Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Friends and Fun

That's what the past weekend was all about when I made a trip Kingston way for a SAL at Rebecca's home. I landed in on Friday evening after being stuck in a traffic nightmare on the 401 highway. Waiting for me was Rebecca, Dani and Christin. Not long after I arrived we were joined by Bonnie from Cobourg. Following a yummy supper provided by Rebecca we all settled in, stitching in hand and caught up with each other.

Saturday morning the group got a little bigger with the arrival of Trista, Kathy, Beatrice, Barb and Judy. Ann and Beth had both called with regrets due to illness so our group was complete.
I know that in the pictures which Dani took, it appeared that we were all business but there was still a lot of chatting going on while we stitched. Dani made terrific progress on Tour de Marque. Rebecca is now backstitching her wolves which we all agreed doesn't necessarily need to be done on everthing called for in the piece. Some of the stitching around the mouth just didn't look right and we all felt it looked better off without it.
Barb and I seemed to be visiting with the frogs (as well as snails which slowed us down) and I think I might have heard them in Kathy's corner as well or was that just Kathy, lol! Everyone else seemed to be making great progress. Trista's Taj Mahal Mandela was beautiful! I wish I'd taken a pic to show all of you. Later in the day the frogs departed and I did make some progress on Nantucket as well as a little on BD Blessings.

Here's Rebecca who hosted

Beatrice and Barb followed by Christin and Kathy

Beatrice with her Mirabilia along with Judy and Dani
enjoying the potluck

Trista with her Chatelaine
and Bonnie with her Blackstone Fantasy Garden

Nantucket Summer Sampler

Pot luck was on the menu for supper, one of my favourites. After a few more hours of stitching following supper, the Brighton contingent headed back home.

I've been having some issues lately with foot problems which in turn has resulted in pain in the back, knees and hips since I'm shifting my weight . I spent the weekend hobbling around and on Sunday morning made the decision to head home early. I really wasn't comfortable and it was putting a damper on things. A very special thanks to Rebecca for being such a super hostess and to her hubby for supplying one of my favourite drinks.

Since I last posted I also made a start on a little freebie that arrived with one of my online orders. It's an Ink Circles freebie called Ink Spots #6 - Spotted Owls. Can you spot the owls?

I love working on this little piece. I'm using a Dinky Dyes silk and figured I'd have plenty to finish things off. That was before Clarisse took off with some of my floss! I had cut all of the floss into lengths and laid it on the arm of my chair. Then I stepped away for a few minutes. When I returned, all but two of the lengths had disappeared. I looked everywhere for them with no luck. There are so many hiding places in my house right now courtesy of my renovations and the boxes of kitchen goods. She might have eaten some of it but I don't think she had enough time to ingest all of them. In any case, the floss is no more and I had to place an order for another skein to replace it. That'll teach me to leave my floss lying around, lol!

Speaking of Clarisse, she's really out of sorts now that the kitchen renovations have begun. We have to keep her cooped up in one of the bedrooms all day while they and we are working. There's really no other place for her. We don't have a door to our rec room to keep her downstairs. Usually we confine her to a bedroom during the night but now we're giving her free reign of the house while we sleep so she can get a bit more exercise. Of course there's plenty of dust which she's running around in so I'm sure she'll need a bath when it's all said and done.

All of our carpet is being replaced with hardwood so the carpet is now gone. I always camped with my boys so I'm used to eating and cooking out of boxes but I could do without all the dust. Meals are limited right now to using our microwave, toaster oven or the BBQ. Eating out is looking better all the time!
Since cleaning is out of the question at this time, I'm off now to sit and stitch a bit before bed. Hope you're all having a great week.


  1. Lynn it was great to see you its been far too long!

  2. It was great to meet you on the weekend!
    Hope you are feeling better!

  3. What a wonderful time we all had! Great to reconnect with you. Hope your foot issues are resolved soon.
    That Clarisse is a mess isn't she lol

  4. Great to see you again. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. What a wonderful weekend. It must be so wonderful to meet with friends, stitch and chat.

    Your Nantucket sampler looks great and I really love the Ink Circles piece. Those owls really just pop out when you look carefully. I love the thread colour you are using for it.

    I hear you about the dust with renovations. I just can't seem to keep on to of it at the moment. I think when we did our kitchen there were a lot of take out meals and eating at my mum's house. I don't think I did very much cooking at all.

  6. That's a great headline for your post. Just sorry to hear that you had problems with your foot. I hope the problem could be taken care of and you are feeling better in the meantime.

    Such a nice little freebie, and yes I could detect two owles. Are there more?

  7. Sounds like a lovely time with your stitching friends!
    I really love that Ink circles piece and yes, i can see the owls!
    Hope your foot problems get resolved

  8. Oh, Lynn, what a great weekend it sounds and looks like for all of you. I wish I could have been there with you, Kathy, and Dani, especially!! Your Nantucket is beautiful. So sorry about your feet..that can do a job on your back, so I hope you keep your legs and feet up and stitch alot to help matters!! I have no carpet, only natural cherry floors, and I swear by them. They are so quiet (as opposed to what people may think) and they are easy to keep clean. You're gonna love the after-mess!! :] Hugs

  9. What a fun time, sorry you had to leave early. Hope you're feeling better now. Your WIP's all look lovely, I think the Ink Circles Owls are my favorites.

  10. I'm so happy to find your post. Years ago I had the spotted owl chart. I made one and gave it as a gift and had decided to make another for myself. Now i cannot find it..I visited Tracy's site and the chart is no longer available..however she states that if you have it you can share it. I'm posting to see you can..i'll be happy to pay postage.
    Blessings, Deborah and the furry gang ^..^