Saturday, 29 November 2008

Noel Tree finished

I had a lot more time for stitching this week and finally was able to complete my Noel Tree. I think I'd like to do this one again some other time, perhaps in a different colour. Originally I thought I'd keep this for myself but when I was at home visiting, my Mom mentioned how pretty it was so I'm thinking of giving this one to her for Christmas.
Speaking of my Mom, I forgot to mention the early gift I received from her. When I was young, my Mom had inherited a persian lamb coat and my Dad had bought her a mink jacket one year. Over the years fur fell out of fashion and the coats have remained in storage. This year Mom decided she was tired of paying storage costs for something she wasn't wearing any longer. Instead she took the coats to a woman in Windsor who makes teddy bears out of them! Each of her daughters and her granddaughter received fur bears as gifts.
We each had our choice of bears and I ended up with one of the mink ones. He's beautiful, with moving joints and lovely green glass eyes. The lining of the jacket was used for the pads of the feet and arms. My particular little bear almost looks like he's wearing a fur hat.

I was totally surprised! I had no idea that there was anyone doing this sort of thing. Now I just have to find a resting place for him, preferably one where the cat won't find him. Finnigan's first instinct was to wash the bear for me! As I write this, I'm sitting on the very front edge of my chair since Finnigan has joined me and is taking up most of the chair's seat.

Tonight I've been trying to catch up on my ornament for this month. I've managed to finish off the partridge and now I'm working on the pears for his tree. I don't know if I'll manage to get one complete for the month of December. The first of our choirs' performances takes places starting tomorrow afternoon and is followed by two more concerts on the next two Sunday afternoons in the month. Right now rehearsals are taking up a good portion of our evenings. On top of that it seems that there is a stomach virus making its rounds throughout the hospital staff. As a result we're all having to work double shifts to cover. I had my turn yesterday working from 7:00 am until 11:00pm. Needless to say I haven't done too darn much today!

With work and all the festivities that take place in this month I just don't have the time to do a lot of the finishing work on my stitching that I would like. Flat folds are something that I really haven't done much of but I love the look of them. So I decided to take advantage again of Vonna's finishing service for my M Designs Peace Tree. I mailed it off to her a couple of weeks ago and a few days ago she sent me pictures of the finished piece which I've posted below. I love it! The fabric she chose for the backing is so pretty. I told her I was tempted to keep this one for myself. It's on its way to me now and I can't wait to see it. Vonna does beautiful work so if you're like me and are not really into finishing, I recommend that you take a peek at her site.

This is the first year that I've given so much of my stitching for gifts. I've also had one of my pieces framed for a girlfriend. She loves folk art and I figured she'd like this one. It's the Country Garden by Blackbird Designs.

Now I'm heading off to get some shuteye. We've got a long day in town tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Congrats on your Noel Tree finish! It's really pretty!
    Wow! What an incredible idea using the fur to make teddy bears! I just told Mr. Right about that. His mother had a few fur coats we just donated a few years ago! Beautiful!
    Great progress on your wip! Very nice:)

  2. Your Noel tree looks great! Cute teddy as well :)
    You sound as busy as ever!

  3. I love your tree.
    What a clever idea to use those furs coats.
    Teddy is adorable.
    The partridge is awesome, you can finish him.

  4. Your tree is very pretty. Nice job on the finishes as well.
    And that is the cutest bear. I have heard of folks doing this. WOW!!!!
    So much talent

  5. What a lovely bear :) And such good memories too!
    I can't wait to get my hands on Noel tree :)

  6. Your ornaments are great.

    Vonna Finishing Service sure is a winner. I have been fortunate to be on the receiving end of some of Vonna's wonderful work as exchange gifts.

    WOW!! That bear is just the cutest. It looks soooo huggable.

  7. Hi Lynn,

    Your Noel tree is just beautiful!!
    Your Mom will will be so pleased
    to receive it for Christmas. But
    then you'll have to stitch another one for yourself. Oh dear!

    Oh my goodness!! Your mink bear
    is adorable! You just want to
    pull him out of the photograph
    and give him a big hug. I've
    heard about people having bears
    made out of old coats and think
    its a great idea. Good luck
    keeping him and Finnigan apart.
    So what are you going to name

    Vonna did a wonderful job of
    finishing off your sister's
    Peace Tree. She is simply
    amazing, isn't she?. I think
    it's great that you're giving
    gifts that you've made yourself
    this Christmas.

    I love Barbara Ana designs!!
    They are so incredibly colourful
    and cheery. I would expect that
    they are a ton of fun to stitch
    too. Certainly not boring...

    Your little granddaughters are
    adorable!! I love Summer's
    curls! Looks like she takes
    after you in that department
    I think.

    You've certainly been busy
    driving all over Southern
    Ontario in the past few weeks.
    Many wonderful celebrations
    and time spent with family is
    always a pleasure.

    It's certainly gotten cold
    now. Feels more like January
    outside then December. Wonder
    if we'll have a white
    Christmas this year? Hope so.


  8. Your Noel ornament is gorgeous, how are you going to finish it? That's an excellent idea with the teddy bears. I bet they are really soft and fluffy.

  9. Your Noel tree turned out lovely, and your M Design tree looks great finished as a flat fold, she did a wonderful job. Very cute bear too, what a great way to use the coat as it wasn't being worn.

  10. Lovely Noel tree! And I am in love with your mink bear - what a great gift to get and that he was made from a treasured mink coat of your Mum's makes it so special.

    Vonna did a superb job with her flatfold finishing!