Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A quick update

Just a quick update to show my progress on Olga and Breath of Spring. I kind of got sidetracked this week when I went ahead with the start of Psalm 103. So I didn't pull out either of these two stitches until Saturday night. 
First up is Olga.

By the end of this week my cat should finally have a head. I'm glad I went ahead and changed my floss. The colour of the tulip and the quaker motif pops a lot more.

Then there's Breath of Spring.

I'll continue working on this one today until I finish off the second basket. Then I'll switch back to Olga for a bit. 

Does anyone know of any St. Patrick's Day freebies out there that are a quick stitch? I would like to do up some small pillows similar to the Valentine ones I did. 
I have so many ideas in my head right now for new starts. Sometimes I spend so much time obsessing over them and trying to make a decision that I waste a whole afternoon and don't accomplish anything!  I go from computer to stash and then back again.
The Nashville Needlework Market went and put a wrench in my plans because now I suddenly have several other designs added to the mix. I go to sleep thinking about stitching and it's the first thing I think of when I wake. Does it ever end?
Then of course blogging just fuels the fire. I see so many other projects in the works that I'd love to stitch. 
My husband says, "Well then, why don't you just stay away from the blogs?"
Stay away! Is he crazy?!! I can't possibly do that. I've made far too many friends that I love to check in on. Plus I've learned so much from them. If it hadn't been for blogging I wouldn't have learned all the wonderful finishes out there besides framing. He just smiles at me and walks away. I think he thinks I've lost it, lol!

Let's face it, I can't possibly stitch everything that I want to in my lifetime. I wouldn't have enough wall space anyways. So for now I plod along on my WIP..... until the next finish!


  1. Olga is sooooo cute - Love it !!!

  2. The cat is so cute! We're listening to an Alice in Wonderland dramatic reading right now and your headless cat makes me think of the Cheshire cat in the story. : )


  3. Olga & Breath Of Spring are coming along great! I have both in my stash of TO DO.. lol I am like you.. think about what I can stitch all the time.. Blogs with pictures do not help my addiction to stitching! lol Happy Stitching today!

  4. You've made great progress!

    Stay away from Blogs? What about ONS? LOL!

  5. Plum Street has a couple small St. Pats freebies. Olga is looking great. Love the color changes.

  6. Hi Lynn , jennifer at Feathers in the nest has just posted up a freebie that might fit the bill .
    Just go to www.feathersinthenest.blogapot.com

  7. You'll have Olga finished in no time Lynn! Breath of Spring is such pretty colours.

  8. I just LOVE the alphabet in Olga. I may have told you that before. LOL I just get a little thrill whenever I see those awesome letters!

    Paulette has a darling freebie here:


    Tanya has one here:


    I hope one of those might do!

  9. Love both your projects! The color for the quaker and tulip is so pretty!

    I was trying not to add any more stash but had to break down and order two new designs from the Nashville show. No will power on my part but at least I didn't order the others that I was drooling over! lol

  10. I just love Olga! The colors are gorgeous!

    Can't wait to see how you finish Breath of Spring.

    Wish we'd have a little bit of your snow this year. Our winter has felt more like spring.

  11. Love the way both projects are coming - you are doing great! There are some old small ones at Rainbow Gallery plus Paulette's.

  12. Olga gets prettier and prettier every update. Breath of Spring is looking good too.


  13. Beautiful stitching! I love them both and they're in my to-be-stitched pile!

  14. The stitching is looking great.
    Your husband is a funny guy!!

  15. Olga and Breath of Spring are both coming along nicely, Lynn!

    I'm trying to narrow down some March small charts to stitch myself. Will email you a list that another blogger sent me with some ideas :)

  16. LOL imagine how much actual stitching we might get done if we didnt spend so much time on the computer lol Im the same though, i love blogs and my blogging friends, i couldnt stay away :-)

  17. So true, I also go to sleep thinking about sewing and blogging does tempt you into buying the beautiful designs you see being stitched up.

  18. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I think I do more drooling over stash and reading blogs than I do actual stitching!
    Best wishes.

  19. I love Olga! So cute and the colours are so pretty. Love Breath of Spring too.

    I love reading blogs and getting enabled! Not good for the old bank balance though! I think every time I read a blog and I see something that goes on my wish list!

  20. Your Olga is beautiful!!
    I snickered at what your husband said...reminded me of mine..men! Lol!

  21. Hello

    just having a look at your blog.

    I love your tow wips they are so cute.

    Since I discovered blogs I spend far more time reading them than I do stitching. There are just way too many ideas in blogland.

    Hope you find a suitable St Patrick's Day chart.

  22. Husbands are funny! They just don't get it!!! Love your progress on all your pieces. The spring basket is adorable!! As for St. Patrick's day freebies, I think Sharon covered the ones I have. It'll be great to see some of them stitched up!!



  23. 'Olga' is just so cute, and I think that your choice of colour changes are perfect.

    I know just what you mean about so many ideas swirling around in your head that you can't settle down to get anything done some days. Happens to me all the time, and when I tell my husband that it is sometimes a choice between stitching or visiting my stitchy blog friends, he too tells me to "just stop blogging". Can't do that either:)

    Blessings to you, dear Lynn for a wonderful weekend!

  24. Olga is looking great and nice progress on your BBD piece.

  25. Oh Lynn, these two projects are just darling. I love them.
    Oh well, pondering on what to stitch next and what to finish next can take some time, can't it? But I love love doing it and whenever I browse through my stash I discover another absolute beauty that I want to start right away. At least one, lol.

  26. Both processes go great - can't wait to see Olga finished :)

    I can live withour blogs, but it's not interesting and they give so much inspiration! :)))