Wednesday, 6 June 2012

WIPocalypse catch-up

Between WIPocalypse and TUSAL posts the month just seems to fly by! If you check my WIPocalypse page you'll see that I've added items that strike my fancy as I go along. I never really seem to stick with a plan, lol! Two of these stitches are fairly new starts and I'm enjoying both of them a lot.

The first is Shakespeare's Peddler Magic Garden Sampler.

I'm lovin' this one so far and hated to put it down but I really needed to put some time in on the other start.
This one is called Maisonnette aux Fraises  and it too is plain fun to stitch.

I'm thinking of frogging out the white flowers on the right since they don't seem to show up all that well on the fabric. If I do, I'm going to replace it with the same soft yellow colour used in the windows. What do you think?

Since last month I've also completed Midsummer Night Designs Peace Inside. Loved the colours in this stitch!

That about sums up the past month. Along with the nicer weather comes lots of other activities to take up my stitching time. Rainy days are often welcome for that very reason.
This coming Saturday though is strictly a stitchy day since I'm hosting the Tuesday afternoon stitchers at my home for the day. Friends, food and stitching.... should be lots of fun!


  1. What gorgeous stitching! Have a great day together stitching, you'll be a fabulous hostess!

  2. Hi Lynn, I just love your choices and hope you have a great time with the gals on Saturday.
    Be always in stitches.

  3. Your projects are looking fabulous! Love your Magic Garden sampler fabric! I have been thinking of starting a new Midnight Summer design-called Simple Pleasures! I love her use of colors. Thanks Lynn for always stopping by my blog to see me!

  4. There's nothing I like more than stitching on a rainy day. You've made excellent progress Lynn, I think the pale yellow flowers sound like a great idea.
    I hope you have a blast at your stitchy evening!
    Best wishes.

  5. Miserable, gloomy rainy weather here in the UK so your 3 pretty stitches are a very welcome sight!
    Gorgeous colours and very Summery, pale yellow sounds a good idea to me and will blend in lovely with the windows.
    Enjoy your stitchy get-together, wish I lived nearer!

  6. Beautiful stitching! Enjoy your stitchers day!

  7. I think the yellow flowers would be better too. Love Peace Inside, pretty colors.

  8. Everything looks sooo pretty! I would definitely replace the white flowers.

  9. Everything is looking great, Lynn! I especially love the colours of Peace Inside.

  10. Beautiful stitching, and your Peace Inside finish is lovely!! Enjoy your stitching get together with friends!

  11. I Love your stitching, and I agree those white flowers do not show up very well. The pale yellow would be pretty or maybe a pale mauve? I look forward to seeing what it turns out looking like!

  12. That sounds familiar. LOL! I've only stitch on ONE, UNO design so far this year that's in my WiPocalypse list :P

    Magic Garden is pretty. Every time I see yours, I have the urge to stitch mine.

    Yeah, I think yellow flowers would work... or pale blue to have a bit of contrast to the yellow center.


  13. Love your Magic Garden. Must admit I hadn't really noticed this one before but seeing it as your WIP I think it will have to go on my 'must buy' stash list! I think going with yellow flowers would work well. Love your Midsummer Night Designs finish - such a nice one. Have fun on Saturday with all your stitching friends!

  14. Great progress this month. All your projects are so colorful. Fun stitching!
    Have a wonderful time with your stitch group.

  15. Wonderful finish! Love it! One day I will stitch it, too! :o)


  16. Beautiful stitching Lynn! Congrats on your finish, i love those colours too

  17. Hi Lynn,

    Did you stitch today??? I get the impression that
    rain and storms passed through our area this
    afternoon so figured you might have received
    some of their attention too. I work in an office
    area with absolutely no windows so keeping
    track of the weather isn't possible except at
    lunch break.

    Love your ongoing projects!! I too love colourful
    designs and enjoy stitching them so much.
    Magic Garden is quirky but fun and I think I'm
    going to really love Maisonnette aux Fraises ...
    after all it has a pink bricked house!! Those
    flowers would look nice in yellow and would
    pop more. Would you stitch their centres in
    white or perhaps black??

    And speaking of colour ... Peace Inside must
    have emptied half the thread boxes with all
    the fabulous colours in it. That checkerboard
    roof is wonderful with the blue of the house.
    Love it, love it, love it!!!

    Have fun on Saturday!! I'll try and stitch
    along here between chores and appointments.
    Looking forward to a report.

    Hows Clarisse??? (hint, hint)


  18. You've made lovely progress on your two WIPs.

    Your finish is pretty!

  19. Wow, lovely starts, Lynn!
    And Peace Inside is adorable!


  20. Fantastic stitching, Lynn! Your WIPs are so pretty. I love the colors in the Maissonnette Aux Fraises.

  21. Shakespeare's Garden is very magical Lynn!! Your little French house and strawberries are darling too!! I see that the east has stolen our sun LOL!! We've had nothing but rain here and dreary days!! Where's Clarisse?!


  22. I should have waited until reading this post as you mention the designer of the Magic Garden pattern here, lol. Thanks. And it goes straight to my wish list.
    Peace Inside looks gorgeous and I can see why it certainly was a fun stitch - most lovely colours and motives.

  23. What beautiful stitching and congratulations on finishing Peace Inside!