Monday, 29 August 2011

August TUSAL and a new start

Here's a pic of my August TUSAL. Lots of colour in those orts this month. The red, white and blue are from my LHN America and the LHN Acorn Hill and my new Halloween start are responsible for all those lovely fall browns, greens and golds. My new larger ort jar is starting to fill up. I'll have to squash down some of those orts to make room for more.
Now that I look more closely, I'm sure that I see a white cat hair from Clarisse in among all those orts! It's unavoidable, I find her fur everywhere.

I'm setting aside my Halloween stitch for now until the rest of the floss arrives. Here's as far as I've gotten on BBD Trix or Treat. In the meantime, I put in just a few stitches on LHN America during my Tuesday night SAL. I had too much fun catching up with everyone so my stitching progress was really limited as you can see from the pic below.  Just a few more windows and a small start on the white of the house.

Now I've grown a bit tired of this one and wanted some change.  I'm still waiting for some more floss to arrive for my LHN Acorn Hill  so that one was out of the question. I finished stitching my exchange piece which still requires finishing but I really didn't feel like getting into that right now. What to do, what to do?  Then the mailman arrived (at the post office, not my house since I don't have home delivery). When I checked the mail on Friday I found a package of floss from an ebay win which I'd forgotten all about. I now had all the floss necessary to start Blackbird Designs Sunflower House. This one is #9 in the Loose Feathers series, is out of print and extremely difficult to find. Occasionally it pops up on ebay but usually bidding gets pretty high and I've seen it go for as much as $40! I've had mine for quite some time now. I've always loved it and don't know why I haven't got started up until now. Distracted by too many other choices I guess. Here's a progress pic.

I only started this on Saturday evening and I'm enjoying it so much that I find it hard to put down. I'm liking this fabric too. It's by Enchanted Lair on 32ct Lugana called Ocean's Siren. Such a pretty blue! The picture doesn't do it justice. Although I'm Canadian, I decided to leave the US flag untouched in this design. It just suits the piece. Besides there is some US blood in the family. My DH's grandfather was born in Utica, NY and my sister has taken her US citizenship and resides in Michigan.

I received an email from the new bride that she has received my Wedding Sampler, safe and sound. She is thrilled with it and because her Mom is also a stitcher she appreciates the time and effort that went into it.  I'm so happy that they like it!

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures taken in my girlfriend's yard. I just couldn't resist snapping a pic of this frog which greets you at her front door. Then I found the small group of frogs on a fence around her vegetable garden. They're adorable but she did promise that they don't go travelling!  Happy stitching!


  1. What cute ort jars!! I love them! I too used to get my cats hair in and on everything. I miss that. As for your Canada project, its looking great! Can't believe that the BBD Sunflower house is a must have item! Wow! It's looking great so far and I agree with you on the US flag bit, it just fits in there.

    Cute froggies!!

  2. Lovely stitching all around. Love your changed Americana. And drooling over your BBD. What a beautiful design. And indeed, it's hard to get. I know, bc I tried. Which means I will double enjoy following your progress.

  3. Love all your stitching projects! Sunflower is working up quickly for you, I have never seen that one so will look forward to seeing it finished! The frogs are cute!

  4. Lookie at all your pretties :)
    I REALLY LOVE that LHN changed to O Canada...

  5. You have been making great progress on all of your stitching projects, evidenced by your very full orts jars! "O Canada" looks wonderful, and your BBD "Sunflower House" is coming along beautifully. It is one of my favorite pieces, which I stitched a few years ago, and now hangs in my guest bedroom. I loved stitching it too!

    Love your friend's frogs! Really cute!

  6. Great stitching projects!

    Love the frogs, what a lovely addition to the garden.

  7. Well if you must post about frog at least they are cute ones!

    A lovely TUSAL post, Lynn. All your projects look fun and there are lots of pretty colors in your "new" ORT jar.

  8. Love your newest project, and you're so far along on it! I sure can relate to the cat hair....amazing they aren't bald!

  9. Your ort jars prove what a busy bee you've been Lynn ~ all lovely work and progressing nicely with such pretty colours and fabby.
    Yes, tell your girlfriend that the frogs, although lovely, must stay where they are ~ we certainly don't want any frogging issues!!!
    Have a good weekend xxx

  10. Sunflower House is indeed a beautiful design. I really like how your LHN piece is coming along. The frogs are so cute!

  11. Cat hair does get every where, but I think our feline friends are worth it. You're making lovely progress on all of your WIPs and Sunflower House is so bright and happy. Best wishes and happy stitching to you.

  12. Sometimes I think that I spend more time plucking Puddles fur from my stitching as doing any actual stitching. Oh well, I love him to bits and wouldn't change anything about him.
    I am glad that the Wedding Sampler was well received and that it arrived at its destination safe and sound.