Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Tea Anyone?

A few weeks ago I paid a visit to one of my fav stores, Homesense. I was with a friend and just browsing when I came across some wonderful teacups. They were bright coloured, textured and huge! I love a good cup of tea but my biggest complaint has always been that most teacups hold only a small amount of tea and I like a good sized cup. These were perfect! The cups were reasonably priced and I picked up a couple. I knew that if I waited long enough the rest would end up in the clearance section on sale. Over the next few weeks I picked up one here and there at their various stores and eventually found the teapot too.

I love them! They are so bright and cheery and the textured surface is really neat. Several of the cups have motifs in the inside surface as well.

I'm still short by one cup but I'm sure I'll be able to pick up another one. The cups are still showing up here and there. 
I don't normally drink a lot of tea in the summer but so far our summer has been cooler and rainy which fits the bill for tea time.

Speaking of rain, we had a good thunderstorm late last Monday afternoon. The storm brought hail with it too. I could hear it hitting the back door of the house. What I didn't realize was that the hail did considerable damage to the roof of our gazebo.

At first we thought that just the tinting had come off from the impact but on closer examination we realized that these were actually holes. There was no water in the gazebo but the panels are actually double paned and only the top pane was damaged.  Every one of the smaller panes on the top of the roof were damaged as well as four larger side panes. Fortunately we're able to order replacement panes from the company online and they're not quite as expensive as we expected them to be.
It won't be long before it's all returned to its previous condition.
We've had hail at other times since the gazebo installation but this is the first time we've experienced any kind of damage. Due to the direction of the storm, the neighbour's identical gazebo was not damaged.

I spent some quality time with Fruit of the Spirit this weekend. I can't seem to put this one down!

Now I just have to concentrate on the bottom portion of the sampler. Coincidentally, this Sunday's New Testament reading from Galatians 5:22 was about the Fruit of the Spirit.
As much as I'm enjoying this one I forced myself to put it down and stitch some on Weeds Make Haste. I'll have an updated photo on this one for you on my next post.

We had a very quiet Canada Day here. We've been very busy lately and decided to just sit back and relax. Both of us had spent most of Sunday in the city, each doing our own thing. I headed off to the National Arts Centre with my friend Trish for a performance of Jersey Boys. It was awesome!! If you get a chance to see this, Go!
You won't be disappointed.  I hope everyone had a great weekend and your week is off to a good start.


  1. Wow, that must have been some hailstorm... so sorry you suffered damage from, but glad it's not too much. Fruit of the Spirit looks great - you'll soon have it done :-) Oh, and the tea set is lovely!

  2. The teacups are adorable! Can't wait to come over and enjoy a cup with you!

    Wow your poor Gazebo!!!!

    Your WIP is looking good.

  3. Wow, so sorry for the damage of the hailstorm.Be happy it is not too much. The tea-set is lovely, it makes good mood!
    Greetings from Germany

  4. I just love the tea cups and pot. Very nice. Fruit of the Spirit is coming along nicely.

  5. love the tea set and lovely progress on fruit of the spirit - Amanda

  6. What a gorgeous tea set Lynn, so bright and cheery :) How incredible that the hail did that amount of damage to your gazebo! Lovely stitching too :)

  7. Your tea set is very pretty, and summery! Sorry about your gazebo! We've had several hail storms this summer - never a good thing. Love your progress on Fruit of the Spirit!

  8. Wonderful tea set!
    Your Fruit of the Spirit looks adorable :) good luck with finishing!


  9. Oh my! That was some hail you had!

    Love, love, love your teacups and teapot - I agree with you exactly about having a decent sized cup and these fit the bill perfectly!

  10. Great progress on the sampler, and those teacups are gorgeous

  11. Such sweet teacups! I'm the same, I like a decent cup of tea. I'm enjoying one right now as I catch up on my blog reading :)
    Fab progress on Fruit of the Spirit, it's coming along beautifully.
    Best wishes.

  12. Love the tea set! Yikes on the hail damage!! Love your stitches!!

  13. Love your teacups, Lynn! I'm so glad you were able to pick up so many at different stores.

    We had hail, too, on Friday, but it didn't do any damage--hope it can be repaired quickly and without too much cost.

    Lovely progress on your stitching!

  14. Such pretty and cheery teacups you found Lynn! That is crazy damage from a hail storm. Good to hear that you. An replace the roof part for not too much. I'm here in Prince George (up north) and we had a crazy hailstorm on Canada day too. Fruit of the spirit is so sweet and perfect summer stitch!

  15. Your tea set is beautiful! That hail must have been very violent to cause so much damage! Fruit of the Spirit is so pretty; no wonder you don't want to put it down!

  16. Love the tea cups and tea pot!!

  17. Can't beat a good cup of tea! Love your new tea set.
    Great progress on Fruit of the Spirit, it's looking lovely.

  18. Ohh I love the tea set! I'm a tea drinker myself, but drink it in coffee mugs....

    Very sorry to hear about the damage to your gazebo. Those hail stones can sure be destructive.

    Fruit of the Spirit looks great! Can't wait to see it finished. :)

  19. Love the tea cups an teapot. I too like a large cup of tea. I bought myself a set of Fiestaware mugs for just that purpose
    The Fruit of Spirit is a beautiful cross-stitch.

  20. Your tea cups and teapot are gorgeous - they look like mexican motifs to me - very vibrant. That amount of hail damage is amazing! Lucky the replacement panels are not too dear. Your progress on The fruit of the spirit is looking really lovely. Who is the designer?

  21. Such a lovely little set of tea cups. They just look gorgeous with their bright colours.
    And so does Fruit of the Spirit. You are so fast on this one and it will soon be finished.
    We had this kind of hail storms too during the last two summers. Once we had hail as big a table tennis balls and the roofs of the cars standing outside were all damaged. Ours were in the garage, fortunately.

  22. Absolutely love those cheery, bright tea cups. Good find! Also love your FOS piece! That must have been some storm. How big were the hailstones?