Sunday, 1 July 2012

Canada Day finishes

Just in time to celebrate the holiday are two finishes especially for Canada Day. Okay, so the stitching is finished. I didn't say anything about the final finishing! That will take place at a later date.

First up is Patriotic Heart by San-Man Originals.

I found a scrap of 18ct linen in my stash and because I wanted this a little larger I stitched it over two. I know it probably would have looked better stitched over one but it was far too small then. Even over two on 28ct or 32ct made it smaller than I wanted. Coverage wasn't the greatest even though I used three strands.
I'm hoping to turn this one into an ornament. 

This morning I finished up my second patriotic finish. This one is Lizzie Kate Land That I Love.

The original calls for the maple leaves to be stitched in white on a blue background but I felt that this should resemble the Canadian flag more so I substituted the white with red maples. I have a maple leaf charm that I was going to stitch on the house but it turned out to be bigger than I realized and kind of took over the whole piece. What do you think about this little heart instead? I haven't stitched it on yet. I could find a smaller maple leaf but I think there are enough leaves in the design. I'm hoping to turn this one into a pinkeep or perhaps a pillow.

Although I'm almost finished the stitching on Magic Garden Sampler, I'm getting my fabric and floss all picked for another stitch. I'm now a member of The Sisterhood! Ariadne from Greece picked my name to be the next recipient of the Travelling Pattern. It should be here any day now. I didn't get to the post office on Friday so now I'll have to wait until after the holiday to check.  I'm also getting some projects kitted up to take with me on my holidays.

I thought you might be interested in seeing some of the lovely work that is done during my Wednesday afternoon craft group. The ladies do everything from knitting, quilting, stitching to spinning. As you can see from these pics, they are a very talented bunch!

Beate is currently working on this needlepoint. In the pics that follow, her sister, Thea, is showing off some of her applique work.

Thea hasn't been quilting all that long and I'm always amazed by her work! I'd love to give it a try but I could end up spending big bucks on quilting supplies and I think I already spend enough on my stitching! 
 Our little group is growing by leaps and bounds. I think we're up to 11 or 12 now. 

Our Canada Day will be spent quietly with friends this year. We've been invited to a BBQ at our neighbour's home. If time permits, we'll head up to Morrisburg afterwards to take in the fireworks on the water. I'll leave you with a pic of my son and granddaughters (both in pink) and his girlfriend with her two children celebrating St. Jean Baptiste Day in Quebec last weekend. The giant bonfire was lit at a park where the firework display took place.


  1. Happy Canada Day, Lynn! Lovely patriotic finishes!

  2. happy Canada day!!
    Land that I love looks great with your colour changes.. well done!
    those ladies mean business!! :D
    you're so lucky to have a stitching group!

    enjoy the traveling pattern, I'll be stalking you for it, warnd ya! ;D

  3. Your patriotic finishes are wonderful! I really like the changes you made to the L*K one...the red/white combo looks very nice.

  4. Your Lizzie Kate design is perfect! I think the heart looks great there....because we heart Canada!! I'm amazed too that your friend hasn't been quilting long! You couldn't tell!

  5. I like both of your finishes Lynn. Such talented ladies in that Wednesday group. :)

  6. Great Canada Day pieces - I love both SanMan and Lizzie*Kate!!

    You do have some talented friends. The applique is really cool. I am with you, afraid to get into another craft.

    Cute family.

  7. Hi Lynn,

    Happy Canada Day. Hope you had a wonderful
    day. The fireworks have just begun here and
    they're popping and booming all over the
    neighbourhood. The cats aren't impressed.

    Love your two Canada Day finishes in their
    pretty, bright red and white colours. I really
    like "Land that I Love" (the little blue heart
    is sweet and fits in perfectly by the way) and
    think the switch to red maple leafs that you
    made was a very good idea. I love those
    little sheep too but maybe they should have
    been ... oh, I dunno ... beavers maybe??

    The ladies from your Wednesday afternoon
    craft group are a talented bunch aren't they.
    Those applique banners are fabulous!! I
    especially love the Halloween one!

    My, your granddaughters are getting big!!

    Hi to sweet Clarisse. Saw a lovely picture
    of her on Dani's blog!! Pretty girl.


  8. I love the changes you made to your patriotic pieces. You and your freinds are doing some lovely quilted pieces.

  9. Yes for sure stitch the heart on the house, perfect. Your Canada heart looks great Lynn. Oh I loved seeing everyone's work. The quilted hangings are amazing. I'll never understand how they do all that hand applique. And Beate's Neelepoint? Gorgeous. Looks like somewhere in the alps in Europe.

  10. What nice patriotic finishes for Canada Day Lynn! The ladies at your craft group have done some lovely work.

  11. Hope you had a relaxing and fun Canada Day, Lynn!! I think your patriotic pieces are wonderful--really love the LK one. I've done the U.S. version, but have yet to finish it--maybe this month?

    Love the photo of your son's family :)

  12. Hope you had a wonderful holiday Lynn!

  13. Lynn those are fantastic Canada finishes!!!!

  14. oh canada finishes looke great. what nice pictures.

  15. Beautiful patriotic finishes Lynn!

  16. Nice finishes, Lynn. I love Lizzie Kate patterns! Enjoyed your other photos also; looks like a fun group.

  17. Two great finishes to celebrate Canada Day. I hope you were having a wonderful day.
    Your craft group seems to be a lot of fun. And they are doing so many different crafts. That should be very interesting when you have a look at what everyone is working on.

  18. Great finishes! Love how you tweaked the LK piece!