Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A New Framing Addition

I'll start off today's post with a picture of a finish I completed back in March of 2013.... Baby Its Cold Outside. This is designed by Heartstring Samplery and I started stitching it last year during one of our final storms of the season. I knew that I wanted to have it completed and framed to hang the following year during the winter. Courtesy of a Christmas gift, I am pleased to say that it returned home from the framer a week ago and is currently adorning my dry sink.

The frame isn't white as it appears in this photo. It is a lovely mix of grey and cream and is textured to give the appearance of barn wood. When we were looking at different frames for this we tried out a pure white frame and it just didn't do the picture justice. 

There, I gave it one more try and this is closer to the look of the actual frame. You can see a lot more of the texturing in this one too.

As for stitching, here is what I've been up to recently.

With Thy Needle and Thread - A Pink Sparrow update:

Saturday I put this aside and went in search of something else for a change and found Hands To Work -This Is The Day which I'd started last fall. When you last saw this I only had the house completed.

I've also been working on some smalls for February's Smalls SAL. I've completed two already including the final finishing which is amazing for me. Here's a peek at one of the finishes. I've chosen an opalescent fabric for this one although you can't tell from the picture. Can you guess which design this is?

I also wanted to show you a lovely card which I received early in the new year from Chiara in Italy. 

Chiara sent this to me with Christmas greetings. It is actually a postcard with the greeting and address on the reverse. Each of these words is the word Beauty in English, French, Italian and Spanish. I think it is actually a lovely stitch for Valentine Day and I hope to have time to work on it this month. Thank you so much Chiara for your wonderful greeting!

One of my step-grandchildren has shown an interest in learning to cross stitch. Although all the grandchildren like to watch me and inquire as to what I'm stitching, Yanie shows much more interest in how to accomplish my design and is always complimenting me on the many framed works in my home. So for Christmas I found some beginner kits on Ebay and ordered one for each of the kids, although I knew that Yanie might be the only one who completed her design. She's 10 and has the concentration to stick with it.
On Sunday I spotted this post on Facebook announcing her progress.

Yeah Yanie! I'm so happy that she was able to finish this and in such a short time. I haven't talked to them lately but I can only hope that she enjoyed it as much as I do and that she didn't just complete it to make me happy. The kit I had sent for Summer was a stamped one. She's 7 so I figured this would be a bit easier for her until I opened it. All the other kits came with Aida but her design was stamped on a cloth similar to evenweave but the weave was quite tight. She was unable to see the holes in the fabric so I mailed them a piece of Aida when I returned home and told them she would have to follow the chart like the others. So much for making things easier!

Yesterday was a beautiful, bright and sunny day here. My son Daniel had been visiting us for the weekend and I was heading back to Cornwall to take him home. He has been quite interested in my owl sightings and inquired whether I had seen any lately since he would love to see one up close. I told him that if he didn't mind we'd take a longer way home and see if we could spot one for him. Luckily we didn't have to go far. This fellow was sitting on a post just outside our village on the main highway. This is the closest owl I've seen to us yet.

We also spotted one other during our travels, sitting just around the corner from our local Tim Hortons coffee shop.

The sun seemed to have drawn the wildlife out just as much as the people. On our return from Daniel's place the sun started to slowly sink in the sky and the deer suddenly started to emerge from the woods and the cornfields in our path. We could only inch along this one portion of the road for fear of running into one. There had to have been between 40-50 deer in this area crossing the roads back and forth at various times.

After leaving the deer, we rounded the corner and in the distance near the rail tracks we saw another owl.

I was driving and my hubby was snoozing during the latter part of the drive. Suddenly I saw a large dark mound in the top of the trees as I drove towards the woods. Was that a hawk? It seemed a little too large. No, it's an eagle!! I made a quick U turn (we're on the back roads at this point and there is very little traffic) and headed back to the spot. Bob woke up and quickly grabbed the camera. He was so thrilled and in his haste he didn't focus properly when he took this shot.

Unfortunately it was the only pic we could get. I think we spooked the bird a bit and immediately after this he flew off further into the woods. This is the first time I've ever seen one of these magnificent birds anywhere near our area. I've seen them when we've been boating on the St. Lawrence River but never this far ashore. I would love to return to the area again and get a better pic but I'm sure that's the last we'll see of one for quite awhile.

I've been watching the weather reports and I know that many of you received more snow on the weekend as we did and are expecting still more in the next few days. It seems our Ontario groundhog, Wiarton Willie emerged from his home only to discover his shadow, immediately signalling another 6 weeks of winter. I not sure exactly how accurate rodent predictions are (LOL) but from the long term forecast in my area it appears he may be right! Keep warm, keep safe and keep on stitching!!


  1. Perfect framing! Pink Sparrow is so pretty. Yay for Yanie! It's a beautiful thing to pass along our love of cross stitch.

  2. Lovely framing on your winter piece. I have that one in the stash but can't seem to get it to the top of the list. So far this year I am working on SALs and UFOs, trying not to start anything new until I can't stand it any more and just need a 'new start' fix!!

    How lucky you are to see all that wildlife!! Snowy Owls, Wow!! Laura

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  4. Love your BICO... the frame is just perfect for it! Loved looking at all of your pictures... thanks for sharing :) Aren't those Snowy Owls gorgeous? My hubby saw one out in a field a couple of weeks ago, but wasn't close enough for a pic. P.S. I really love the whole look of your blog; from the background you chose to the lovely cardinal header!

  5. What perfect framing for your sampler - beautiful! Nice progress on the WIP too, and lovely bird pictures.

  6. The frame is perfect! Your Smalls SAL is so pretty - and what wonderful pictures of the wildlife.

  7. What a great frame Lynn. So wonderful that you have at least one grandchild interested and stitching!
    Now an eagle! Awesome.

  8. Cold Outside looks great in that frame.
    Pink Sparrow is coming along nicely also.
    Good for Yanie on finishing the project you bought her.
    Another great Owl pic, and the Eagle was great too.

  9. Baby it's cold outside is the perfect way to sum things up lately! Love the new frame! Great new stitching project with such happy colors. Amazing wildlife photos, how neat to see an eagle and owls!

  10. Love the frame on your winter finish! It is a lovely winter stitch. Your wildlife pictures are wonderful.

  11. Lynn, your Baby it's cold outside picture is fabulous! I have been drooling over your Pink Sparrow both here and on Facebook. This is the Day is another one on my list to stitch...never enough time! I have been fascinated by your owls (we are in Newmarket) and cannot believe how many deer you have seen.
    It's so great that your granddaughter is interested in stitching (and she did a great job!)

  12. Such a perfect frame Lynn for Baby It's Cold outside!! I have that chart and should stitch it soon, before next Christmas! Great progress on Pink Sparrow. Funny that I passed up purchasing it yesterday (with the knowledge that I have too many things on my plate) then I see yours, and am now kicking myself for not getting it!! So great that your granddaughter is starting to stitch! I remember starting with Precious Moments designs and stitched everyone one for Christmas...I was hooked! Hugs to you!

  13. Oops, forgot to mention how gorgeous the snowy owl is. Quite the photo!!

  14. Great stitching! Cold Outside looks wonderful framed up, your grandaughter's litthe stitched piece is adorable.
    Loved the nature photos too

  15. I love the frame choice for Baby it's Cold, it is perfect. Lovely progress on your projects.

  16. Well done Yanie, a truly lovely finish.
    A super frame you chose for Baby, its perfect.
    Gorgeous pics of the wildlife.

  17. Oh gosh I feel cold just looking at those photos! We are getting colder, below freezing weather here too but nothing like what you guys are experiencing!

    Love the frame and lots of lovely stitching in progress!

  18. Great update Lynn! Baby It's Cold outside looks fabulous. Great progress on your other projects.
    How cool that Yani is stitching and finished that little piece. It is wonderful.
    Love the bird pics too. So cool to have an eagle spotting too.
    Have a great weekend!

  19. Thank you for sharing your amazing wildlife pictures. How lucky you are to catch a glimpse of an eagle!
    Baby It's Cold Outside suits its chosen frame perfectly, I bet you're very proud of it.
    I hope the weather doesn't turn too cold! But still, all the more reason to stay curled up in the stitching chair :)
    Best wishes.

  20. Love the framed piece, it is just perfect. Well done to Yani too. Love the bid photos.

  21. Firstly your Baby It's Cold Outside is beautiful! I love the frame choice! And yay for your grand-daughter stitching, I hope that the others follow suit :)
    Your pictures of the Owls are stunning! And the Eagle! That is my greatest desire to see one in the wild, someday, I hope I will :)

  22. Perfect, and so beautiful, the frame that you chose for the finished design. That greyish colour compliments the colours of the design perfectly.

    Nice progress on your WIPs. And already a finish for the Samlls SAL. I've also been stitching on some smalls but haven't finish-finished them yet. But there's still some time left until the end of the month.

    So great to see the stitching efforts of your grand-daughter. She's surely following your steps. And she seems to love it.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your Valentine stitching. It's such a lovely chart you received from Chiara. I love this kind of designs very much.

  23. Your stitching looks so nice in that frame! Perfect choice! Your other stitching is so pretty. The wild animal photos are amazing. Love the owl!

  24. Gorgeous finish and the framing is great for it. Unfortunately I wish the sentiment wasn't quite so appropriate for our winter so far, as it sure has been cold, but oh well, this to will pass :)
    What fun to see Yanie's finish be posted, hopefully the stitching bug will bite and you'll have a permanent fellow needleworker :)

  25. Great frame for your cross stitching, and processes are lovely!

    Thanks for the winter photos, the owl is fantasic!


  26. Loved your owl photos! Nice projects, too. Stay warm.

  27. "Baby it's cold Outside" looks beautiful in her frame. Great progress on your stitching. Love that you showed close-up photos of Snooty Parrots sampler - the colors are so beautiful. Yanie did a great job stitching her mini sampler.
    The wildlife photos are great!
    love Annette

  28. What a great and varied post!
    I love the frame you have chosen for Baby it's Cold. Your sampler is lovely too.

    I hope your grand-daughter grows to love stitching so she can help with your stash!

    And the wildlife photos are just amazing, thanks for sharing your beautiful part of the world with us.

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