Friday, 28 November 2014

November Stitch From Stash

So I'm just squeaking in under the wire on this post too. We just haven't been home long enough for me to put in any time either on stitching or the computer. 
If you check my previous post you can see my ornament finish by Blackbird Designs which I found in my 2010 issue of the Just CrossStitch ornaments. I have every issue of these ornaments since they started publishing them and it's great fun to pull them out and go through them each year. 

I had two finishes this past month. The first was Fancey Blackett's Brooms by Pineberry Lane which can be seen here. The second was Blackbird Designs House on Acorn Hill. Here is a pic of the finish.

  I purchased 2 new charts over the past month - Threadwork Primitives Give Thanks and Christmas Fruit Basket. I was on a recent road trip with the designer, Nan Lewis, and she was kind enough to bring the one pattern with her so that I didn't have to pay shipping costs to Canada. Thanks Nan!!
The cost of these charts amounted to $23.48. 

So that pretty well sums up my spending for the month. 

I also wanted to share a pic of my Carriage House Samplings Pumpkin Farm which returned from the framer this month. I was so pleased with it as was my friend Thea for whom I stitched this one.


Not much else to report for the month. I'm going to sit down and stitch tonight for the first time in several days. I'm starting one from my stash by Plum Street Samplers, Promised Lamb. I know it won't be down before Christmas but hopefully it will be well on its way. I'll also be stitching up another ornament or two. 
Now I'm off to pull out my stitching. Yeah!!


  1. Oh my, the colors on Acorn Hill are so yummy! awesome finish!

  2. Great finishes, Lynn. What happened to make November go by so fast?

  3. Those finishes are beautiful!

  4. Yay! Two finishes - that's great! Sounds like you have some nice new projects coming up this month. :)

  5. Congrats on the beautiful finishes!

  6. Super new blog header pic, what a place that is!
    Acorn Hill looks stunning, well done.

  7. Well done on your spend amount - great autumn colours and I love your header photo but I'll stay here inside in the warm LOL

  8. Acorn hill is looking so pretty, love the coloring on that one, and your framed finish looks gorgeous!