Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Framed Finishes

As promised I have some pics for you of some previous finishes which I dropped off at the framer recently. When I went to pick them up they informed me that one of the frames I had chosen, which was for LHN Autumn Hill, was no longer available. That meant I had to pick another frame. You have no idea how long it took me to pick out the first one! I have never had as much trouble picking out a frame as I did for that piece. However as luck would have it, I found another frame within 5 minutes and made arrangements to pick it up at a later date. I can't believe we found one so easily!

In any case, they did have my Magic Garden ready and my friend's BBD Awake the Dawning Day. Pam had picked a frame out for this one which I'd stitched for her as a housewarming gift. Here's how her piece turned out.

Pam prefers glass on her framing so I had a bit of trouble getting a good photo. Finally I turned off my flash and set the camera for low light. That did the trick! She is very pleased with the results and I'm so happy she likes it.

Next up is my finish of Magic Garden. 

I love, love, love it!!! The frame works so well with this one. Here's a closeup so you can see it a little better.

The pictures really don't do it justice. I originally picked a black frame for this and then at the last minute we found this frame by accident when we were searching for one for Autumn Hill. As soon as Kelly put it next to the piece I knew that that was the one. On the edge of that first pic you can see a bit of my first peony blooms from the garden. Here they are in all their glory. They smell heavenly! In fact the whole gazebo smells of them.

This afternoon I headed out to my local Wednesday craft group and  I'm so glad I had my camera with me. Here's a taste of what some of the group accomplished recently.

Thea's table runner

Lois' afghan

Shirley's Canada tote bag

What could be more Canadian than beavers,
maple leaves and a Mountie?

Fabulous work ladies!! I mentioned how much I admired that tote bag and Thea is determined to get me doing one myself. I told her I didn't enjoy sewing but she is determined. We shall see!

While in Ottawa yesterday I dropped by my favourite store, Homesense . I believe the American equivalent is HomeGoods. I could spend eternity in that store, lol!

Lookie what I found waiting for a home.

This little fellow will make a fabulous companion to the bird planter I posted earlier. Now I just have to find something to plant in him.
Any suggestions?


  1. What great frame choices Lynn. They are perfect with these pieces. The ladies at your craft group are very talented.

  2. WOW! Both frames are PERFECT!!! I love them both for the samplers. Oh your friend is going to be so surprised! Great projects and remarkable talent the ladies are in your craft group. Oh what a beautiful post. love Annette
    ps I don't think I have ever smelled a peony flower. Now I have to call tomorrow at local florists.

  3. The framed pieces are gorgeous.
    Love the Peonies and flowers on your header also.

  4. The framed pieces look wonderful.
    I like the "Canada bag."
    Warm greetings from Germany

  5. Really nice choices on the frames.
    The peonies are very pretty.

  6. Beautiful framing Lynn -- you definitely picked the perfect frames.

  7. The framing looks great!
    I love the Canada bag!

  8. Both framed pieces are gorgeous! Isn't that great you can now truly enjoy the fruits of your labour?

  9. Love your frame choices! So fun to see everyone's projects ~ thanks for sharing!

  10. Wonderful framing! The frame on Magic Garden does match well. At times like this I wish computers came with the capability to smell pictures - that peony is beautiful! And what a cute tote bag. :)

  11. The frames look perfect! I'm glad you found another one so quickly.

  12. Wow!!! Your framing choices set off the stitching perfectly. Isn't it a good feeling?!


  13. I wish I could have you with me the next time I pick out frames, Lynn--these are so gorgeous!! And I love your little planter--Home Goods is one of my favorite places to shop, too!

  14. Lots of fun stuff! Love your Magic Garden finish, I had not seen that one before. Your peonies are so pretty, one of my favorite flowers!

  15. Oh Lynn, your framed pieces.....stunning! What about some ivy in your frog?

  16. I love, love both of your framed projects! And the ladies at your craft group are awesome!

  17. Your framed pieces look beautiful Lynn, especially the BBD piece. I love the Canada tote bag too, so striking.
    Best wishes and happy stitching to you.

  18. Ahhhh, they look really gorgeous - the stitched pieces and the frames you chose. And I can easily see why you love The Magic Garden so much. It has something special I think but I can't say why. It's just the overall impression.
    What a great group of ladies, your local crafting group.

  19. Adorable finishes, both frames are just perfect!


  20. Beautiful framed pieces.

    The ladies are very talented.

  21. Spectacular work by everyone!

  22. Love both BBD 'Awake the Dawning Day' and 'Magic Garden', and the beautiful frames that you so perfectly chose for them. Pam will be thrilled with how beautifully coordinated the frame is to the greens in the design too.

    What fun you must all have at your Craft Group, enjoying seeing all of the creative talent you all have every week.

    I love Peonies too. They have the most aromatic scent, don't they?

    Blessings for a lovely week!

  23. Thanks for sharing lots of lovely projects.