Saturday, 17 December 2011

Jenny Bean's Christmas and an Exchange Gift

Just in time for the holiday, may I present Miss Jenny Bean's Christmas.......

Jenny Bean's Christmas by Shakespeare's Peddler
stitched on 32 ct Lakeside Linen Magnolia
using Gentle Arts Floss
This was the first design by Theresa Venette of Shakespeare's Peddler that I've ever stitched and it won't be the the last, that's for sure. I loved working on this one! I've had several comments by non stitchers who've seen me working on this that they really like the design and colours. Theresa has created a new design for the retreat in Williamsburg, VA and has a few extra kits left to offer. It's called A Wassailing and you can see a picture of it here. If you want one of the kits, you can put in a request on her blog. It's first come, first serve and I put in my request as soon as I saw the kit.

I also found the time to finish up one of the ornaments that I stitched last year. It's LHN Pear Tree and up until now it's been hiding in the bottom drawer with all my stitching finishes. There are several more ornaments hiding in that drawer which also should be hanging on my tree but there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get them all finished. Finishing takes me forever! Before I even start, I could spend hours just trying to decide which fabric, trim, etc. I should use. I envy those of you who can finish up an ornament within a short period of time.

Speaking of ornaments, lookee what the postman brought me on Friday!

Not one, but two of the sweetest little snowmen! These cuties were an exchange gift I received from Patty. I have admired this pattern on several blogs where they have stitched this design and I was so pleased to see that I won't have to stitch one for myself now. They're both finished so beautifully and each one sports a little Hand Made with Love charm on the reverse.

Aren't they gorgeous? Thank you very much Patty! They will always have a treasured spot on my Christmas tree each year.

I have recently purchased a new tree for my ornaments. My existing little tree is too small to hold anymore. I've been keeping a look out for a small twig tree but I found they wanted a terrible price for the ones I'd seen. Finally, in my own backyard, I found a sweet little tree that is just perfect for my ornaments. I'll have a picture of it to show you on my next post along with pics of my main Christmas tree. My son Daniel helped me finish off the decorating on Thursday. It was his birthday and it's a tradition that he helps me decorate the tree on his special day.
Happy Birthday Daniel and thanks for all your help!


  1. I am not usually a sampler lover, but this one is terrific! Love the pear tree ornament as well. Cute little giftie ornaments too! Can't wait to see your twig tree and your main tree.

  2. Can't wait to see your stitchy tree. What a wonderful tradition of decorating with your son on is birthday. My daughter loves traditions, as well, so I know how much this must mean to you.

  3. Beautiful finish on Jenny Bean! You did a good job finishing that ornie too! Know what you mean about finishing those ornaments, I have several that need finishing too and it does take lots of time for me too.

  4. What a beautiful finish Lynn, congratulations!!!

    What great ornaments you received!

    I turn finishing into an assembly line affair it seems to speed things up for me!

  5. Lynn!! Your Jenny Bean christmas Sampler is gorgeous!! I love the colours and the design too!! Your pear ornament is beautiful too! I'm the same as you when it comes to finishing. I think it takes time to become faster at finishing. I spend hours too just trying to figure things out!! What lovely ornies that Patty sent to you! I like how there are two different greens! Your tree is lovely as well. I really adore the robin perched a top the tree. I adore bird ornaments!!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  6. Congratulations on a beautiful finish, Lynn--I just love this one, too! For as many ornaments as I've finished, it takes me forever, too, so I know just how you feel...

    Happy Birthday to Daniel--and what a great son to help his mom finish the decorating :)

  7. Congratulations on your beautiful Jenny Bean finish.
    I love the ornies that Patty sent you. So sweet.
    Happy Birthday to Daniel!

  8. Lynn --
    JB Christmas is beautiful! I have it in my stash and seeing yours now I want to go pull mine out:)

    Your ornaments both given and received are beautiful.

    Happy Birthday to your son:)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family:)

  9. What a nice birthday tradition. Happy birthday to your son :)
    LOVE your Jenny Bean sampler. So gorgeous. That one is in my stash waiting for me as well.

  10. Aww. Happy Birthday to your son..and what a lovely tradition. Omg..sometimes I think I am the only one who has never stitched a Jenny Bean! It's beautiful!! Merry Christmas!

  11. Happy birthday to Daniel!!

    I love your Jenny Bean Christmas--what a gorgeous finish! I love the pics of your stitching--I can just imagine the feel of the stitching under my fingers. :) Love the ornament, too! I am trying to reform myself from storing up piles of finishing. This year I was on a mission and everything got slapped together like a bull dozer and finished. Your finishing looks great. Love your exchange pieces, too!

  12. Your Jenny Bean is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on a great finish. Love the ornament you received, its super cute.

  13. Wow, this sampler looks so beautiful - I love the calm colours!
    And your finish and presents are very cute :)


  14. Congrats on finishing Jenny Bean! My finish will have to wait until next year -- but yours is lovely!

    Great ornaments too!

    Merry Christmas Lynn!

  15. Pretty finish on Jenny Bean! Love the pear ornament, I still have to stitch mine. Pretty ornaments you received.

  16. Fantastic finish Lynn! I never really looked at this pattern before but after seeing yours done, I love it :o)

    Hey, getting one finished is better than nothing!

    Hope you DS had a Happy Birthday.

    Sweet ornies from Patty! She makes some adorable ones :o)