Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Won't you join me in a dance?

I'm dancing! Yes finally, my Nantucket Summer Sampler is a fait accompli! In many ways I'm feeling wistful. I think that this has been my favourite stitch up until now. I'm so pleased with how it has turned out. It's off to the framer's with this one next week. I think a white frame might be nice. Any thoughts? Here's a couple of closer views of the piece.

I dropped Clarisse's Sampler off at the framers on the weekend and in the process I picked up my HoaN. The did a really great job on it. When my local needlework shop closed, they recommended this framer to us. It's the same fellow doing all the stretching that had been doing it at the needlework shop so we know that it's being done right.

We had a lovely long Victoria Day weekend here. The weather cooperated with only a sprinkling on the Saturday. My son Chris arrived from Toronto and along with his brother Dan, we all met in the Ottawa market area for my birthday dinner on Friday evening. It was such a beautiful evening that we ate outside on the patio. I chose Tucker's Marketplace for our meal because it's buffet style and that way the vegetarians in our family can also fill up their plates. Following our meal we took a walk through the market and then headed to Chapters bookstore where I was treated again as a Mother's Day gift by Chris and a birthday gift by Dan. I could stay all day in a bookstore! But finally we headed back home where we sat and caught up with the boys.

We're having extreme heat this week! The temperature today is 35 C or 95 F! I returned to work yesterday (unfortunately) and the hospital was downright sticky. Only certain areas such as the OR, Emergency and Obstetrics are air conditioned and the hallways were almost unbearable. Fortunately our department has some air because of all the instruments and the amount of heat they put off. Without the cooling we run into problems with some things overheating. We didn't stay all that cool though because there are always people coming in and out who forget to shut the doors behind them allowing all that hot air from the halls in.

By the end of the day I was exhausted due to a combination of the heat and working my first full day post-op. I collapsed into bed upon arriving home and napped for an hour or so. Today I'm off again. They brought me back to work on reduced hours this week. I'm working every other day. They suggested half days all week but because I commute 45 min each way they decided that perhaps alternate days would be better. Next week I'm on for 3 full days followed by 2 days off. Then it's right back into the swing of things with a 7 day stretch. Somehow I think I'll be a tad tired!

I've started 2 new stitches. First off is Lizzie Kate's Prayer Connection. This is to be a gift for the new rector at our church on the occasion of his induction service. I have until October 4 before the service so there's plenty of time. I thought this piece was appropriate since Gregor was responsible for starting up the prayer group in our parish.

I've also put in my first stitches on Forget Me Not by Midsummer Night Designs. There's not enough stitched yet for a pic but I should have one by my next post.
My DH has just finished making up a pitcher of his homemade ice tea. Pefect on a day like today! Here's hoping you can stay cool wherever you are.


  1. Yes Lynn it is hot here too but nothing a good sprinkler can't over come. Man, I wish you were able to join us this weekend, you know the more the merrier. Maybe next year. I love the wireless connection, makes you think.
    Be always in stitches.

  2. Beautiful! You did a great job. As for the frame, I'm hopeless with that unless I actually see the frame against the work.

  3. Nicely done! Do you have your stitcheries framed with glass or not? While you are baking, we are running our this weird or what?

  4. Oooohhh what a wonderful finish, I love the colors in it. Your finished and framed Home looks great too, I'm glad you were able to find a the framer when the one shop closed. Glad you had a good time on your outing, I'm a book store nut too so being able to hang in Borders sounds a real treat. Hope you're able to get enough rest between working, don't forget to take care of yourself you don't want to over do, it takes a while to get back to full speed.

  5. LOVE your finish :) It is beautiful! And your framed Needleworker TOO sampler is gorgeous! Happiest of birthdays :) And sorry you're back at work :( That was fast....but not too much longer prior to retirement right?!

  6. I'm happy dancing with you, congrats on the finish! I agree a white frame would work best. It's super hot here too and I hate it but the air conditioning works well! I look forward to seeing your new projects :)

  7. Oooh Lynn! Congratulations on finishing Nantucket it looks awesome! I'm not sure about the white frame, how about a dark green to match the greens in the border but something distressed or scuffed up?

  8. Sounds lime you had a wonderful birthday Lynn. Nantucket Sampler looks wonderful, congratulations on the finish and Home of a Needleworker Too looks great in it's frame.

  9. Congrats on finishing Nantucket - it looks wonderful!
    Glad you had a great birthday with the boys.
    Sending hugs

  10. Congratulations on finishing the Nantucket sampler, it looks beautiful. Love the Home of a Needleworker Too, it looks lovely in that frame. Glad to see you had a lovely time with your boys.

  11. I personally think you did a great job. Just in time for summer.

  12. Congratulations on the finish! Woohoo! I love your framed piece, too, and your new stitching. :)