Saturday, 13 June 2009

Cirque has returned..

Home that is. While we were away last week the framer left a message that Cirque des Cercles' framing was complete. I only had one day at home before I headed off for lab training in Rochester, NY so my DH picked it up for me. This is a new framer that I'm using since my LNS closed. However the gentleman who did all the stretching for my LNS had recommended this particular framer and he is now working for them so I knew I was in good hands. I decided not to go with a mat and chose a mahogany frame. When I returned home and finally got a look at it I was very pleased with the framing except for the fact that they had placed the hardware on the reverse as if this was being framed vertically instead of horizontally. We were able to change that ourselves and it is now hanging in my guest bedroom. I'm not sure yet if this is where it will reside permaently. My bedroom is lavender and it would look great there but then nobody gets to see it. Decisions, decisions!
A vacation followed by a work-related training trip has had me suffering some serious stitching withdrawal symptoms! The only time I managed to get in any stitches was on the car trip to and from visiting my family. I had a great visit home although it wasn't long enough. My DH was involved in a concert tribute to his former music professor from university and while he was involved with that I spent time visiting with my family. We both also managed to squeeze in a
visit with some close friends in Michigan.
Just before leaving we paid a visit to our old high school where one of our former classmates is now principal. It felt really strange to be back. The school hasn't really changed all that much but the total number of students now is only 500 as opposed to 1200 when we attended. We wandered around the school for a bit and during our travels we found a picture of the basketball team from 1944-45. There in the back row, the shortest boy on the team, was my Dad(2nd from the left in the back)! We took this picture so that I could show my sons since they were very young when their Grandpa Denny died.

I was having such a super time on the trip and wanted to visit with other friends but I had to be back on the Friday so that I could pack for my next journey. I was off to a lab training session in Rochester, NY. for a new instrument that we're receiving in the chemistry lab. I travelled with a co-worker and following each day's classes we were off to check out the local shopping. Needless to say, there wasn't exactly much time for stitching. The shopping was great though!!
Above is a picture of where I'm at now with Spring Lace.
As for my new start, well I'm afraid that all I've managed to put in on that one is some of the lettering. Since I'm stitching it on linen I really need my magnifying lens to work on it and it's not portable. I find that with evenweaves I don't need the lens much but when it comes to linens I usually screw up in my count and definitely need to be able to see what I'm doing. I don't return to work until Wednesday so I'm hoping to be able to put in some time on this one during the next few days.
One of the fun things about returning home is seeing what's waiting for you! Besides my welcoming DH, there was dear, sweet Clarisse who hasn't quit following me around since my return. Wherever I go, she follows. When I headed down to our storage room this morning with my suitcase, I think she thought I was leaving again. She cried the whole time I was carrying that case until she figured out that I was indeed staying put.
Then there was the stash waiting for me! I was really only expecting one small order but I'd completely forgotton about another order I'd placed earlier. Some of the items were on back order and since I was in no hurry I didn't care. However, my mind being what it is lately, the order was gone from my memory until its arrival. Memory loss can be a great thing when it surprises you in the form of stash arrival!
What I was expecting was a couple of Threadworx floss for some upcoming projects as well as LHN- To Bee or not to Bee and Val's Chilly Willy. What I'd forgotten about was Glendon Place - With Hope, By The Bay- In My Father's House, and last but certainly not least, Ink Circles - Cirque des Carreaux. Yeah, those Ink Circle designs have really hooked me!

Now I'd better go and make some headway on my laundry. I've got a lot to catch up on around here. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Your framed finish is just lovely! The frame is very nice for it.

  2. Beautiful work of art.
    The frame compliments the piece well.
    Spring Lace is so pretty.
    I love the stitchy stash
    Happy stitching

  3. Cirque looks beautiful framed. I bought the new one too LOL!
    Love the new stitching goodies too. Will I see you this weekend.

  4. Cirque des Cercles is absolutely beautiful! I love the colors you chose. Oh wow, and look at Spring Lace!

    Your poor Clarisse! Oh well, it's nice to be so missed. :)

  5. Your Cirque is just lovely framed. Glad you were able to fix the hardware!

  6. Your piece looks wonderful! And I must say, Clarisse is absolutely gorgeous. I want to reach out and cuddle her.

    I almost always use a magnifier these days. I think I have grown dependent on the darn thing, so I have the kind that hangs around my neck for when I can't use the good one. Don't like it but it works.

  7. Oh it looks great Lynn! You definitely need to show it off so maybe move it into your room after a few years :)
    Sounds like a fun trip. How great to find that picture of your dad

  8. Cirque looks gorgeous in its new frame and your trip sounds like you had a wonderful time!
    Very exciting new stash:)

  9. also meant to mention how fun that was to find your dad's school pic!!

    Lace is progressing beautifully:)

  10. Oh Boy that is a lovely frame for CdC..
    Nicely done!
    we missed you on the weekend. May soon we can get together again.
    I too bought the new IC...hmmm a SAL maybe.........

  11. Cirque looks fantastic!!!! Can't wait to see it in person!

  12. Your framed CdC looks wonderful Lynn, great choice of frame. Some nice new stash to fondle, lucky you!! Looking forward to seeing some progress pictures of Natures Beauty, it is a lovely design.

  13. Cirque looks fantastic. You chose a great frame for it. And you've received a nice haul of new stash. I'd take it, too, lol.

  14. Cirque looks gorgeous. A great WIP and all that lovely stash too.

  15. Cirque des Cercles' looks absolutly wonderfull, in fact it would look nice in my livingroom too. lol be always in stitching