Friday, 15 January 2010

Close to a finish

I'm hoping it won't be long now before I have my first finish for 2010. I have 2 pieces which are close to being completed - Blessings and Fa La La by Little House of Needleworks. I started Fa La La about a week ago and it's been progressing very well. However once I got the lettering stitched in I wasn't happy with the way it looked. I didn't go with the recommended fabric,
choosing instead to use up some of the fabric in my stash. I chose a Silkweaver called Sand which is very close in colour to the recommended choice. However I find that the lettering in white is just not showing up. I'm thinking of replacing it with the red colour used in the one girl's dress. I think I shall start frogging tonight. The frogs have been in residence a lot lately and although this ornament is a simple piece, I've had to frog out several times. I think I was just too tired when I was stitching on this one. I managed to get both girls stitched when I realized that one was sitting up just one row higher than the other. In fact it was the first stitched girl that I'd counted wrong on and there was just too much stitched to be frogged. It would have meant redoing one whole side of the ornament. I chose instead to frog out the girl in green and move her down one row to even things up. That'll teach me!!

I joined the LHN monthly ornament group but because I live in Canada it seems that I'm behind the ladies who live in the US. I don't receive my charts until they've had theirs for about a month or more. I just received notice this week that my second ornament chart is being mailed to me so I should receive it next week. I think the ladies in Vonna's group are getting ready to receive their 3rd ornie chart. I am enjoying stitching these though. LHN is one of my favourite designers and her patterns are always a fun stitch.

As for Blessings, I'm having the same problem with the white floss not showing up on my fabric. The white stars just weren't popping so I replaced them with a soft gold colour. I'm still thinking though that they could've been much darker. Any thoughts? I'm looking through my floss to see if I can find a darker gold colour.
I know the date on this piece is 2009 which is when I'd hoped to complete it but I'm not changing it now.

Tuesday night stitching was a lot of fun. It was good to see all the ladies after our holiday break. There were a couple of happy dances to celebrate including Sally's finish of the Village of Hawk Run Hallow and Barb's Orca finish. Both works have been in progress for some time so there was much to celebrate. And then of course there was the fun of seeing all the new starts. Three members of the group are stitching Christmas in Hawk Run Hallow. Each of the three have different colour choices so it's fun to see how things are progressing.
I'd like to finish off some of my UFOs like the Ink Circle's Owl and my Trilogy Snowman. The snowman however seem to be lost at the moment. I remember removing it from my stitching bag which was getting too full at the time but for the life of me I can't remember where I've put it. Of course that was during the time of the renovations and there have been many things which have gone missing then. Sooner or later we'll find them all. I just found a Bluetooth accessory for DH's cell phone which has been missing in action for the past year! It's a real shame though because if I can't find the snowmen I just might be forced into a new start, lol!

Both myself and DH are under the weather right now. Bob has been ill with a chest cold for 10 days and I'm fighting it now. Fortunately it really hasn't taken hold of me the way that it did Bob. I stayed home from work today and didn't really stitch much at all. I spent most of my time sleeping instead probably due to the cold. I'm waiting for the arrival of a Blue Ribbons Design, Autumn Leaves and Sunflower Seads. I love doing designs like these and of course I'm partial to autumn scenes. Now I'm off to settle in for a couple hours of stitching before bed. If I can managae to drag myself out of bed tomorrow at an early hour, I should be able to get in some quality stitching time before heading into Ottawa. We've been invited to a choir potluck. Mmmmm!


  1. I used the red for Fa La La too...I liked it better than the white :)
    My favorite gold color is 729 (DMC) you might looksie at that :)
    We are getting ready to get the 3rd Ornament "He's a Flake". Diane said they were shipped to UPS today. So I figure in 2 weeks we'll have them :)

  2. Oh I hate frogs, but the red will definitely look better than the white and definitely pop. I think a darker gold will look better as well. The blessings ornament is turning out gorgeous though. Happy stitching!

  3. You are right, the white letters aren't really showing, and it's the same with the stars. A darker gold tone would be better and red letters on Fa La La would go perfectly with the rest of the design. I hope that frog has moved on by now, lol.
    I hope that you are feeling a bit better today and that the flu hasn't caught you completely.

  4. All your stitching looks lovely. My household has been frog free for a little while, lets hope it stays that way for a little longer. I had a terrible run with stitching errors just before Christmas, every piece had a problem and I really didn't feel like stitching.

    I hope you both feel better soon.