Wednesday, 1 June 2011



I can't believe it's time for my TUSAL post again. Although I've had a busy month, I have managed a finish, a new start and some progress on Spring Quakers. However it seems that I have very small orts. I use my thread almost to the end especially when I was stitching Sweet Little Berries and I had a limited amount of floss in the kit. I have a really hard time taking pictures of this little jar. There seems to be a lot of glare whenever I try so this time I took it outside on my front porch and snapped this pic.

After snapping the pic I took a drive over to the post office to pick up our mail and found a surprise waiting for me.  Earlier this month Rhona had her first giveaway on her blog and I was the lucky winner. Good thing she emailed me to let me know. I was behind on my blog reading and had missed her post with the winner. Her giveaway included a pair of stork scissors, a magnetic needle case and some  DMC Gold needles.

 She also stitched the most adorable card with my initial on it. Isn't it sweet!? Thank you very much for everything Rhona!!

My DH just arrived home with another surprise. There is a soup kitchen which runs out of his church and they also have items such as clothing which are dropped off for those in need. Today, among some of the drop offs was a 17" Q snap. He waited until the end of the day to see if anyone had claimed it. Nope, it's yours! he was told. I was pleased when he showed it to me and surprised that he knew what it's used for. I guess he is paying attention to what I'm doing!

Since I just posted yesterday I have no new stitching to show but I do have a picture of my most recent framed piece. It's LHN North Wind and I felt this frame was perfect. The framing of this piece is a retirement gift from my Aunt and Uncle and I'm very pleased with it. Kelly, who works at my framer's, is amazing at picking out just the right frame for the stitching. I always hope that she's working when I drop by with a new stitch.
I'll leave you with a picture of my fur baby, Clarisse. She calmly sat and watched me as I went about doing laundry and cleaning up today.Usually she's got her nose right in everything but it appeared she was having a lazy day.

We have had very high winds here today and my laundry was dry in record time!


Angela P said...

My laundry kept blowing off the line, it was that windy! But at least it is cooler today which is very welcome.

Love the frame for North Wind it fits it perfectly. Great prize win!

Beatrice said...

I love the frame it's perfect and so is your Purrrrrfect Clarisse...what a doll!
I see you are having a hard time finding time...yup your retired!

Nancy said...

North Wind is perfect in that frame! Clarisse looks quite queenly!!

Karen said...

Congrats on your win! I really like the little watering can on your ort jar. It's quite cute! The frame for North Wind suits the piece perfectly. Clarisse looks pretty comfy watching you.

Carol said...

Great choice of frames, Lynn--North Wind is so pretty in it! And congratulations on the giveaway win--may it be the first of many during your retirement years :)

Donna said...

Time fly's because I trhink I forgot last months TUSAL!! oh no. Lovely frame but I especially love your fur baby. so cute!!

mdgtjulie said...

Clarisse is beautiful. I LOVE long haired cats. And easygoing ones. I somehow ended up with Princess Yes Dear, a short haired Dive with a capital D!! Not that I would ever give her up! Grats on winning the giveaway; those are always fun. And grats on scoring the Q snap. I have a seventeen inch, but I'm thinking of giving it away as I never use it. North Wind has a perfect frame. Glad you have someone to help you pick out frames!!

Brigitte said...

Oh, North Wind looks gorgeous in that frame. It's a perfect match!

Kathy Ellen said...

Congratulations upon winning Rhona's nice giveaway. The card she stitched with your initial is really sweet.
"North Winds" looks great in that perfect frame.
Your beautiful, Clarisse, is such a a darling little bundle of fur!

Suzanne said...

Love the North Wind piece, it look lovely in that frame. Congratulations on your win!

Now what a great husband you have. It's amazing that sometimes they do pay attention to what we are doing without us ever noticing.

Suzanne said...

Love the North Wind piece, it look lovely in that frame. Congratulations on your win!

Now what a great husband you have. It's amazing that sometimes they do pay attention to what we are doing without us ever noticing.

Daffycat said...

Pretty ORTs, Lynn!

I do love your new frame-up. North Wind looks fantastic.

Oh my, what a gorgeous photo of Clarisse. You needs to frame that one. Gee, I'm tempted to frame it and it's not even my cat!

Andrea said...

Love your LHN finish. The frame is just perfect!

Beatrice said...

Hi Lynn
Just want to let you know I have the cheque...thanks.
I look forward to seeing you at Kathy's.
Have a great summer.

Siobhan said...

I'm behind on my blog reading but enjoyed my catch up on your news. I'm glad you had a good tiem with your family, celebrating your retirement! I have to admit, I hate gardening, so I have been trying to get my son out there to do some weeding but it's like pulling teeth to get him to put any muscle into it.

Your WIPs are gorgeous! Love the frame on North Wind, too. The frame is perfect for it!

Clarisse is such a beautiful cat. I loved seeing the photo of the cardinal, too!

Kajsa said...

Your kitty is so pretty! Lovely finish, I love that linen color against the frame.

Anne said...

Congrats on Rhona's win!! I love the card she made for you. Isn't she so talented?!! The north wind pattern is one that I would love to stitch and I think your choice of frame is perfect! Your fluffy cat is too adorable for words!

Quiltsmiles said...

WHat a sweetie to get you a frame. I think that frame you selected is spot on for the LHN design. Very nice.