Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Cat's In The Bag

May I present my latest finish, the cat with an attitude, Olga!
Plum Street Samplers Olga
stitched on 32ct Zweigart Silvery Moon
using CC, GAST & WDW floss
I thoroughly enjoyed stitching this little beauty. I'm pleased with the colours changes I made to the design. Following my WIPocalypse post, I ended up frogging out the large pumpkin. I wasn't happy with its colour scheme and replaced that minty green with a GAST Limited Edition floss. I also decided not to add the vines on the pumpkins. I did actually stitch them on the small one but they really couldn't be seen so I pulled them out.

As I mentioned in my last post, my new start is With Thy Needle & Thread Birds of a Feather. I actually started this one in the fall but I hadn't got very far before I discovered that I'd turned the fabric in the wrong direction when I started and was going to run out of room. So last night I frogged out what little I had stitched and restarted. There's not enough to post yet but hopefully I'll have something to show you next time.

In addition I made a new start on another small, iStitch Designs Sew A Brown Bunny. I had an overdye pink floss that I thought would work but I didn't like the effect once I got started with it so I stuck with just a plain pink. I'm liking this much better.

Carol has designed some really lovely little stitches so if you haven't given any of hers a try before, go and check them out. They're quick stitches and reasonably priced. She'll send you the pdf which I just love because then you can get started on things right away.

The mailman has brought me some new stash additions this week. What a great way to start a week! First up is my giveaway win from Pickle Barrel Designs. Another blogger introduced me to her designs and I'm so glad that they did. Nancy had a giveaway in February to celebrate the release of her new design, Love LettersIsn't it cute! She sent me the kit which also contains the necessary Sullivan floss. This will be the first time I give these floss a try. Thank you so much Nancy for this wonderful gift! 

From Theresa at Shakespeare's Peddler came some more goodies which were actually bought with some of my Christmas cash. During the month of January, she offered a kit special for Blackbird Designs Christmas Garden with the fabric and silks. I also received a kit for A Wassailing. This kit was specially designed for the Williamsburg, VA retreat. Theresa had a few left over and offered them on a first come, first serve basis. I spotted this offer early, put in my request and was lucky enough to receive one.

I also received some charts last week from one of my favourite designers, Midsummer Night Designs. I've only stitched one of her designs, Forget Me Not but there were several others that I wanted to stitch in the future but just hadn't gotten around to ordering. When I went to order one recently I discovered that they're very hard to come by all of a sudden. It looks like she might have quit designing and a lot of her charts are just not out there now. Does anyone know what happened with this designer?
When I managed to find a few I snapped them up right away. 

I think Peace Inside will be my first choice to stitch.

Not much else going on. Hubby is sick with a cold and has stayed home today which is almost unheard of so I know he must be feeling pretty miserable. So far I've managed to escape the bug. It's another glorious, sunny day and I'll be heading in to join my stitching group later this afternoon. I hope you're all getting a taste of this wonderful spring weather!


  1. Wonderful stitchy projects. Hope your husband feels better and you miss the bug.

  2. Wonderful finish, I love that cat. The little bunny design is really sweet with pink, I will have to check out Carol's designs. Love your first pick from the Midsummers Night Designs. Hope the hubs is better soon. CJ in OK ;-)

  3. Such a cute finish! Love it! Nice stash enhancement purchases! Looking forward to updates!

  4. What wonderful patterns you got! Yes, start with the Midsummer Night design! :o) And congrats to your finish of Olga!


  5. Yay for finishing Olga! I'm glad she's got some pumpkins under her belly and that look is the best! Wow such great wins and stash you got there Lynn! Love the BBD Christmas chart! So beautiful!! Have never heard of that designer before so can't help you there :(

    Hope the hubby gets better!



  6. oh my, Olga looks perfect! I am so gonna end up buying this one lol!

    I love your prospective stitch, "Peace Inside." All of the different birds perched on flowers just makes this one.

  7. Ohh, its all lovely new stash Lynn, have fun deciding what to stitch first:) I've always liked Midsummer Night Designs - I've only stitched a couple of her freebies, an ornament or two and one magazine design, none of the bigger designs. I'd be interested to know where you purchased your charts from as I've had the Hearts for Thee chart on my wishlist for a little while now :)Many thanks, Katrina

  8. Wow, you are going to be totally enjoying being OITGS sooooooooon. With all the sun of today and tomorrow that North Side will be all melted away and fresh justa waiting for you and all of your projects.
    Love each and every one of those and I am off to check out Pickle Barrel Designs.
    Cheers to a wonderful stitching afternoon and I sure hope your DH feels up to himself quickly coz there's nothing much worse than a sickbob.
    Be always in stitches.

  9. Olga looks wonderful. You really got some great stash. I love the Midsummer Night Designs.

  10. Grats on a very well done finish, Lynn.

  11. What a pretty finish Olga is! The bunnies are cute. :) I really like the Midsummer Night Designs, I hope she hasn't stopped designing.
    Hope your husband feels better soon and that you stay well. :)

  12. Love your Olga finish, great colours and love the stripey pumpkin.
    Wow, you're going to be one very busy stitcher ~ wonderful stash, how can you choose which to start first? they're all lovely.
    Enjoy the sunshine xxx

  13. Hi Lynn!
    I hope that your husband is feeling better!
    What wonderful new stash...i Love it all.
    Congratulations on the Olga finish, she is sassy. I need to move her up on my stack.

  14. Olga is so cute!! Congratulations on the finish--she's adorable. Love the new stash, too!

  15. Great new stash and Olga looks fantastic!

  16. Olga looks great
    Nice new stash, yum!!!
    I love Midsummer Designs
    Matter of fact one is my header photo
    Take Care of your hubby

  17. Now that is a cat I wouldn't want to get on my bad side!! Such a cute finish, Lynn! And all that wonderful stash--are you planning on living to be 150 girl?? Ha ha :)

    I do hope your husband feels better soon--yes, you know they're really sick when they actually stay home. Mine is the same way...

  18. Congratulations Lynn on finishing Olga! She definitely has attitude ;o)

    Your mailman was very nice to you this week! Sounds like you're enjoying all your new stash ;o) LOL!

  19. Olga is just adorable! And I like the bunny design :)
    Congratulations with your new stash Lynn - it looks wonderful!


  20. I just love Olga! What nice new stash has been arriving at your door lately. Enjoy!!!

  21. Olga is just so funny - I love her! Looks like you got some really good stash there - what fun!

  22. Olga certainly has an attitude and he's looking grand. Congratulations on a fine finish :) Sew A Brown Bunny is cute.

    You got me drooling over your yummy stash. All those gorgeous charts and floss ^.^


  23. Love your finish! Olga is so sweet!

    Sew a Brown Bunny is cute. I love Carol's designs.

    Oooh lots of lovely stash!

  24. Olga looks fantastic! Very pretty! I like the Midnight Summer Designs too and I have a couple of her patterns-like the Hearts for Thee. She used to have a blog and I think she lost a lot of her designs when her computer died and she could no longer retrieve them. So these that you see are it. I guess she just hasn't found the heart or time to restart again. I don't know

  25. Ok, all your stash purchases are reeeally making me want to buy something new and i reeeally dont need anything lol

  26. Olga is a great finish! Love your new stash, that should keep you busy for a while! ;)

  27. Such a great finish. And these Midsummer Night charts are really beautiful. I had never seent hem before.