Thursday, 23 January 2014

My first Stitch From Stash post

Good morning all! It's a beautiful, bright but bitterly cold morning here in Eastern Ontario. A perfect day to stitch indoors with natural light. Being the crazy Canuck that I am though, I'll be venturing outdoors into the frigid temperatures to revel in the glories of a Canadian winter!

I am so pleased to have joined with many bloggers to take part in the first Stitch From Stash group. I joined this group to try and keep check on my addiction to increasing my cross stitch stash and assist my dwindling pocketbook too. The group is now closed to new members but please stop by see how well controlled we are, or not, lol! I am going to make every effort to control my spending and stitch only from my existing stash which btw is massive!

My first stitching pic is one that some of you may have already seen on previous posts this month. I picked up an older WIP called Paradis Perdu which I started 2 years ago and added a few more stitches to it.

Hopefully I'll stick with this one a little more than I did last year and get closer to a finish.

My first start of the year is a gorgeous, colourful design that was just calling out to me from the stash pile. Welcome to With Thy Needle and Thread - The Pink Sparrow Sampler.

My second new start is an older Little House Needleworks design, The Counting House.

I've already found an error in my stitching so I'll be frogging one of those sheep in the very near future.

All fabric, floss and charts are from my current stash. I didn't learn of this group until just before Christmas and joined as soon as I found out. However I am more fortunate than some in that my stash will still increase somewhat but not by my own hand. My son gave me a GC to 123 Stitch for Christmas and my MIL always gives me a very generous gift of cash, a portion of which I earmark for framing and stitching supplies. So I will still have a few new items arriving without having to use any of my own cash. This should satisfy my urge to spend without any major damage. Of course, Market is just around the corner though, lol! By then I'm sure to have exhausted my generous gifts.
I look forward to popping by your blogs and seeing what treasures you've found to work on from your own supplies. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. You have been doing great this month, just stitching on WIPs and new projects that have been in your stash. Great progress on everything. (And hehe, you've got a GC for the moment when the urge of buying gets too hard.) My post will come next week only but I have also been happy with my stitching from stash.

  2. Looking great Lynn! I am not part of the group, but I am! I stitch from stash and follow those rules almost always anyways. So I am with you! ;)

  3. What lovely projects you already had in your stash! Those little sheepies are especially cute!

  4. Happy New Year, Lynn! How're you doing? I've been out of touch thanks to a dead computer and all that holiday busyness. I, too, am trying to live off my various stashes.....we'll see.

  5. I am doing stitch from stash too and I can't believe how much of a habit shopping for stash has become! I guess I'm noticing it more since I'm trying not to buy any!! Good for you that your haven't given in to the urge to shop!! Laura

  6. I've just been catching up on your last few posts. Your family Christmas looks like fun ~ good times! I am in love with your owl pictures ~ they certainly are beautiful creatures. I loved the pic of their feet!! Love all of your stitchy projects too!!

  7. Great start to Stitch from Stash - money and gift certificates are ideal presents for stitchers :)

  8. Great progress on your WIPS.
    Looks like you are making a good dent in your stash too!

  9. Great SFS report and lovely progress on your projects :) My report will be posted this weekend.

  10. Good luck on stitching from stash!

    Lovely projects so far this year!

  11. Wonderful stitching Lynn. Take care in the winter weather.

  12. I've been stitching from my current supplies too, so I haven't had to spend out just yet. I'm going to hold out for something I really want.
    I love the Pink Sparrow Sampler, it uses such lovely colours.
    Best wishes.

  13. A lovely SFS report.
    How lovely your family give you stash enhancements as gifts, so useful.
    Beautiful work on your current projects.

  14. Nice progress on Sparrow, and counting house will be very cute, I love little house designs. Stay warm when you venture out, this winter has been bitter cold in so many places. Sue