Sunday, 10 August 2014

August Supermoon WIPocalypse

It's a beautiful evening here as I sit and watch another supermoon rise.The days are growing shorter and I find it difficult to stitch in the outdoor gazebo beyond 8:00 pm. So most of my stitching time occurs in the morning, quite often the early morning. I love this time of day when the neighbourhood is so quiet (with the exception of the birds) and the temperatures are delightfully cool. Quite often I'm out there stitching in my PJs with coffee beside me, taking it all in before the day gets hot and busy.

This month I've been concentrating on two larger pieces. The first is one that I'm stitching for a friend who has helped me with some quilting on my cross stitch finishes. I gave her a number of my charts to browse through and her choice was Carriage House Samplings Pumpkin Farm.

The remainder of my time I've been trying to get caught up on Hands To Work This is the Day.  I started this piece in Sept. 2013 and it tends to get put aside quite often. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the fact that it's being stitched on 36 ct which is not a favourite of mine but I'm determined to get moving on this.

Here's my previous progress:

Where I am at the full moon:

This is actually a truer photo of the colour of the fabric. It's a Silkweaver Solo which I had for several years just waiting for that perfect piece. In the following photo you can see the close up of the boxed in area which was my first attempt at stitching over one on 36 ct.

As you can see I've left the last digit off of the year because I'm not sure if this piece will be finished this year or next. There is still a lot of stitching remaining and I know that it won't be long before I'm caught up in fall, Halloween and Christmas stitching. Once more this beauty will probably take a back seat. I do know that when it is finally finished I will be extremely proud that I managed to tackle and complete it. I know it will look beautiful gracing my wall!

Not much else going on at the moment. My stitching thoughts are turning to fall and I'm currently looking for a small stitch to complete for this month's Smalls SAL. I can't believe summer is coming to a close already!


  1. Pumpkin Farm and This Is The Day are coming along nicely.
    You've made a lot of progress.
    I too can't believe Summer is almost over, seems like it just got here!
    Have fun picking a small to work on.

  2. Beautiful stitching and I enjoy seeing your Fall wips:) We have been cooler weather here too - thank goodness. love Annette

  3. What lovely stitching and progress. take care -

  4. Beautiful colors Lynn. How is your hip?

  5. I'm so in love with the colours on Carriage House Samplings Pumpkin Farm. I love autumnal designs, but I'm skipping ahead to thoughts of Christmas already!
    Best wishes.

  6. Two wonderful pieces
    Great progress
    Take care

  7. Super projects you've added little x's too this month.

  8. Beautiful stitching! :) Wishing you a lovely day. :)

  9. Both are beauties. Yes you can definitely tell that the nights are drawing in now.

  10. It's looking so good, I can't wait to see your progress on it and see it once it's finished!

  11. Beautiful stitching, my friend.
    It's sad to see the days shortening and I'm sending my twins off to college and getting the youngest ready for her senior year. The days go by so fast!
    I love the thought of you stitching outside in the morning. I need to do that! :)

  12. Beautiful progress on both your pieces. This is the Day is beautiful.

  13. Both projects are beautiful and you made some nice progress on them. Pumpkin Farm is already very autumnal, just perfect to make a start of fall stitching. And fall is approaching so fast here too. The mornings are already much too cool to spend outside and in the valleys in the distance I can already see fog in the mornings.

    I'm also morning person and love to put in my first stitches in right after reading the newspaper. That's the perfect morning for me.