stitching :-) I'm glad the bird survived hitting the window

  7. Oh what a picture this is with showing the snow covered branches of a tree and a cardinal sitting there. I love cardinals so much but have never seen one. I only see the stitched ones here. Such a beautiful bird.

    Congratulations on the wonderful finish, it's a lovely design and you are right, these soft colours are so appropriate.

    I don't have a lot of summer pieces either and will have to search for some smaller ones for my summer basket to stitch. Great frame for Weeds Make Haste.

  8. che bel gatto e che bei lavori!

  9. A sweet finish & great new start.
    Love the framed piece, it looks just perfect!


  10. What a brilliant, beautiful Cardinal.
    Nice finish, love the soft blue of her dress.
    The frame for Weeds Make Haste is so pretty, it really brings out the design.
    Clarisse is so pretty.

  11. Give Clarisse a pat from me - she looks absolutely beautiful. And so do your projects.

  12. Clarisse is adorable. Wonderful framed finish and I love your latest finish, such pretty colours.

  13. Yes, I have a tendency to do more talking than stitching when I meet with my friends, too! LOL You are right, that frame is absolutely perfect for that piece!! Lovely work.

  14. A wonderful framed finish along with your other finished piece and WIP. A gorgeous photo of the cardinal, stunning.

  15. Lovely stitching this post and a great frame for the finished piece. I love the sentiment too, very true in my garden!

    I would love to be able to meet up with a group of stitchers but I think there would be a lot of chat going on!

  16. Lovely projects, and the finished framed Weeds Make Haste is wonderful. The frame is perfect for it. What a great piece to be able to hang and enjoy. We got over a foot of snow here too, ugh!!!!! I'm so ready for winter to be over.

  17. Happy Valentine's Day, Lynne! Love to see your beautiful stitching projects. Stay warm!