Friday, 25 July 2014

July Stitching From Stash

Summer continues to fly by at a very rapid pace. Ever notice how long it takes for winter to be overwith compared to summer, lol?
Until last week we hadn't had too many very hot and humid days so I have been spending lots of my free time stitching in my gazebo.

Two finishes to show for this past month. The first is in honour of Canada Day and is one of my purchases for this month. Some of you may have seen this on my last post as it was my Smalls SAL commitment for June. It's a lovely e-pattern by Sub Rosa which I altered by adding a Canadian flag and the button. The e-pattern deducted $7 from this month's budget. My excuse? There are very few patterns out there for Canadian patriotic stitches!

My second finish is the one I have been working at through most of June. I loved every minute of this one and almost hated putting it down!
This is Heartstring Samplery The Strawberry Bower Sampler from The Strawberry Collection leaflet.

Besides these two I have been working on this month's Smalls SAL pattern. It's also an e-pattern which I had in my stash. I'm hoping this will be complete in time for next Wednesday's post!

Unfortunately I don't have a pic of my second start yet since there isn't enough to show you yet. I started on Carriage House Samplings Pumpkin Farm which I am stitching for a friend. This one has been in my stash for some time now so I'm glad to be finally bringing it to life.

As for my spending this month, the grand total was the $7 mentioned above! I did order my fabric from Picture This Plus today at their Christmas in July sale but if you remember I'm using the money my Mom gifted me with following my surgery. So I behaved rather well this month I think! Sort of..... I did purchase some antiques during a local antique fest to use for stitching finishes. I know these don't count but they are stitching related! You'll just have to wait and see how I end up using these beauties. 

As for next month it's hard to tell. I've already seen some lovely new releases out there. Help!!


  1. Cute Canada finish, and the Strawberry Sampler is very pretty.
    Congrats on your finishes.
    I too, took advantage of the PTP plus sale.
    A gal's gotta have fabric! :)


  2. Dear Lynn,
    your new embroideries and antique objects are so beautiful. My design with the Canadian flag is a very good idea and I really like it.
    Have a nice weekend♥

  3. Lovely, lovely work Lynn. You are right, I rarely come across Canadian themed pieces.

  4. Beautiful stitching, love the Flag on your sampler, what a great idea.
    Your antique finds are wonderful, I have alovely washboard collection, so will be interested in seeing how you use it, I may just have to do the same.


  5. Ohhh :) I love your antiques and am anxious to see how you incorporate them in your finishing!
    I love your patriotic finishing! And your Berries finish is so sweet!

  6. Ohhh :) I love your antiques and am anxious to see how you incorporate them in your finishing!
    I love your patriotic finishing! And your Berries finish is so sweet!

  7. A good month, love the new antiques, looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  8. Great report Lynn, love the patriotic design!

  9. Beautiful finishes! The Canadian patriotic charts are rare. Berries is super pretty. I love your new antiques too! Great Job!
    love Annette

  10. Beautiful stitching. Love your antique finds. Enjoy the summer sun Lynn!

  11. Two beautiful finishes.

    Love those antiques. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  12. The Strawberry Bower Sampler looks stunning, you must be so pleased with it. Well done for sticking with the budget too. How is your hip Lynn? I hope your physio is going well :)
    Best wishes.

  13. Pretty finishes, Lynn! The basket in your last picture reminds me of a sewing basket my grandmother used to have.

  14. How's that hip of yours doing? Good I hope. You've certainly stitched up some beauties!

  15. The antiques you purchased look very promising. I'm sure you will come up with something very special when using them with your stitching projects.
    A wonderful finish!