Friday, 18 February 2011

First motif completed

I couldn't resist the pull any longer and so begins Spring Quakers by Rosewood Manor. I loved this design the moment I set eyes on it! I'm using the recommended Valdani floss and really enjoying it. This particular floss is overdyed and comes in a 3 strand spool. I'm using all 3 strands so there is no need for separation which is what the chart indicates. The colours are really beautiful and vibrant and show up great on my Queen Anne's Lace fabric. Unfortunately this picture really hasn't captured either one all that well. The lighting is so poor by the time I'm home from work. I started with one of the bigger motifs and it used all but 3 of the floss colours. It might take me awhile to complete this one but it is definitely going to be worth it!
Spring Quakers is too large a project for me to carry into work so I have a new travelling stitch. Tra La La's Maison No 4 is perfect for this and has a lovely spring feel to it. Most of these charts use DMC floss. However this particular one had DMC conversions for 2 overdyed floss. These 2 called for Atalie threads which I assume are available in France. I liked the colour variation for these 2 so I substituted with what I had in my stash. I'm using CC Razzleberry and GAST Currant instead.

The framers called this week with another of my finishes. As you know, I'm trying to get as many of my favourites framed as possible before I retire. Spring Lace by Whispered By The Wind was next in line. I absolutely love this frame but I when I picked it out I wasn't thinking about my wall colours at home. I wish that my walls were darker than they are. It would show this one off so much better. It's such a gorgeous frame!

My back is pretty well back to normal now. Thanks once again for all of your well wishes! My car returned on Wednesday and it looks so good. They even cleaned the inside which if you ever rode in my car you would know really needed it. I don't think I've seen it look this good since I first parked it in the drive! The weather here the past couple of days has been really mild and a good deal of our snow has melted. However temps are supposed to drop overnight again with some more of that white stuff forecasted. And I was just thinking that perhaps I could ditch the boots!


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling much better. I really like your new start, the colours are fantastic. That newly framed piece is really, really lovely and the frame is perfect for your piece. Don't worry, you can always paint your walls darker to highlight that beautiful frame. :)

  2. I really like that frame, and the piece looks great! I feel ya on the snow. It's been warmer and raining here in MI the last couple days so most the snow has melted but they are saying we are supposed to get a snow & ice storm Sunday-Monday. 1/3-1/2 inch of ice from freezing rain after the snow - just when I thought Spring was almost here! lol

  3. Spring Quakers is going to be gorgeous. I have never heard of that floss before, but it sure has colors that just pop!

    I like your framed piece on your walls. The frame is beautiful, but the color of the walls brings out the green in the piece really well - at least on my monitor - LOL!!

    Glad your back is doing better, but am sorry you are looking at more snow. We have very warm temps here right now, but I know they won't last.

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better! Back pain is no fun!

    Your stitching is gorgeous and I really love that frame, too! I may have to pick up the Spring Quakers too. I haven't used the Valdani threads yet!

  5. Your framed piece is absolutely gorgeous, and the frame really compliments the design. I am a big fan of green & pink, and this one just took my breath away.

  6. Lovely start on Spring Quaker Lynn, those Valdani threads are gorgeous.
    Your framed piece is beautiful.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  7. Nice new start, Lynn. And, oh, I just love your framed stitching - both stitchery and a frame looks great!

    Best wishes,

  8. Ditching the boots sounds nice - we could do that last week when even the last spot of snow had melted. But I'll keep them in reach because I doubt that the winter has gone for good.
    Lynn, your framed piece looks stunning. Absolutely fantstic.
    And Spring Quaker is the perfect piece to still one's hunger for spring with all its great colours. You made a great start on it.

  9. Spring Quakers is going to be so pretty. You're off to a great start:)))

    Your framing looks beautiful. What an impressive finish.

    We've had some milder weather this week too but it's too good to last. We're in for some snow and cold too:((((

    Glad you are feeling better.

  10. oh no don't ditch the boots yet, not until the ice is all gone and the snow is melted away coz you just don't want to slip and fall now that your back is feeling better... I love that frame, it finishes off the piece so nicely.
    As always

  11. What a lovely new start - the colours are so vibrant. I love your latest framed piece too, it looks perfect in that frame. I'm so glad to hear your back is much better, here's hoping spring is just around the corner! :)
    Happy stitching.

  12. Good to hear that your back is back to normal, Lynn! And wonderful news about the car--I always worry about how a car will look after it's been repaired.

    LOVE your framed piece--I think it looks perfect against your pale green wall! Looking forward to seeing more framed pieces before you retire. I'll bet you're counting the days, aren't you!

  13. That is a stunning piece Lynn. I love it so much.

    Glad to hear you and the car are both on the mend. Take care of yourself.

  14. Spring Quaker is such a beautiful design and I look forward to watching your progress.

    Spring Lace looks fabulous in it's frame. You picked a wonderful frame for it.

  15. WOW Lynn! The framed piece is absolutely stunning! Its looks great! x

  16. Spring Quakers and the Tra La La piece are both going to be wonderful! Your framing is OH MY GOSH gorgeous. Fantastic choice in a frame!!

  17. Spring Quakers is looking fabulous already. Love the framed piece, I think it looks gorgeous hanging on your wall.

  18. Love your newly framed piece as well as your newly started one! So glad to hear that you're feeling better also. Is that your white cat in the sidebar? That's a very cool photo!

  19. 2 great new starts with lovely colors!

    The frame works beautifully and looks so pretty!

    Glad you're doing better.

  20. That Whispered piece is GORGEOUS!!! It might almost be worth repainting the walls for. Maybe an accent wall?