Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Back to Stitching

Life has been especially busy around our household as of late but this week things seem to be settling down some and once more I'm able to pick up needle and thread. Until yesterday I've worked on nothing except MND Peace Within. It's coming along quite nicely and I'm finding it a fun design to stitch on. I'm working around the areas where I've run out of the required floss for now. Here's where I left it Tuesday afternoon.

I love the different birds in this one, all sitting on their perches. Maybe that's why the cat is hanging around, lol! I'm not totally thrilled with the face on the young girl though. She looks like a bit of a sourpuss! I've yet to get a good picture of the fabric on this piece. It's actually more of a soft creamy yellow colour. In fact it's called Lemon Zest.
Last night I put this one aside to concentrate on Feather Your Nest again. I've finished up the bottom half of the chart and now I'm moving up to start stitching the large robin and tulip on the top half. There are a couple of similar leaves on that tulip and I ended up frogging the one. I was stitching a bottom leaf but was looking at an upper leaf as I stitched it so of course it didn't quite match up where it should in the pattern. That's what I get for trying to stitch while I watched NCIS! Tuesday night is normally my group stitching night but with the exception of one day, I've commuted into Ottawa or Cornwall every day now for the past 10 days. The last thing I felt like doing was getting into a car again so I plunked myself in my stitching chair in front of the TV and settled in.

The mail today brought me an order of charts which I'd forgotten all about. When I placed this order from Anita's Little Stitches, she was away and so the order wasn't mailed right away. It was a pleasant surprise when it showed up and I'm anxious to stitch one of these newbie charts. Take a peek, they're from two of my favourite designers, Shakespeare's Peddler and With Thy Needle & Thread. I'm sure you'll recognize them.

Having had a house guest this past weekend, we did a bit of sight seeing in Ottawa and I finally had a chance to visit The Canadian War Museum. It's amazing how much more interested you become in history the more you age! Although we didn't take any pictures on this visit, I do have one picture of my MIL that Bob took shortly after the museum opened in 2007. My MIL served in the Canadian Women Army Corps during WWII and this pic was taken in front of a display of the uniform worn by these women. My MIL is an amazing woman and was just short of her 90th birthday when this picture was taken. She no longer makes her annual visits to our home but is still in fairly good health. We'll be making a visit back home to check in on her and my mother next month.

I'm so glad I finally had the opportunity to make this visit to the museum too. So many times we live in an area with these wonderful attractions but as locals we don't always take advantage of what's in our own neighbourhoods.

Time to get my butt in gear. It's almost time to meet with my Wednesday afternoon group. I haven't joined them for 3 weeks now so it will be fun to catch up with everyone and see what they're working on now. Enjoy your day!!


Anne said...

Great progress Lynn on your MND!! I agree with you about the sourpuss girl! LOL! Maybe she is ticked that her flowers are floating away...who knows?!! Lovely new charts you got too! I love the Bunny one!! Your MIL looks fantastic!! I hear you about trying to visit museums around your own neighbourhood. Funny how we forget what we have in our own backyard isn't it?!

Daffycat said...

Your new stash is awesome!!! LOL I sometimes have a hard time stitching and watching TV. I often either have to frog or re-watch the show! My favorite part of this piece is still that checkerboard roof. Hmmm, your girl kinda looks a little zombie-ish to me!

Deborah said...

I love the piece that are working on. I have never seen it before and look forward to your finish. Great stash!

Carol said...

Darling WIP, Lynn--even that little old "sourpuss" girl :) I just got the April Word Play, too--isn't it adorable! Probably won't get started on it until next spring at the rate I'm going these days :)

Glad you're feeling better and well enough to do some museum visiting. Amazingly youthful looking MIL you have--I should only be so lucky!!

Patty C. said...

Love your new stash ;)

Penny said...

Your MND piece is looking pretty! Love your new charts too! Your MIL looks and sounds like a lovely lady. :)

Nancy said...

MND is looking great! The girl does look a bit like a sour puss! lol Love your new stash! Your MIL looks like a very nice and fun lady!

Veronica said...

Wonderful progress on Peace. The birds sure are cute. The girl looks to me like she's screaming though :/ Yummy new stash. So when will you be starting those? ^.^


Tatkis said...

Your progress is great - I love all those birds :) and patterns from Anita's shop are wonderful!

I love going to museums and art galleries, but not often have time to.


Siobhán said...

I've been wallowing in a stitching slump so haven't done much blogging and even less stitching, so it's nice to get on here and catch up with you! Your stitching is SO nice! I love the new start--Midsummer Night Designs are so pretty. Nice new stash!

Chris said...

Beautiful stitching and wonderful new stash Lynn!
I think that you are so right about people not exploring or knowing the history of the area that they live in.

Sally said...

Peace Within is looking beautiful Lynn:)

Lovely new stash!

milly said...


i'm new to your blog.

Your MND WIP is lovely, the colours are great.

Museums are great to look around and your MIL looks like she's enjoying herself.

Your kitty Clarisse is beautiful.

Judy S. said...

Love your newest stitchey, Lynn, especially the kitty!

Catherine said...

Great stitches and stash! The photo of your mother-in-law is great! You can tell she's having fun!