Monday, 30 January 2012

Monday Update

It seems that all our bad weather of late has resulted in some progress on my WIP.
I'll start with my latest finish. One of my WIPocalypse goals was to stitch more ornaments this year so I'm pleased that in the past month I've finished the stitching on not one but two. The latest addition is Prairie Schooler Winter ornament found in the JCS 2006 Christmas ornament issue.

This one took me longer than expected to complete. I always underestimate how long solid stitching like this takes. I'm quite happy with this one and hope to finish it off on some red felt.

With the arrival of my floss substitute for Paradis Perdu last week, I got busy trying the new shade out and seeing if it worked. It's the pale pink colour in this photo. I think it's a much better shade than the green-yellow called for on the chart. It resembles the colour in the picture much better now and I like the looks of it better in the stitching.

I grew tired of this one fairly quickly although I can't say why. In any case, out came BBD Eveline Cunningham. I've decided that this one will be in memory of my father who was born in December like Eveline. I still have to chart his name but when I went to print out some online graph paper I discovered that our printer is getting low on ink so the charting will have to wait a bit.
I also ran into some floss issues with this one. I didn't like the GAST Avocado suggested for the leaves and instead replaced it with CC Dandelion Stem. I'd pretty well finished stitching most of the leaves when I decided I wasn't happy with things so consequently the frogs were my companions for a bit. When I took this one off of the Q snap for a pic I noticed I still have a few leaves to restitch yet. You can see the old colour on the leaves at the bottom of the pic.

                                        Before the change of floss, seen on the bottom.
The colour of floss I changed to on the upper leaves.
So what do you think? Did I make the right choice?
These pics look a little washed out and don't show the colour of the fabric all that well. I'm blaming it on the lousy lighting these days. The sun was out early this morning but has disppeared behind the clouds once more. It seems we are expecting more snow with the possibility of freezing rain again tomorrow. I just received an email that once again our Tuesday group will be cancelling in light of the latest forecast. The weather certainly hasn't been on our side lately!
I'll also be missing my Wednesday afternoon stitch due to another dental appointment. With the possibility of being cooped up again for a few days, I've accepted the invitation of a friend to accompany her to a movie tonight. I think we're going to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. I see it's been nominated for an Oscar for best picture so it should be a good one!


  1. I approve of your floss change, since you asked, lol. Sorry you may be cooped up - enjoy the movie, and hopefully everything will go well at the dentist. Take care!

  2. Your stitching is so pretty
    I do the same thing... underestimate how long it will take me to stitch a certain design. It looks fast, but takes longer, aaargh!!! so much for a fast stitch, lol
    Have fun at the movies

  3. I like both your floss color changes, and I really like your new ornament. I am going to have to go through all of those JCS ornament issues with a different eye. Seems I missed a lot of good ones - LOL! Take care, and I hope you are not snowed in for long! Enjoy your movie, a friend saw it and said it was good, but you need kleenex, at least she did.

  4. Great little finish. I think that you made the perfect changes on your BBD piece. It looks wonderful.

  5. Pretty ornament finish! Your other projects are progressing nicely and look wonderful! Enjoy the movie, it looks like a good one!

  6. Congrats on your PS finish. Love these little patterns.

    I like both substitutions that you made on both pieces. Much better :o)

    Let us know how the movie was. DH wants to see it but I have no idea what it's about.

  7. Great ornament finish! Unfortunately, that is the one year that I didn't get the ornament issue, so I haven't seen that design, but I love it!

  8. I think that if you like the change of floss, that it looks great! I think it does--but it has to be what YOU like! ;) Nice work! I plan to start that one soon. I need to get working on the BBDs that I want to do NOW because I know that as soon as Market comes around, I'll be anxious to work on whatever new stuff they come out with.

    Love the ornament! I find that PS ornaments in general take me longer to stitch than I expect. I get fooled by the solid stitching, thinking that if I don't have to keep changing colors that I'll go faster.

    Nice progress on the Paradis Perdu!

  9. Congratulations with your Prairie Schooler finish - very nice!
    And I love new thread better than the old one - it looks great with the brown and rose colours!


  10. You definitely made the right choice when you switched threads, looks much better! Darling PS finish, too!

    Hope you enjoyed the movie and also that your weather improves very soon...

  11. Pretty stitching! I do like the floss color. That movie is supposed to be good but a tear jerker. Hope you brought kleenex!

  12. Another one who likes the colour changes you went with Lynn. I can often be a little surprised when I kit together a chart because the fabric and thread colours can look quite different to the photograph. Love your PS ornament. I see this one pop up on blogs and every time I see it it reminds me that I want to stitch it! Hope the visit to the dentist goes okay! Not my favourite place to visit!!

  13. I think all of us underestimate how much time solid stitching takes. In any case, good job on finishing the ornament :)

    Paradis Perdu is looking good. I think you made the right floss choice on Eveline Cunningham. Love the colors. So soft and sweet.


  14. Love the PS Christmas ornie. Very sweet pattern. As for the colour changes, if the pattern was spring oriented, the bit of yellow there would work, but since it is a wintery pattern, it seems a bit out of place. Not sure what colour now that you are talking about, lol!! I think that whatever choice you make will be the best!!

  15. Lots of great work Lynn! I see you're taking great advantage of the crappy weather... and not having to drive in it!!!