Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The lure of the ornaments

Okay, so I finally succumbed. The lure of the ornaments was too great and I put aside my Torah stitch to finish and start several ornaments. I had two finishes but can only show you the one right now. The other is for my monthly ornament commitment and I will post that the last Wednesday of the month.  So here's The Sunflower Seed Good Will to Men.

This is meant to be the backing of the ornament Peace on Earth. However I've decided to finish them as separate ornaments. When they're hanging on the tree you never get to see the backs of the ornaments. I would like to do a little more final finishing of Christmas ornaments but it will have to wait until next week when I'm not as busy.

I started two more new ornies today. Very little progress on either so far.
First is The Country Garden Stitchery Box ornament 3 followed by The Primitive Hare Welcome Santa, Ho Ho Ho.

A few years ago I stitched one of the other box ornaments by TCGS. The chart contains three different parcels and they're all so pretty! Here's Box ornament 1. It's difficult to tell from this picture but there is also beading on these ornaments.

I love doing these on opalescent fabrics with one overdyed floss. This time I'm using a Silkweaver solo opalescent I found in my stash and the floss is Caron Waterlilies Cherry. The next one I plan on stitching on a white opalescent with an overdyed red and green floss.

The Primitive Hare design is being stitched over one on 30ct because otherwise the finished piece was larger than I wanted. Stitched over one it will make a nice sized ornament for the tree.
I hope that by next week's WIPocalypse post I will have more progress to show on both of these.

Last night I went into Ottawa to stitch and once more pulled out the Torah Stitch. Here's where I'm at now with the border.

I'd say I'm a little past the halfway point on this now.

That's this week's stitching update. I do have something else to show you that is not stitching related but it will have to wait until I have more time to upload the photos. See you later!


  1. Lovely ornaments and the opalescent fabrics are pretty. Torah is incredible, beautiful border your stitching.
    Happy Holidays, love Annette

  2. Torah is looking splendid, the border is such pretty colours.
    Great ornaments to adorn your tree.

  3. Lovely ornament and other stitching progress!

  4. Great Christmas decorations and progress!

  5. Great ornaments & I love the fabric!

  6. Torah Stitch is so impressive Lynn.

  7. Your ornament starts and finishes...Stunning! I love the Good Will Toward Men one too...have that one on my list ;)
    Torah, stunning! LOTS of work, but totally worth it!

  8. Lots of great stitching, your ornaments are very pretty :)

  9. Those ornaments will get you every time, Lynn--I can never resist them. Amazing progress on your Torah piece!

  10. Beautiful ornaments - they are hard to resist

  11. Your ornaments are lovely - what a gorgeous pink fabric.

  12. All of you ornaments are lovely. Torah is looking so good.

  13. Lovely ornaments Lynn!! I adore your header photo!! I like all of your Christmas ornaments in a bowl, especially the Little Stitcher design!

  14. The little pillows in your header are lovely. I am greatly impressed by the Torah. I once cross-stitched an Irish saying in all green and felt it to be quite monotonous. There are a lot of black letters in your Torah. Well done.

  15. I'm not the typical ornament stitcher but when I start to stitch a Prairie Schooler Santa I can't stop with that one but have to stitch more and more of them, lol. So I can fully understand you. Very nice new ornaments!
    And some great progress on your Torah stitching.

  16. I love your latest blog design and header Lynn, very festive! Great stitching so far :)
    Best wishes.

  17. You've gotten a lot of projects done, very nice. Congrats.
    The Torah is turning out so pretty.
    All of your decorations are nice.
    I see Clarisse is checking out that one tree. lol