Tuesday, 12 March 2013

My latest finish and a new start

Could spring be just around the corner? I'm certainly hoping so. I heard the first flock of geese returning to the area yesterday. I've yet to see a robin but I expect it won't be long now.

With the change to daylight savings time I'm feeling much more energetic. Yesterday I finished up two more smalls. One is my ornament for the month and the second is for an Easter blog hop so unfortunately I can't show them until the end of the month. However I can show you this!

Heartstring Samplery Baby It's Cold Outside
stitched on 36ct PTP Ale
using WDW and GAST

Just as winter is coming to a close I finished up this beauty. I loved working on this piece and by next year at this time I hope to have it framed and gracing my walls. 
I managed to get three more of my finishes stretched and matted this month so that I can gradually have them framed over the coming year. Spreading them out doesn't hurt the pocketbook as much as when I take them in together. I decided to display one of them on a easel for now until it's framed. This is one of Midsummer Night's Designs called Peace Inside.

I also finished up this little fella just in time for St. Patrick's Day  celebrations this weekend. I'll be working on a pillow finish for him today. I was hoping to find a large shamrock button to grace that empty spot on the right but so far no luck. The chart called for a JABC large shamrock which it appears they don't make anymore. All I can find are the tiny shamrocks.

Heart in Hand Needleart St. Patrick's Bird
Today I'm halfway through stitching one of the Prairie Schooler minicards which will be finished off as a spring ornament. 
I've completed a little more on BBD Awake the Dawning Day but not enough for another picture.

Having finished Baby It's Cold, I allowed myself another new start on the weekend. It's from Plum Street Samplers and is called Fruit of the Spirit. I'm stitching this with a silk conversion provided by Vicky Clayton of Hand Dyed Fibers on the recommended 32 ct Vintage Sand Dune linen. I've started on the centre house and haven't got too much done yet. The colours of the silks are just gorgeous! This is such a colourful design and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it develop.

We had some exciting news here last week. My mother bought a ticket in Ontario's Heart & Stroke lottery and won one of the vehicular prizes. She has the choice of a 2013 Lexus, a 2013 Mercedes or $70,000 cash! My mom is on vacation in Florida at the moment and they were unable to reach her. However I guess there is a spot on the back of the ticket for an alternate contact number so they were finally able to reach my sister with the news. 
Since Mom doesn't drive she has decided to take the cash prize. She plans on using it to replace her home's carpets with hardwood and to help her vacation down south next winter. Woo hoo, congrats Mom!!

It's a dull rainy day here and the week promises to bring back some colder temperatures. I was really hoping that the sun would remain a few days and help melt some of that snow, especially in our back yard. The back yard faces north and it seems like it takes forever for the snow to disappear back there. I'm trying to get out to the gazebo on some of the warm days but so far the snow is still too deep to get anywhere near the door. My DH says he's going to shovel a path for me to the gazebo door which will certainly help.  When the sun is shining it's very warm inside there and I'd much rather be stitching outdoors than inside after being cooped up all winter. Then I can watch some of my feathered friends as they are all starting to return once more.

We're running out of room here!

These two were having a territorial battle!
Thank you for all of your well wishes. My cold has finally exited after two weeks. It's about time!
Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Congrats on the lovely finishes - I particularly like Baby, it's cold (which I want to stitch too). And *huge* congrats to your mum on winning such a wonderful prize - nobody deserves winning a lottery prize better than a mum :-)

  2. Such lovely finishes, especially 'Baby It's Cold'. I have had this all kitted up and ready to start since the beginning of the year, but i can't let myself begin until i've finished something!
    Big congratulations to your mum! what a great surprise to come home too!

  3. Congratulations to your mother. That is so wonderful to put the money to excellent use.
    What a neat territorial battle picture you got there Lynn.
    Wonderful pieces all stitched up. =)

  4. Great photos of the birds!
    Congrats to your mom...I'd probably have taken the cash also!

    Lots of great stitching happening at your place...WTG!

  5. Great finish and start and I love the bird photos :-)

  6. All great finishes, especially the Midsummer design, very pretty.
    You took some great bird pics also!
    Congrats to your Mom!!!

  7. What wonderful finishes!! I love them.
    What a great thing for your Mom!!

  8. Oh, that little bird in your first photo is so adorable, Lynn--you could really print and frame that one! And I love your Baby It's Cold finish--perfect timing (I hope spring is on it's way!!).... Isn't that St. Patrick's Day bird adorable--he's one I haven't stitched yet for some reason. Maybe next year!

    WOO HOO for your mom--how very wonderful!! I'm so very happy for her...

    Glad you're feeling better--enjoy your week!

  9. Glad you're feeling better now! Congrats on the lovely finishes - I especially like Baby it's Cold Outside & Peace Inside - just beautiful :-) Hope your weather warms up some, we've had more snow the last couple days! Have a great week, Helen

  10. Wow, congrats to your Mom! Thats a great win! How exciting.
    Everytime i think its Spring the weather goes all crazy cold again. We've had snow this week

  11. Great finishes and lovely pictures! How wonderful for your mom!!

  12. Your finishes are always so beautiful!
    Congratulations with your Mom's win - fantastic!


  13. Your finishes are gorgeous.

    Congratulations to your Mum!

  14. Congratulations to your Mom!! What a great surprise!

    Baby, It's Cold Outside turned out really cute. As always, I love seeing your bird pictures. What a battle those two are having!

  15. Great finishes !! I love Peace Inside..., beautiful colors.. Congratulations to your Mom for her win !

  16. Congrats to your Mum, what a win! And beautiful stitching too Lynn :)
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures from your bird feeder. I don't recognise many of the birds, they're all so lovely.
    Best wishes.

  17. Big congrats to your Mom on winning the lottery!! YAY!!! I spotted a goose the other day too so Spring is here! Lovely finishes Lynn and I love your little St. Patrick's day birdie!


  18. Outside and Inside, the perfect pair! I've admired Outside before but Inside is just as nice. I've not seen this design before but love the way they've not the words in the boxes.
    Congrats to your Mum too, would she like to adopt an English daughter? LOL.