Sunday, 13 April 2014

Up and running again

My camera cable issue has been fixed and I'm up and running once more. The cable was defunct and since it is camera specific I couldn't just replace it with a generic one. Naturally Sony wanted an arm and a leg for the cable so I opted for a cheaper option. I now have a device that will simply upload the pics from the SD card directly to the computer. So here we go! I can now show you some pics of where my stitching has been taking me.

First up, remember the Torah stitch? Well a few of the ladies in my Tuesday stitching group got on board for the project and we joined for a group photo of our accomplishments last week. Two others were unable to join us and are missing from the photo.

From left: Louise, Sally, Lynn and Sylvia
I've got a few closeups of the stitching. Louise's verses were based on Noah and the Ark and she has stitched the most wonderful ark with some animals on hers. Sally has the beginning of a chapter of verses which is why she has the border at the top of her piece. Mine was a Celtic border since the verses didn't really lend to stitching anything in particular. Sylvia stitched the most adorable little bee and honeycomb on hers!

The pieces will now be mailed back to Toronto where they will eventually be assembled into a scroll.

My Three Tulips has progressed very well and I am merely waiting on the arrival of more floss before I can proceed to finish off the urn. That is all that remains of this piece with the exception of the bunny's whiskers and some line stitching for the feet of one of the birds.

So with any luck this piece will in fact actually make the Easter deadline that I set for it.

I received two RAKs this past week, both of which were totally unexpected and served to brighten up my day. First from Cath, two of the sweetest little needleminders. Both are snowy owls which are meant to serve as a reminder of all my snowy owl ventures this past winter. I know that Cath and her children really enjoyed the pics that I snapped of these wonderful birds.  

The needle minders are resting on my latest start, a small freebie by Bonny Woomer of The Nebby Needle called Hoppy Easter. I have chosen to stitch this one over one for a smaller finish.

The second RAK came from my dear stitching friend, Vonna. Vonna had generously offered to supply me with some wool for trying my first pillow with a wool finish. I was expecting the wool but what I didn't expect was this!

A pretty and bright project bag meant to bring a little spring our way. Thank you so much Vonna and Cath for your sweet gifts. I've been feeling a little down lately and these really cheered me up.

Most of you will know that I have been suffering from significant pain in my right hip. The pain gets to me over time and having spent most of the winter indoors hasn't helped. Finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have been scheduled for a hip replacement at the end of May. I was originally told March but OR dates for the surgeons are few and far between so May it is. This means I won't be driving for about 8 weeks post-op and we will more than likely be cancelling our annual trip to Muskoka. Recovery from this surgery is anywhere from 3-6 months and I'm just afraid about how well I'll be able to get into and out of the boat. The cottage is on an island so there's no getting around the boat issue plus I would have to deal with uneven terrain at a point when I'm still using a cane. Better to be safe than sorry! 

I'll be back next week with a WIPocalypse report and an update pic of Love Thy Neighbour. In the meantime I'm off to check out possible new starts.


  1. Hey Lynn!
    What lovely stitching. Your group have made such wonderful contributions to the Torah project. You are so close to finishing off Three Tulips too. I hope that the floss arrives soon.
    I am gad that you have a date for your surgery. At least now you can plan for it and know when and where. I am sorry that you won't be able to make your annual trip to the island.
    Lovely RAKs, the perfect things to cheer your up!

  2. Love your sampler project. I have the chart too and seeing yours really make me want to start mine :) You've received some beautiful RAKs too!! Take care with the hip replacement surgery. My dad had his done and now there's no stopping him :)

  3. Glad you got your camera issue fixed.
    The Torah is magnificent, even more when it is all put together.
    What a great project.
    3 Tulips is looking pretty, almost done!
    I hope your hip surgery goes well and that your recovery time is minimal.

  4. Wonderful to get caught up with you. I am praying this hip replacement surgery helps tremendously

  5. The Torah stitch is quite lovely! What a great collaboration.

    I'm sorry to hear about the surgery, but there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. My former co-worker's wife just had hers done late last summer, and while the first few weeks were not fun at all, she says she feels better than she has in years. A little bit of suffering should pay off some very large dividends!

  6. Lovely stitching. Hope your surgery helps you.

  7. I love the photo of the Torah stitchers! You look very much like my friend Judy who I used to work with, she is a lovely lady too.

    I would love to see the finished Torah, so will you post pictures or a link when they finish putting it together?

    Great progress on your other stitching too.

  8. The Torah stitching is so impressive, Lynn! And what wonderful RAKs...

    May will be here before you know it--best of luck to you with the long-awaited hip surgery...

  9. Well done to you all on the Torah stitching.
    Super gift from Vonna.
    Not too long to wait for you to be hopefully pain free.

  10. Love how you and friends posed with your stitched samplers contributing to the Torah. Spectacular Lynn!
    Thank goodness the surgery is scheduled. You are going to feel so great after you have it done and have recovered. Just think no hip pain this years holidays:)
    love Annette

  11. I'm so glad the RAKs made you smile Lynn. I can't imagine what you must be going through with your hip, but it's good news that you're finally booked in for the op. Great stitching progress, looking forward to seeing what you choose for a new start :)
    Best wishes.

  12. Wonderful stitching. So pleased you have surgery scheduled. I do hope it will improve your mobility 100%.

  13. Awesome stitching! Glad you're finally going to have that hip fixed! Hope you recover quickly, too.

  14. Oh my, these four Torah pieces look gorgeous. And so does your Tulips piece. I'm sure that it will be finished by Easter.
    I' m glad for you to have your hip surgery scheduled. Of course, surgery is always something very serious and as you say you will need a longer time for recovery but after it you will be able to move and walk without pain again. And that's worth it.