Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Spring WIPocalypse

Spring has sprung.....sort of! It finally arrived here later than usual and it seems to have promptly disappeared! The days are cool again and there seems to be nothing but overcast days or rain. Not so good for getting out in the garden but perfect stitching days. 

I've been concentrating on three projects over the past month and have finished a fourth one. My finish is Primitive Hare's Cross Stitcher At Work. Follow the link to see the picture which I posted on my blog recently. 

Blackbird Designs Spring Tulips is sooo close to a finish! I only have to finish stitching the Algerian eye stitches at the bottom of the piece. You can see some of them at the bottom right.

 I also want to frog out one of my initials and move them. I don't like the placement as charted. It was fine for the designer's initials but mine seem to sort of run together. So I shall either move the top L up or the bottom J down. Then I'll be happy dancing! This one is going to be finished as a pinkeep.

Two new starts are occupying my time right now. When I was browsing through my stash recently I found a chart which I had misplaced. I was so happy that I had found it that I decided to start it right there and then. This Primitive Betty's Live, Laugh, Love.

I started this two weeks ago and should have been much further along but another start interrupted me. One of the members of our church choir, Joanne, is from Hong Kong but has been living in Ottawa the past four years while she attended university. Her studies are now complete and in early June she will be returning home permanently. We are  really going to miss her and I wanted to stitch something for her to remember us by. She has always been so complimentary of my stitching. After browsing through my stash I settled on With Thy Needle and Thread Forget Me Not Postcard Pinkeep from the Mary Valentine's Handework leaflet. Sorry about the pic. The day is overcast and I can't seem to get a good photo.

I'm planning on changing Forget Me Not to Forget Us Not. The urn in this shows up much better in real life. I have to have this completely stitched and finished by May 25 when we are holding a going away party for Joanne. When I was looking for a link to this pattern I found Faye's (Carolina Stitcher) fabulous finish of this piece here. Like Faye I am planning to change the colour of the bird. The called for floss was just a little too close to the colour of the leaves for my taste and I just wanted a little more colour in the piece. I can only hope that my finish is have as nice as hers! I would love to try something like Faye's finish but Joanne has a lot to take back home with her so I will probably finish this as the called for pinkeep.

As I mentioned earlier the weather has been so poor here that I'm afraid to put out most of my flowers. We have still had some nights with frost. I needed to buy my flowers early because I won't be able to get out and about after my hip surgery. Consequently my favourite stitching spot in my gazebo/solarium is currently being used as a greenhouse.

Never fear, I've still managed to save a little corner of the space for myself and my stitching as well as a spot for Clarisse. She is so happy to be back in her summer spot!

See you soon. Yippee, the sun is coming out!


  1. They are all so lovely, Lynn! Joanne will love the BBD piece because she'll know it came from your heart :-) And Ms. Clarisse is as gorgeous as ever!!

  2. I just love the colors in Spring Tulips, so soft and pretty! Forget 'Us' Not will be such a lovely gift for your friend, Joanne. I'm sure it will be a treasured memento. Clarisse looks pretty as always :)

  3. I have been unable to put all my flowers out either. :( Soon, right?
    That is going to be a fantastic gift!

  4. I'm sorry you are still getting such cool weather. Good thing you can at least hang out in your solarium! Obviously your kitty agrees!

    Spring Tulips is lovely. I've never noticed this design before! Hooray you are almost finished! And the Forget Me Not piece is pretty - I must get that design!

    Hope you get some warmer weather soon!

  5. Goodness, you're still getting cold nights? So sorry! But your plants are looking glorious and surely they'll soon be outdoors and you'll have the entire sunroom for yourself. :D

  6. All of your stitching is perfect! I love the forget me not piece :)
    And that sweet Clarise...what a stunner she is!

  7. Stitching and flowers - both beautiful!!!

  8. You have the exact same weather we are having here in WI,rainy,overcast, cold at night. :(
    Tulips turned out nice.
    Your forget Us Not piece will be perfect!
    As always, Clarisse is soooooo pretty!

  9. What a wonderful, memorable gift! She will love it I am sure!! Love the little gazebo...what a sweet place to stitch and kitties to romp.

  10. Lovely little crosses! Sweet flowers and cute little kitty :)

  11. Beautiful stitching. Hope that warmer weather comes soon.

  12. Absolutely great projects, Lynn. And one of them so near completion. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
    That little pinkeep will be such a lovely gift for your friend.
    I hope that the warm weather will soon come back to you. It has also cooled down a bit here but this weekend it will be warm again. I hope warm enough for gardening and for reading on the terrace, I hope.

  13. Beautiful stitching here. I love the colours you have chosen for each project and I am sure my namesake will love her piece too. Yes, Joanne is my full name!

  14. Such lovelies you have here .... stitching, kitty and flowers all.

  15. GReat progess on your pieces and adorable kitties!!